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Org Code1120000
Type of DistrictElementary
Union AffiliationMTA
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Expiring Year2014
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Superintendency Union
Regional HS Members
Vocational HS Members
ESE RegionPioneer Valley
Kind of Communitysmall rural communities
Number of Schools1
Percent Low Income Students15
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SEPTEMBER 1, 2011 T0 AUGUST 31, 2014


Pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 150E of the General Laws of Massachusetts this Contract is made by the SCHOOL COMMITTEE of the TOWN OF GRANVILLE, and the GRANVILLE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the ASSOCIATION).




A.  The Committee recognizes the Association for purposes of collective bargaining as the exclusive representative of a unit consisting of all teachers except substitutes of the Granville Public Schools, hereinafter sometimes referred to as teachers.


B.  The Association recognizes the legal rights of the School Committee as such rights spelled out in the General Laws of Massachusetts (M.G.L.) to establish policies on the administration and operations of the schools.  Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to derogate from or impair any power, right, or duty heretofore possessed by the School Committee except where such power or duty is limited by this Agreement.





The Committee will respect the position of the Granville Teachers Association/MTA/NEA, as the sole and exclusive bargaining agent of all employees in Unit A on matters of wages, hours, conditions of employment for the life of this Agreement.

A.  Effective thirty (30) days after execution of the Agreement or the commencement of employment, whichever comes later, each employee, in accordance with the M.G.L.c.  150E, § 12, shall be required to pay the service fee to the Association.


B.  The Association will be solely responsible for enforcing the provisions of the Article.

The Committee will not be responsible to enforce any provisions of the Section.

C.   The Association will indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Committee against

any and all claims, actions or lawsuits of any kind or description, whether at law or inequity, and whether based on state, constitution or common law, made or instituted

      against the Committee or its agents, employees or administrators, resulting from this

      Article.  Specifically, the Association will have no right of action by way of

      contribution, counterclaim or other basis against the Committee.  Should any

      administrative agency or court of competent jurisdiction find the Committee liable for

      any damages as a result of this Article, the Association will pay any and all of those damages, including interest and charges.


D.  If any court of competent jurisdiction determines that any part of this Article, is

     unconstitutional, in violation of statute, or otherwise unenforceable, all of the other

     parts of this Article will be null and void.


E.  The service fee shall be calculated in accordance with the provisions of the M.G.L.c.

     150E, § 12, and applicable state and federal constitutional law and shall not be paid by

     employees to remain members in good standing with the Association.





A.  Not later than November 1 of the calendar year preceding the calendar year in which

      this Agreement expires, the Committee and the Association agree to enter into

      negotiations on a successor agreement, in accordance with the provisions of M.G.L.

      c.150E, §6.  Any successor agreement so negotiated will apply to all teachers and be

      reduced to writing and signed by the Committee and the Association.


B.  During negotiations the Committee and the Association will present and exchange

      relevant data, and points of view, and make proposals and counter proposals.  Neither

      party will be restricted in the use of professional or lay consultants to assist in



C.  If the negotiations described in Article III have reached an impasse, the procedure

      described in of M.G.L. c.150E §9, as amended from time to time, will be followed.


D.  The Committee agrees it will not adopt any change in policy which is contrary to the

      provisions of this agreement.


E.  Any modification in this Agreement will be reduced to writing and will become an

     Addendum to the Agreement.





A.    The work year of teachers will begin no earlier than the last Monday in August and terminate no later than June 30, barring any extenuating circumstances like poor weather or infrastructure failure.   In no event will the school year be more than 183 days, of which 180 days shall be teaching days.  Two (2) days shall be work days (one immediately preceding the teaching days).  The extra day shall be used for Professional Development days.

B.     In addition, the Superintendent in consultation with the Association President may designate two (2) half days during the school year as early release days for the urpose of conducting parent conferences or having an in-service afternoon.


  1. B.  Any days worked above this limit shall be reimbursed at the rate of 1/183rd of
  2. teacher’s contracted salary.


  1. C.  The work day for full-time teachers shall be seven (7) hours per day.


  1. D.  Teachers will have a half hour duty-free lunch period.


  1. E.  Preparation Time      The Committee will provide unassigned time during the student day in addition to a duty-free lunch period for purpose of preparation.  Full-time teachers will be provided the equivalent of five (5) class periods  for preparation work per week. For part-time teachers, a time of not less than one class period will be allotted for every six hours of contracted work time.  These periods will not necessarily be every day.


  1. F.  Teachers will cooperate with the Committee and Administration giving reasonable

I.       time without additional compensation to attend meetings within the school that may

  1. extend beyond the seven (7) hour day.  Under normal circumstances these meetings
  2. will be held no more than twice per month, such meetings not to exceed one and
  3. one-half hours per meeting.  The Administration will provide a minimum of two
  4. school days notice before each meeting.


