Massachusetts Public School Teacher Collective Bargaining Agreements

Compiled by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has compiled this database of public school teacher collective bargaining agreements under the authority of Mass. General Laws c. 15, § 55A, as amended in 2008:

Each school district, including regional school districts and charter schools, is responsible for annually filing with the office [of Educator Effectiveness], on or before October 1, a copy of its current personnel contracts and collective bargaining agreements. This database is comprised of the teacher collective bargaining agreements submitted by each school district, including language related to implementation of educator evaluation systems that align to the Massachusetts framework (e.g., 5-step evaluation cycle, district-determined measures).

We welcome the public to use this database as a resource. The database is searchable by district or keyword.

A complete Help Guide is available on-line and can also be downloaded or printed.

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The documents herein are provided for informational purposes only. They are derived from documents that school districts have submitted to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and may differ from the current collective bargaining agreements in format and in substance. To obtain an up-to-date and complete copy of any particular agreement, please contact the school district or collective bargaining agent. If you note any inaccuracies or omissions in this database, please email:

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