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DistrictGreater Lawrence RVTSD
Shared Contract District
Org Code8230000
Type of DistrictVoc-Tech/Agricultural
Union AffiliationMTA
Most Recent DocumentContract
Expiring Year2014
Expired Status
Superintendency Union
Regional HS Members
Vocational HS MembersGreater Lawrence RVTSD
ESE RegionNortheast
Kind of Communityeconomically developed suburbs
Number of Schools1
Percent Low Income Students72
Grade Start9
Grade End12
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between the






and the




LOCAL 1707,






July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2014




The Greater Lawrence Regional Technical High School District Committee recognizes the Regional Teachers' Federation, Local 1707, American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO as the exclusive bargaining representative for all classroom teachers, career area instructors, department lead teachers, school nurses, librarians, and guidance counselors working 20 (twenty) or more hours per week.




     The right to administer the affairs of the Regional School District, subject to the limitations of this agreement, is exclusively vested in, and retained by, the Greater Lawrence Regional High School District Committee.




1.   Collective bargaining shall be conducted by the duly authorized bargaining representatives of the School Committee and the Teachers' Federation.  Each party to such bargaining shall notify the other in writing of the names of its representatives and of any changes which may occur.


2.   Meetings for the purpose of collective bargaining shall be held at mutually convenient times and places on request of either of the parties to such bargaining.


3.   Definitions:


     CAMPUS:  Any site or location of the facilities or properties of the Greater Lawrence Regional Vocational Technical High School.


COMMITTEE:  Greater Lawrence Regional Technical High School District Committee.



     PARTIES:  Local 1707, American Federation of Teachers and the Greater Lawrence Regional Technical High School District Committee as      participants in this Agreement.


     SCHOOL:  Any work location or functional division maintained by the School District Committee.


SUPERINTENDENT/DIRECTOR:  The responsible administrative head of the Regional School District.


     FEDERATION:  Local 1707, American Federation of Teachers.


FEDERATION REPRESENTATIVE: Any qualified designee of the Federation.


     Whenever one gender is used in this Agreement, it shall be deemed to include any other gender wherever the context so requires; and wherever the context so requires, the singular shall be deemed to include the plural thereof.




1.   All employees covered hereunder shall have the option of being paid in twenty-two (22) installments.  If this option is not exercised, payments will be made in twenty-six (26) installments.  Written notice of the exercise of said option must be given to the Superintendent/Director by June 1st of the year proceeding.  For those employees being paid in either 22 or 26 installments, there shall be a minimum of two (2) paychecks per months starting in September, during the school year.  In the last payment in June a lump sum payment consisting of the balance due will be made to employees who have selected the 26 installment option.  A schedule of the bi-weekly pay days will be furnished each employee covered by this Agreement.


2.   A days pay shall be computed at 1/183rd of a teachers salary.


3.   All weeks during which school is in session shall be considered as containing five (5) days each, notwithstanding holidays or no-school days.


4.   If a teacher leaves or dies during the school year, he/she or his/her estate shall be entitled to a pro-rated share based on his period of service in relation to the number of days school is in session during the school year, minus compensation already paid. 


5.   It is agreed that all members of Local 1707 hired on or before June 30, 2008 have been appropriately placed on the salary schedule attached hereto as Appendix A.  Except for members on Step 13 all members of 1707 who were on the payroll as of June 30 of a given year and had been on said payroll prior to February 1 of said year shall move down one step on the vertical scale each  succeeding year of the contract.


     All members of 1707 have been placed on the horizontal scale in the appropriate column.  Said placement is final.  Each member will move across on the horizontal scale if, as and when he or she meets the education requirement for the applicable column in the schedule.  Each member of 1707 desiring to move on the horizontal scale must present the Superintendent/Director with appropriate documentation on or before September 1, in order to receive remuneration for the entire year, or on or before February 1, in order to receive remuneration for one-half of the year.


     All members of 1707 hired after the execution date of this contract shall be placed on the salary schedule in an existing step and column commensurate with his or her academic or vocational qualifications.  In any event, said placement will not affect any other member's placement.



6.   The parties to this Agreement have placed the nurses in the bargaining unit hired on or before June 30, 2008 on the Schedule attached hereto as Appendix B.  Movement and placement on the schedule, both horizontially and vertically, will be as set out in paragraphs 4 and 5 above.




1.   All academic teachers will fulfill the certification and licensing requirements outlined in the Educational Reform Act of 1993, as amended from time to time and in accordance with Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education regulations.  Vocational teachers will maintain certification/licensing approval as outlined in Chapter 74 of the Massachusetts General Laws.


2.   The aforementioned certification/licensing requirements for the academic teachers will be met by the offering of a five (5) day course at the school or 30 hours of professional development at the school, both at no cost to the teacher.