  1. G.  Curriculum Development
  2. The Committee will allow two (2) days to be taken by teachers for the purpose of
  3. curriculum development.  Teachers must provide the Superintendent with a workshop
  4. agenda in advance of said workshop.  A follow-up report on paper will be presented
  5. in writing to the Superintendent within ten (10) calendar days of the workshop.  The
  6. Committee agrees to pay teachers on a per-diem basis for work beyond the 183 day
  7. work year.  Workshops will not be for all staff, but only those involved in the
  8. curriculum development or specific subject area under review.  The Committee

V.    prefers non-school time.


W.   H.        Overnight Field Trip

X.    Teachers who serve as leaders of curriculum enrichment activities that include

Y.    overnight supervision will receive a stipend as specified in Appendix B.  It is

Z.     understood that the source of these funds will not be from any fundraising activity or

AA.                      from the Granville Parents’ Association.





A.  Definition: 

      A grievance is a complaint by a teacher or group of teachers alleging a

      violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


B.  1.  An alleged grievance or dispute shall be first discussed with the principal or

           his/her designee with the objective of resolving the matter informally.


      2.  All grievances shall be presented in writing, giving a summary of the facts

           involved, the provisions of the Agreement allegedly violated, and the relief



C.  Time Limits: 

      All time limits herein shall consist of business days.  Business days are defined as

      days when the Superintendent's office is open for business.  The time limits indicated

      hereunder will be considered maximum unless extended by mutual agreement in


D.  Levels

      Level 1:  An employee or group of employees with a grievance will present it in

writing within fifteen (15) business days of the alleged happening or violation to his/her immediate supervisor either directly or through the Association. The

immediate supervisor shall respond to said grievance and provide the rationale for his/her decision in writing within seven (7) business days.


      Level 2: If the grievance has not been resolved to the satisfaction of the grievant(s)

      and the Association, the grievant(s) or the Association may present it in writing to the

Superintendent within ten (10) business days of receipt of the decision.  Within ten (10) business days after receiving a grievance, the Superintendent will conduct an investigation including a meeting with the grievant(s) and the Association and shall respond to said grievance and provide the rationale for this decision, in writing.


      Level 3: If the grievance has not been resolved to the satisfaction of the grievant or

      Association after the superintendent’s decision at Level 2, the grievant or the

      Association may present the grievance, in writing, to the School Committee within

      seven (7) business days of receipt of the decision.  After the receipt of a grievance, a

      majority of the Committee shall meet with the grievant and representative of the

      Association for the purpose of hearing the arguments of the parties involved at the

      next regularly scheduled meeting of the School Committee, unless such meeting

      occurs less than ten (10) business days after receipt of the written grievance, in

      which case, the grievance will be addressed at the next following scheduled meeting,

      or at a special meeting call for that purpose, at the discretion of the Committee.

Within seven (7) business days after said meeting the Chairman of the Committee shall respond to said grievance and provide the rationale, in writing, for the Committee’s decision.


Level 4: If the grievance has not resolved to the satisfaction of the Association

after the Committee's decision at Level 3, the Association may present the grievance,

in writing, to the Massachusetts Board of Conciliation and Arbitration within fifteen

(15) business days of receipt of the decision.  The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the Committee, the Association, and the grievant(s).  The arbitrator shall be bound by all the terms of this Agreement and shall have no power to add to, subtract from, or in any way modify its provisions.  The expenses for such arbitrator's fees shall be shared equally by the Committee and the Association.


General Provisions:

      1.  The Association and the School Committee shall have the right to use in its own

            representation at any level of this grievance procedure any representative(s) of its

            own choosing.


      2.  The Committee acknowledges the right of the Association to participate in the

           processing of a grievance at any level.


      3.  No reprisals of any kind will be taken by the School Committee or the School

           Administration against any employee because of his participation in this grievance



      4.  The School Committee and Administration will cooperate to the degree it deems

            possible with the Association in its investigation of any grievance, and, given this

            consideration, agrees to exchange with the Association such information as may

            expedite the processing of any grievance.


      5.   All documents, communications, and records dealing with the processing of a

            grievance will be filed separately from the personnel files of the participants.


      6.   Provided the parties agree, Levels 1 and/or Level 2 of the grievance procedure

            may be bypassed and the grievance brought directly to Level 3.


      7.   Either party to this Agreement shall be permitted to call any witnesses at each

            level of the grievance in arbitration procedure.


E.   When it is necessary, pursuant to the grievance procedure, for a member of the

      Association to attend an arbitration meeting in the Granville Public Schools during

      a school day, the member will be released without loss of pay, as necessary, in order

      to permit participation in the foregoing activity.





A.  Salary Schedule 

      The salary schedule is included in Appendix A and is incorporated into this

      agreement by reference.  Procedures for placement of new teachers and movement of

      teachers based on degrees and credits earned is described in Appendix A.


B.  Extra-curricular Schedule 

      The Extra-Curricular schedule is included in Appendix B and is incorporated into this

      Agreement by reference.  Appendix B reflects monetary stipends for Extra-Curricular

      activities if individual requests are submitted to the School Committee by January 1

      for budgetary consideration for the following school year.





A.  No teacher shall be required to provide his/her own substitute.


B.  Upon the absence of the Principal , a head teacher will assume the principal's duties

     and every effort will be made to obtain a substitute.  The substitute will be assigned

    to the head teachers' classes and any other responsibilities as deemed necessary.


C.  Every effort will be made to obtain substitutes when a regular classroom teacher is

     absent.  If all efforts to provide a substitute have been exhausted, the principal may

    assign teachers during their preparation period.  For every twelve (12) additional

   teaching periods covered the employee will be entitled to one (1) personal day.







A.  Sick Leave

     An employee shall be entitled to fifteen (15) days Sick Leave per year to

     accrue at the rate of 1.5 days per month.  Unused sick days will accumulate to a limit

     of one hundred eighty (180) days for employees hired after September 1, 2011. Each

employee shall receive, no later than October 1st of each year, a written notice which sets forth the amount of Sick Leave accumulated to that date. Absence for illness in excess of three (3) or more consecutive working days may require a teacher to submit a doctor’s certificate.


      Doctor’s Certificate

      Request for a doctor’s certificate for single day absences will only be required where

      the Superintendent has a reasonable basis to conclude there has been patterned or

      excessive use of sick leave.  Prior to requiring the doctor’s certificate, the

      Superintendent will meet with the employee and will allow the employee a period of

      time to improve sick leave usage before requiring a doctor’s certificate for single day



B.  Sick Leave Bank


      1.   Establishment: 


A sick leave bank will be established for the use of employees who choose to participate.  Use of sick leave bank days will commence when the teacher has depleted his/her earned sick leave days and will continue for up to an additional one hundred and eighty-three (183) days.  The bank year will be the contract year.


            The composition of the Sick Leave Bank Committee shall contain six (6)

            members.  The school shall appoint three (3) members, and the Granville

            Teachers Association President shall present three (3) members.  The

            Sick Leave Bank Committee shall meet annually during the month of September

            to establish procedures to be followed by those applying to the Sick Leave Bank.


            A majority vote of the Sick Leave Bank Committee shall be necessary for any

            participant to gain access to the Sick Leave Bank days.  The decision of the Sick

            Leave Bank Committee shall not be subject to the grievance procedure.

            Each teacher shall exhaust his/her own personal accumulated sick days before

            becoming eligible to use the Sick Leave Bank. 


2.      Participation: 


Participation in the Sick Leave Bank will be on a voluntary basis and each participating individual employee’s contribution will be made in the form of one (1) day of sick leave from his/her current year’s allocation of fifteen (15) days.  The days contributed to the bank become the property of the bank and are non-returnable to the employee, except under paragraph 4 below. Enrollment will take place during opening workshop but in no case later than September 15 and will entitle the enrolling employee to membership until revoked, in writing by the employee.  New employees will contribute one (1) day as well.  Enrollment shall consist of the signing of three (3) copies of a Sick Leave Bank Form (Appendix D) and forwarding them to the Superintendent's office.  The Form indicates the year of coverage and authorizes the sick leave transfer to the bank.  The Superintendent will sign the forms and return one (1) copy of the employees and one (1) copy to the Association.


3.      Unused Days in Bank


            Assets of the bank will accumulate.  The following year’s bank will consist of the

            days carried over from the previous year in addition to all contributed days for the

            year’s participation.  The Board will provide the Association with a verification of

            the bank’s total number of days for the current year and of the previous year’s

            usage of bank days by no later than September 30th of each year.


4.      Use of Bank Leave Days 


            Use of sick leave days will be based on a daily use basis; e.g., each eligible

            employee will draw each day until the total bank leave days have been exhausted.

            If an employee contributes to the Sick Leave Bank fractionally, then he/she also

            removes days fractionally.  An employees needs to have worked ninety (90) work

            days before he/she can withdraw any days from the bank.


      5.   Anyone using sick days from the bank will make every effort to pay back the days

            he or she has taken.  Arrangements for repayment shall be made through the Sick

            Leave Bank Committee.


      6.   The Sick Leave Bank will be considered depleted when the Sick Leave Bank days

            drop below one hundred fifty (150) days and at that time each member shall be

            assessed one (1) additional sick day to be deposited in the Sick Bank.  The Sick

           Leave Bank will be considered at capacity when it has reached two hundred fifty

           (250) days.


C.  Bereavement Leave

      All employed teachers shall be granted bereavement leave up to five (5) days, not

      chargeable to sick leave, to cover death of an employee's parent, step-parent, child

      step-child, brother sister, and/or spouse.  All employed teachers shall be granted

      bereavement leave up to three (3) days, not chargeable to sick leave, to cover death of

      an employee's mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandparent, and/or grandchild.  Part-

      time teachers shall be entitled to a prorated amount of time.  An additional day could

      be taken from sick time for bereavement of a family member not listed above, and

      leave for others could be granted at the discretion of the Superintendent.


D.  Personal and Longevity Leave

Employees will be entitled to two (2) personal leave days with forty-eight (48) hours prior notification of the Principal to address a matter or conduct business of a personal nature which cannot be otherwise accomplished outside of school hours.  Teachers with fifteen (15) or more years of service in the Granville School District will be eligible for a longevity day.  Teachers with twenty (20) or more years of service in the Granville School District will be allowed a second longevity day.  Personal and Longevity leaves normally will not be granted the day before or the day after vacation periods. Longevity days will be given at the beginning of the fifteenth (15th) and twentieth (20th) year of service.