3.   Any teacher seeking reimbursement for the taking of any training program or college course must obtain the prior approval of the Superintendent/Director or his or her designee.  In making his or her decision, the Superintendent/Director will review the applicability of the program or course to the teacher’s area of specialty at the School and its potential benefit to the School and its students.  Further, in making a program or course selection, the teacher is encouraged to see that a given program or course is consistent with the teacher's Individual Professional Development Plan, the District's School Improvement Plan and Stragegic Plan and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education Curriculum Frameworks.


     Teachers will be limited to three (3) training programs or courses in a given fiscal year.  It is further agreed that the School will set aside $40,000 for this purpose.  At the end of a school year, the School, upon request, will report the status of expenditures under this Article to 1707.


     If approved, in the case of college courses, the amount of reimbursement shall be limited to the cost of the same or the most similar course offered in the State university system.  In the case of a training program, the amount of reimbursement shall not exceed the cost for course in the State university system.  In any event, in the case of a college course, reimbursement shall always be conditioned on the teacher receiving a grade of B or higher.  In the case of a training program or a pass/fail college course, reimbursement shall be conditioned on a certificate of satisfactory completion of the training program or pass/fail course.


4.   Teachers who attend professional development training funded by the school are expected to share best practices collegially.


5.   Newly hired non-professional status teachers for school year 2011-2012 and beyond shall enroll and participate in the Skillful Teacher course once during their first three years at the school’s expense.  Newly hired teachers who have taken the course in another school district within the past three years and can provide documentation shall be exempted from taking the course. 




     Every two weeks an itemized payroll deduction statement will be enclosed in an envelope available to all teaching personnel, showing gross earnings, itemized deductions, total of deductions, and net earnings.



     Personnel who are covered by this Agreement and who are authorized by the Superintendent/Director or his or her designee to use private automobiles for school business shall be reimbursed at a rate equal to the Internal Revenue Service standard mileage rate.  Said personnel shall provide the Superintendent/Director or his or her designee with documentation of said use.




     The School Administration shall try to provide substitute coverage at all times where needed.  In addition, when it is clear that a unit member is not returning to their position then, in that event, and upon proper notification, the School agrees to commence a search in a timely manner and to make a good faith effort to replace the unit member with a certified or certifiable, competent and qualified full-time replacement.




1.   A minimum fee of $31.00 per hour will be paid to those teaching regular summer school and/or evening school, effective July 1, 2011.

2.   The foregoing rates apply only to teaching duties and educational activities that pertain to teaching.

3.   The above listed minimum fees shall apply to all employees including those employees in federally funded positions.

NOTE:  Should night school be canceled for emergency reasons after school has started, the instructor will be paid two (2) hours pay.  Should an instructor elect to remain at school over two (2) hours on such an instance, he will be paid for that whole evening session.


1.   The School Committee, in consultation with the Superintendent and Principal, shall determine the number of Lead Teachers required and will appoint them in September of each year.  Lead Teachers start time shall be 7:30, shall work 183 days and be compensated as follows for each member of the faculty assigned to that particular department, excluding the Lead Teacher: Effective July 1, 2011: $224.15.  Effective January 1, 2012: $225.27. Effective June 30, 2012: $226.40.  The Lead Teacher will receive an additional $1,530.00 July 1, 2011. $1,537.65 effective January 1, 2012. $1,545.34 effective June 30, 2012.

     Lead Teachers may be relieved of that position by the Principal once the school year commences only for just cause.

2.   Whenever desirable, Lead Teachers shall make written recommendations to the Superintendent/Director or Principal regarding teaching assignments or teaching loads.  In order to assist Lead Teachers with the duties of their position, the Superintendent/Director or Principal shall make a good faith effort to limit department Lead Teachers’ schedules to four periods of teaching or other duties each day and to exempt them from teaching or other duties during the first period each day in order that the Lead Teachers may better perform their duties associated with their departments.



     The following requirements will apply to the earnings of educational credits:

1.   Carrying in excess of eight (8) credits at any one time during the school year will not be permitted.

2.   College credits must be earned at an accredited institution.

3.   Trade or vocational experience credits must bear validation through attested written forms, describing the new or different knowledge and experience gained.

4.   The School Administration may credit unusual or highly specialized areas up to ten (10) credits for each year of such experience.

5.   Subject to the prior approval of the Superintendent/Director, any employee obtaining any new licensure or certification can earn an appropriate number of credits.  In examining all approval requests, the Superintendent/Director shall review the applicability of the certification or licensure to the employee’s area of specialty at the school and its benefit to the school and its students.








1. Effective September 1, 2011, the School Committee will provide 85% of the premium cost of the present Blue Cross/Blue Shield HMO Blue plan. Plan design change for co-payments shall increase from $5.00 to $10.00. The School will contribute a dollar amount to Master Medical enrollees equal to the current cost of the individual and family plans respectively.