E.   Adjudication Leave

      Employees will be granted leave with pay for any time necessary for appearance in

      any legal proceedings connected with the employee’s employment or with the school

      system which the employee is required to attend.


F.   Other Leave(s)

      Other leave may be granted at the discretion of the Superintendent.  The denial of a

      request for such leave shall not be subject to grievance or arbitration.


G.  Family Sick Leave

      A maximum of ten (10) days total to be deducted from the teacher’s accrued sick

      leave may be taken annually to care for members of the immediate family.  The

      immediate family will be considered to be spouse, children, and step-children,

      and parents or step-parents.  No more than five (5) of these days may be taken






A.  Maternity Leave

      Pursuant to M.G.L.c.151B, §4 and c.149, §150D without pay.  However, a teacher

      who has delivered a child may elect to use up to six (6) weeks of earned sick leave

      beginning with the date of delivery.  Sickness caused or contributed to by pregnancy,

      miscarriage, childbirth, and recovery there from shall be treated as temporary

      disability under the provisions of this Agreement.  The Superintendent may require a

      physician's certificate attesting to the period of such sickness, and during such

      sickness the teacher shall at her option be entitled to the use of any accrued sick



B.  Child-Rearing Leave

      Any teacher will be granted a leave of absence without pay for possibly up to two

      school years.  Teachers on “Child-Rearing Leave” will return on September 1st

      Teachers shall retain all benefits accrued and shall return at the next step of the

      salary schedule provided the teacher had worked in excess of ninety (90) school days.

      A notice of intent to return must be submitted to the School Committee by March 1

      of that calendar year.


C.  Sabbatical Leave

      A sabbatical leave of absence for one or two semesters will be considered for any

      full-time teacher who has worked in the Granville Schools for at least five (5) years.

      A sabbatical leave of absence for one or two semesters will be considered for any

      part-time teacher who works at least 50 percent of the school day and has put in ten

      (10) years in the Granville Schools.  Only one (1) sabbatical leave will be granted per

      school year.  The School Committee will fund tuition for approved courses.

      The teacher accepting a sabbatical leave will agree to stay in the Granville School

      System for one (1) year for each semester of leave used.  Teachers shall retain all

      benefits accrued and shall return at the next step of the salary schedule.


      Requests for sabbatical leave of absence must be made to the School Committee by

      March 1st of the school year preceding the sabbatical leave.  Requests will include:

      1)  proposed time commitment to the sabbatical; 2) name of school the teacher will be

      attending; 3) list of courses and their educational justification; and, 4) tuition



D.  Other Leaves

      Other leaves of absence without pay may be granted by the Committee, for up to

      one (1) year upon written request.  A denial of a request for such leave shall not

      be subject to arbitration.  If a leave is granted, the School Committee, to the best

      of their ability, will inform the teacher whether her/his position might be available

      upon their return from leave.





A.  Annuities

      Employees will be eligible to participate in tax sheltered annuity plans and payroll

      deductions will be made by the School Committee.  Effective September 1, 2008,

      employees will only be offered to participate in the six (6) tax sheltered annuity plans

      with the greatest enrollment as of September 1, 2007.


B.  Accident and Health Insurance

      The Committee will pay the maximum percentage permitted by law as approved by

      town vote of the cost of the following types of insurance coverage:


1.      A $5000 term life insurance plan.


2.      Individual or family coverage whichever applies in a particular case for accident

and health insurance in a plan of the type presently available to employees.


C.  Cafeteria Plan

      The School Committee shall establish a Cafeteria Plan of the type authorized by

      c.697, §132 of the Acts of 1987 for the single purpose of enabling teachers to pay

      their share of the premiums for their health insurance with pre-tax earnings. 

      Administration of the Plan shall be without cost to the employees.


D.  Dues Deduction

      The Committee agrees to deduct from the salaries of employees who have on file

      with the Committee a deduction authorization card, to be supplied by the Association,

      the dues required as a condition of acquiring or retaining membership in the

      Association.  Said deductions shall be made in equal installments between the months

      of October and June.



E.   Credit Union Deduction

      The Committee agrees to deduct from the salaries of employees an amount authorized

by the employee to the Polish National Credit Union.  Said deductions shall be made in equal installments on each payroll.





No member of the bargaining unit will be disciplined or discharged in violation of his statutory and/or constitutional rights regarding such a discipline and/or termination without just cause.





A.  Assault - Principals and teachers shall be required to report in writing within five (5)

      school days or ten (10) calendar days, whichever comes first, any case of assault of

      teachers in connection with their employment to the Superintendent of Schools or

      his/her representative.  The Superintendent of Schools or his/her representative shall

      acknowledge receipt of such report, and shall report this information to the School



B. The committee shall provide indemnification whenever any employee shall become

    eligible therefore under the provisions of M.G.L. c.258, §§1-13, as most recently






Those employees injured on the job shall be eligible for Workers’ Compensation under M.G.L.c.152 – Workers Compensation.  Employees will be able to utilize sick days to make up salary differences – to the extent of accumulated sick leave days (2/3 compensatory, 1/3 sick day for every 3 days taken).





A.  Reimbursement

The Committee agrees to provide full reimbursement for tuition cost incurred by an employee taking courses at the specific direction of the School Committee.


B.  The Committee will pay the reasonable expenses (including fees, meals, lodging and/or transportation) incurred by employees who attend workshops, seminars, conferences, or other professional improvement sessions at the request of the Superintendent.


C.  A teacher in the Granville School District will be entitled to reimbursement for one

      (1) three (3) credit graduate course in each year of the contract (one course each year

      of the contract).  The cost of said course(s) will be reimbursed by the district at an

      amount equivalent to the current tuition and fees for a three (3) credit graduate course

      at Westfield State University.


      In the event that a teacher desires to take an appropriate undergraduate course, the

      teacher must request, and receive, prior approval from the Superintendent to take the

      undergraduate course at an approved institution.  The Superintendent may grant such

      approval at his/her discretion.


      Teachers are required to submit an official transcript showing that the course was

      completed with a grade of B or better along with evidence of course payment (i.e., copy of receipt for payment, copy of a cancelled check, copy of credit card statement,



D.  Ordinarily, college credit will be awarded at the same rate as granted on the official transcript provided that a grade of “B” or better is earned.  With advanced approval from the Superintendent, a teacher who completes more hours in work shops, internships, field studies, curriculum development and similar extra-classroom activities in connection with a college credit course may be awarded additional credits at their hourly rate.





Each school will have the following facilities subject to available space:


A.    Space in each classroom in which teachers may store educational materials and



      B.  A teacher’s work area containing adequate equipment and supplies to aid in the

            preparation of instructional materials.


      C.  An appropriately furnished room to be reserved for the use of employees as a



      D.  A serviceable desk and chair and filing cabinet for each employee.


E.     A communication system so that employees can communicate with the main building office from their station.


F.      A well-lighted and clean restroom for employees.






A.    Teachers will be notified in writing insofar as possible of their program for the

      coming school year including the school to which they will be assigned, the grades

      and/or subjects that they will teach, and any special or unusual classes that they will

      have in accordance with the current practice.  In order to assure that pupils are taught

      by teachers working within their areas of competence, teachers will not be assigned,

      except temporarily for good cause, outside the scope of their teaching certification,

      and/or their major or minor fields of study.


B.  Teacher assignments will be made without regard to race, creed, color, religion,

      nationality, sex, marital status or sexual orientation.


C.  Part-Time Teachers

      Definition:  A teacher who is working or employed for less than full time.


1.      Part-time teachers may have a partial schedule every day, or a full-schedule

certain days only.


2.      Part-time teachers shall have pro-rated salaries, sick days, and personal days.

In regard to sick days and personal days for part-time professional staff, the

number of sick days and the number of personal days shall remain the same

as full-time professional staff for part-time staff who work every day of the

week.  The sick, personal, and longevity days will be worth the pro-rated day that is worked.  For part-time staff who do not work every day, the number of sick and personal days shall be pro-rated by the same ratio as their Full Time Equivalent (FTE) and the days shall be worth the full or pro-rated day that is worked.


3.   The formula for professional staff will be based on a percentage of the total

      length of the school day to the nearest seventh (7th) exclusive of duty-free lunch.


4.   A reasonable effort shall be made to provide continuity for teachers having a part

time schedule.


5.      Part-time teachers shall receive full service credit for seniority purposes.


D.  Work Day Schedule

Any improvements or changes to the schedule will be negotiated by the School Committee and the Association. Should either the School Committee or the Association decide that the schedule is not effective, the parties agree to bargain any changes in periods, schedules, wages, hours, or work conditions.



E.   Duties

The principal is to assign all professional staff in a manner achieving equity in terms of minutes of supervisory duty time of between eighty (80) and one hundred (100) minutes per week.  Homeroom will be equivalent to ten (10) minutes per day of duty time and all other duties will be counted by the time involved.











Teachers will not be required to perform the following duties:


A.  Health services


B.  Driving pupils to activities which take place away from the school building.


C.  Keeping registers





The Committee will make every effort to provide classroom teachers assistance from specialists in art and music in order to assure that their pupils receive qualified and competent instruction in such areas.





A.  The parties agree that teacher evaluation is of a continuous nature in order to provide

      maximum utilization of opportunities for establishing positive, corrective programs

      designed to improve the skills of the teacher.  Therefore, all observation of the work

      performance of an employee will be conducted openly.


B.  The following procedural steps will be used for the purposes of evaluation in



1.      Pages one and two will be completed on the dates specified below.  The self

evaluation column should be completed by the Teacher prior to the evaluation on



2.      Page three, self-evaluation, should be completed between the dates of 3/15 and

3/31 annually.  It should include one calendar year of activities.  It will be placed on file and become part of the total packet.


3.      Page four will be disseminated on or about 1/1 annually and are to be returned to

the office by 1/15.  They will be kept on file until the evaluation occurs.


4.      Page five, objectives, is to be completed in June and should reflect desired

outcomes for the upcoming year.  The “results” section would then be completed

during the evaluation period 2/15-3/31 the following year.


5.      The total packet would be complete and available to the Superintendent as of 3/31





6.      Three copies of each evaluation will be made.  A copy will be submitted to the

Superintendent, the teacher, and one copy will be kept on file at the Village School.


7.      Forms/Pages one (1) through five (5) will be attached as Appendix C.  Evaluation



8.      All employee evaluations are to be fair and accurate.  Any employee who has

been evaluated has the right to grieve said evaluations as unfair, unjust, or inaccurate through the grievance procedure set forth in the contract.




Evaluation Dates:    Teachers with Professional Teacher Status:              1    1/15-1/31

                                 Teachers with Non-Professional Teacher Status:     1    11/1-11/15

                                                                                                                   2     1/15-1/31

                                                                                                                   3     3/15-3/31


Evaluation Procedure


Description of grading levels:


      I -  Needs improvement:  Signifies that a deficiency exists within your teaching

            process and the deficiency can be documented.


      A - Acceptable:  Signifies that a teacher carries out the tasks and duties expected of

            a teacher within this system, recognizes mistakes, attempts to correct mistakes.


      G - Good:  Effort which shows the ability to enhance the quality of work, participates 

             in the general improvement of the school, clear and accurate idea of progress as it

             relates to growth and instruction.


      E - Excellent:  The teacher shows initiative, industry and attention which can be



C.  Any written complaints regarding an employee made to any member of the

      administration by any parent, student or other person will be called to the attention

      of the employee promptly.


D.  Personnel Files


1.      Personnel files shall be maintained under the following circumstances:


a.  No material derogatory or commendatory to a teacher’s conduct, service,

     character or personality shall be placed in the file unless the teacher is sent a

     dated copy at the same time and the teacher has indicated receipt by signing

     the copy placed in his or her file.  In the event that the teacher has refused to

     sign said copy within ten days, an officer designated by the Association shall

     witness that the teacher has seen said copy and has refused to sign it.

            b.  The teacher shall have the right to submit a response to the statement.  The

                 teacher’s answer shall also be included in the file.  His/her answer shall be

                 reviewed by the Superintendent and attached to the file copy.


            c.  Upon receipt of a written request, the teacher shall be furnished a reproduction

                 of any material in his file.


            d.  Upon request, a teacher shall be given access to his file and to review and have

                 copies furnished without unreasonable delay.  An employee may have a

                 representative of the Granville Teacher’s Association accompany him during

                 such a review.


      2.   Official grievances filed by any teacher under the Grievance Procedure shall not

            be placed in the personnel file of the teacher, nor shall such grievance become a

            part of any other file or record which is utilized in the promotion process; nor

            shall it be used in any recommendation for job placement.


E.   The parties agree to set up a Committee to examine the current evaluation instrument.

      The Committee shall be composed of the Superintendent and Principal and two

      members of the Association.  The two members of the Association shall be

      determined by the Association.  Once the Committee has an evaluation instrument

      they are willing to recommend, it will be presented to the School Committee and the

      Association members.  The evaluation instrument will then be subject to negotiation

and ratification by the School Committee and the Teachers Association.  The  Committee on Evaluation will submit a new teacher evaluation format to the Association and to the School Committee for review prior to May 1, 2012.





In the event it becomes necessary to reduce the number of employees in the bargaining unit, the following factors will be among those to be considered:


      1.  Teacher’s area of competence;


      2.  Major and/or minor field of study;


      3.  Quality of teacher performance; and


      4.  Continuous length of service in the Granville School System:


and when all factors are relatively equal, length of service in the Granville School System shall govern.  An employee whose position is eliminated shall replace the employee with the lowest continuous seniority anywhere within the school system in an area in which the laid-off employee is qualified or becomes qualified by the time the reduction-in-force becomes effective.


“Qualified” means that the teacher has on file with the office of the Superintendent evidence that he/she possesses the necessary qualifications or can obtain said qualifications by the effective date of his/her layoff.


“Seniority” means a teacher’s continuous length of service in years, months and days in the bargaining unit, from the last date hired and employed as a member of this bargaining unit, provided that the seniority of present teachers as of the effective date of this Agreement shall consist of their length of service from their initial date of employment by the Committee.


In cases involving teachers who have identical seniority, preference for retention or recall shall be given to the teacher who has achieved the highest educational level.  Under normal circumstances, teachers who are to be affected by a reduction in staff must be notified, in writing, no later than June 15 of the school year preceding the year in which the reduction will take effect.  Said notice shall include the specific reasons for the layoff.


Teachers who have been laid off shall be entitled to recall rights for a period of time equal to their length of service but not to exceed two (2) years from the effective date of their respective layoffs.


During the recall period, teachers shall be notified by certified mail to their last address of record, and given preference for positions as they develop in the inverse order of their respective layoff and all benefits to which a teacher was entitled at the time of layoff shall be restored in full upon re-employment within the recall period.


During the recall period, teachers who have been laid off shall be given preference on the substitute list if they so desire.


Professional services previously performed by any teacher who has been laid off shall not be performed by anyone who is not a member of the bargaining unit.


A list specifying the seniority of each member of the bargaining unit shall be prepared by the Committee and forwarded to the President of the Association within thirty (30) days following the execution of this Agreement.  An updated “Seniority List” shall be supplied by the Committee, annually, thereafter.


This article applies only to teachers with professional teacher status.






A.  Teachers who desire change in the nature of their assignments may request, in writing, a transfer to a grade and/or subject area of their preference.  All such requests will be acknowledged in writing.




B.  In cases of involuntary transfer, the teacher involved will, at the teacher’s request, be entitled to meet with the Superintendent to discuss the implications of the transfer and

      the teacher’s preferences in that regard.  Such transfer shall be made only for the good of the school system and shall not be made for capricious or punitive reasons.





A.  The Superintendent shall have posted in the school building notices of all vacancies, as they occur.  During the summer recess, notices shall be mailed to the President of the Association.


B.  Such notices shall include a job description, statement of minimum qualifications, salary range and the date by which the candidates must apply.


C.  The Committee retains the right to fill any vacancy on a temporary basis during the posting period.  Temporary appointments shall not extend beyond one hundred eighty (180) school days.


D.  All vacancies shall be filled on the basis of experience, competency, qualifications of

      the applicant, and other relevant criteria.


E.   The Committee agrees that its policy in filling vacancies will be to give due consideration to the present staff.





A.  There will be no reprisals of any kind taken against any teacher by reason of  his membership in the Association or participation in its activities.


B.   If negotiation meetings between the Committee and the Association are scheduled during a school day, by choice of the Committee, the representatives of the Association will be relieved from all regular duties without loss of pay as necessary in order to permit their participation in such meetings.  When it is necessary, pursuant to Article V (Grievance Procedure) for a School Representative or other representative designated by the Association to attend a grievance arbitration during the school day, he will, upon notice to this principal or immediate supervisor and to the Superintendent by the Association, be released without loss of pay as necessary in order to permit participation in the activities. Any teacher whose appearance in such hearings as a witness is necessary will be accorded the same right.  The Association agrees that these rights will not be abused.


C. Teachers will be entitled to full rights of citizenship.  No religious or political

     activities of any teacher, or the lack thereof, outside of school hours will be grounds

     for any discipline or discrimination with respect to the professional employment of

     such teacher.  Such activities will be consistent with the stated code of ethics of the

     teaching profession.


D.  A copy of the official agenda of School Committee Meetings will be posted in the teachers’ room, and any attached documents, which are provided the press, will be given to the Association prior to said meeting.


E.   Sufficient copies of the Agreement will be printed at mutual expense of the parties in

      such format as the parties deem appropriate.


F.  If any provision of this Agreement or any application of the Agreement to any

     employee or group of employees shall be found contrary to law, then such provision

     or application shall not be deemed valid and subsisting, except to the extent permitted

     by law, but all other provisions or applications will continue in full force and effect.


G.  A written notice of thirty (30) calendar days before September 1st will be submitted to

      the Superintendent of Schools by a teacher whose intent is to resign during the term

      of this contract and/or who is not honoring a contract for the next school year.


H.  This Agreement constitutes Committee policy in respect to teachers’ wages, hours, and other conditions of their employment as contained herein, and the Committee will carry out the commitments contained herein and give them full force and effect as Committee policy.





Teachers who retire or die while active members of the Granville School System after 10 years of service, shall be compensated at the rate of 20% of the unused accumulated sick leave based upon the annual rate of pay of the teacher at the time of retirement or death.  In the event of death, payment shall be paid to the estate.  The formula is:  unused sick days times .20 times annual salary divided by 183.






Teachers use of personal vehicle on authorized school business shall be reimbursed for the use of said vehicle at the IRS mileage rate.  Records of mileage shall be submitted

monthly on a form provided and approved by the School Department.






This Agreement will be effective September 1, 2011 and will continue in full force and effect until midnight August 3 1, 2014.  This Agreement shall automatically renew itself for successive terms of one (1) year each unless by October 1 the Association shall have given the Committee written notice terminating the Agreement.




IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereunto set their hands and seals this _________

day of _____________, 2011.






  _________________________________                                    _____________________________


  _________________________________                                    _____________________________


  _________________________________                                    _____________________________


  _________________________________                                    _____________________________





















































































































































Longevity of $1,500 will be paid to those teachers who have taught in the

 Granville Schools for 25 years or more.

Payment will be made in equal installments over the course of the year.













                                                                        Years 1-3    Years 4-6    Years = › 7


Head Coach – Boys’ Basketball                    $450           $650           $900

Head Coach – Girls’ Basketball                    $450           $650            $900

Assistant Coaches                                          $200             $250            $300

Year Book Advisor                              $450             $650            $900

Student Council Advisor                               $450           $650            $900

Drama Advisor                                    $200             $300            $400

School Day Schedule per individual

 2 positions                                        $550/each

New Activity Budget Allowance            $900

8th Grade Trip                                     $500


Teacher/Leader Overnights     $75/night


Head Teacher                 September 1, 2011                   $2,000

                                      September 1, 2012                   $2,000

                                      September 1, 2013                   $2,000


(plus $10/day for building coverage in excess of 10 days/year)


One (1) personal day each per year, not in conjunction with principal's absence.



504 Coordinator                                                  $750



















I  __________________________ have read the rules and regulations

                    Name of Teacher


for the establishment of a Sick Leave Bank for teachers in the Granville


School District.  I agree to follow and abide by the established rules and


regulations governing this Sick Leave Bank.  I formally apply for


membership in the year's Bank  _________________________.

                                                                             Date and Year


I authorize the transfer of three (3) days as a one-time pay-in for my first


year's participation and agree to participate in any special assessments.


After the first year, I will donate one (1) day ever year by September 15 of


that new school year.






________________________________________          ________________

   (Signature of Teacher)                                                                                         Date








          Summary of all evaluations is attached


1.   Cooperation with other staff members







2.   Promptness







3.  Voice, speech, and use of English, both written and spoken.







Teaching Responsibilities: 







4.   Effective use of materials & time







5.   Adapting instruction to new and

      changing conditions.







6.   Providing opportunities for pupil activities,

      participation and reaction







 7.  Differentiating instruction to







         a.  motivate







         b.  meet individual differences







         c.  reinforce







8.   Using new and varied teaching materials







Non-teaching Responsibilities:







9.   Skill in evaluating pupil growth and development







10.  Skill in developing an atmosphere conducive to learning







11.  Rapport with parents







12.  Complying with school policies and procedures







13.  Condition of the classroom







14.  Performance of non-teaching duties







15.  Professional involvement with programs within the school







16.  Professional involvement with programs outside the















Evaluation Dates:   Professional Teachers Status:                  1 evaluation 1/15-3/31

                             Non-Professional Teacher                1 evaluation 11/1-11/15

                                                                                        2 evaluation 1/15-1/31

                                                                                        3 evaluation 3/15-3/31


Description of Grading Levels:


I        Needs Improvement:  Signifies that a deficiency exists within your teaching process and the deficiency can be documented.


A       Acceptable:  Signifies that the teacher carries out the tasks and duties expected of a teacher within this system, recognizes mistakes, attempts to correct mistakes.


G       Good:  Effort which shows the ability to enhance the quality of work, participates in the general improvement of the school, and has a clear and accurate idea of progress as it relates to growth and instruction.


E       Excellent:  The teacher shows initiative, industry, and attention which can be documented.


The following procedural steps will be used for the purposes of evaluation in Granville:


1.     Pages one and two will be completed on the dates specified above.  The self-evaluation column should be completed by the Teacher prior to the evaluation on 1/15.


2.     Page three, self-evaluation, should be completed between the dates of 3/15 and 3/31 annually. They will be kept on file until the evaluation occurs.


3.     Page four will be disseminated on or about 1/1 annually and are to be returned to the office by 1/15. They will be kept on file until the evaluation occurs.


4.     Page five, objectives, is to be completed in June and should reflect desired outcome for the upcoming year.  The “results” section would then be completed during the evaluation period 2/15-3/31 the following year


5.     The total packet would be complete and available to the School Committee as of 3/31 annually.


6.   Three copies of each evaluation will be made.  A copy will be submitted to the

      Superintendent, the teacher, and one copy will be kept on file at the Village School.




Name:  ______________________________________________



                                   ADMINISTRATOR                                                                           TEACHER




















(Due March Evaluation)






Evaluator's Signature:   _______________________________________________       Date:  ___________________________




Teacher's Signature:      _______________________________________________



17.  List below all in-service involvement and dates that occurred.


                        In-Service Workshop                        Date


  1. ____________________________________________________________


  1. ____________________________________________________________


  1. ____________________________________________________________


  1. ____________________________________________________________


  1. ____________________________________________________________


  1. ____________________________________________________________



Number of Absences: _______________                  Days used to date: ______________


Explanation if necessary:








______________________________________________                ____________________________________________________

                    Signature of Evaluator                                                                             Signature of Teacher





                   Signature of Superintendent



Teacher's signature indicates he/she has seen this report but does not necessarily concur.




NAME _______________________________________   GRADE/DEPARTMENT ___________________



College or In-Service Courses


List the courses taken during the past year or which are being taken now.








Membership in Professional and Educational Organizations


Indicate the names of organizations in which membership is held.








Study of School Problems


Describe participation either individually or through committees in the study of educational problems or teaching techniques and procedures.







Additional Activities


List below additional experiences, citations, honors, etc., which have contributed to professional improvement such as extensive travel, recreational activities, participation in state and national committee work, teaching in extension or summer school and appearances on programs of professional educational organizations.














Teacher ____________________________________________  Grade/Department ______________________



Please check and substantiate all items below that apply to you.



As a teacher, I:


(     )    1.   Provides flexibility by adapting instruction to new and changing conditions which develop within

                the classroom.








(     )    2.   Adapts instruction to the needs of individual students.







(     )   3.   Makes use of community resources, such as industries, museums, parks, school grounds, local

                 history members of the community.







(     )   4.   Provides opportunities for students to participate and plan in individual activities.







(     )   5.   Establishes cooperative relationships with parents and other members of the community.