2.   The School District shall provide 99% of the premium cost of a life insurance policy in the amount of $15,000 for each employee covered by this Agreement.  In addition, each employee will have the option of purchasing additional insurance through payroll deduction with the adoption of Section 11A of the General Laws of Massachusetts.

3.   The School District will maintain the current employee-funded Section 125 plans relating to pre-tax health and dental coverage. 



     The School District Committee agrees that it is desirable to allow teachers to  take advantage of the federal law concerning tax sheltered accounts/annuities and shall take such steps as necessary to implement a tax sheltered account/annuity program as long as there is no cost to the School District Committee.  Changes in an account/annuity program will be processed within a thirty day period from receipt of all required documentation.



1.   The School District Committee will continue to provide Worker's Compensation for employees covered by this agreement.

2.   The School District Committee will compensate employees on Worker's Compensation an amount  equal to the difference between the Worker's Compensation rate and his or her gross salary for a period of up to sixty (60) days.  Sick leave as set forth in Article 33 shall not be utilized during this period.


1.   With regard to both existing and future buildings and facilities, the School District Committee agrees to make a good faith effort to take steps to provide the following:


     A.  Parking Facilities.

     B.  Storage space in each classroom.

     C.  An adequately equipped workroom to be used by teachers in preparing instructional materials.

     D.  An appropriately furnished room to be used as a faculty lounge.    

     E.  Well-lighted and clean teachers' rest room.

     F.  [Intentionally omitted].

     G.  Mailbox for each teacher.

     H.  Consultation rooms for testing purposes and teacher/parent interviews.

     I.   Bulletin boards for general building use.

     J.  Bulletin boards for the exclusive use of the Union for purposes of posting material dealing with proper and legitimate union business.

     K.  Properly heated and ventilated classrooms with temperatures maintained between a high of 70 degrees to 72 degrees and low of 66 degrees to 68 degrees.



1. Effective August 2011, the members of 1707 will report to School at 7:40 a.m. on the Tuesday preceding the Labor Day holiday and shall remain until 2:55 p.m.  Said days shall be paid work days.  It is agreed that these days will be spent on educational matters such as updates and changes in policy, scheduling and curriculum; explanations of education reform mandates; and other issues which will affect the School and the members of Local 1707.  During these days, time will also be dedicated to allow 1707 members to clean and organize their classrooms and shops.  The School agrees that it will make a good faith effort to ensure that all speaking programs meet the intentions of the parties in creating these work days and will focus on the issues mentioned above.  The regular school year will commence on the Tuesday following Labor Day and will continue until all State attendance requirements are met.  It is agreed that, if State attendance requirements are changed, the parties will renegotiate provisions of this section.


2.   The school sessions shall be suspended on Saturdays, Sundays and the following named holidays and vacations: Columbus Day; Martin Luther King Day; Veterans Day; from Thanksgiving Day until the following Monday; from the first calendar day preceding Christmas to and including January 1; the week in which Washington's birthday falls; Good Friday; the week in which Patriot's Day falls; and Memorial Day.  Whenever the aforesaid holidays falls on Sunday, the  school shall not be in session on the following Monday.


3.   The regular school day shall be established by the School Committee with the employees to arrive at their assigned area at 7:40 a.m. to remain until 2:55 p.m. Monday Tuesday and Thursday; Wednesday until 3:15 and Friday until 2:30.  Teachers are to be on duty in their classrooms at 7:40 a.m. The Wednesdays shall be used for preparation or for teachers to dedicate time to work on developing curriculum programs. It is understood that up to eight of the extended Wednesdays may be used for staff meetings. Teachers will be given reasonable and flexible time to allow for grading of mid-term exams as a result of the discontinuance of half-day mid-term examinations.  Teachers may be dismissed earlier than 3:15 p.m. under emergency conditions at the discretion of the Superintendent/ Director or his designee.  The School Committee shall try to keep students’ dismissal at 2:23 p.m. Teachers shall be dismissed thirty (30) minutes following first dismissal of students on early dismissal days which are reflected in the official school calendar.  This sub-article shall be reopened for discussion on or about January 1, 2012.


4.   Any employee required to work beyond the normal school year will be paid their regular daily rate.



1.   All official circulars shall be posted on the school intranet for the inspection of teachers and shall be made available to teachers on request.

2.   Each teacher shall have a copy of rules and regulations of the School Committee when such document is published.

3.   A Directory of Personnel in the school shall be made available to all personnel.

4.   Information on the accumulated sick leave for each teacher shall be sent to each teacher at the beginning of each school year.  The information should be transmitted in a sealed envelope.

5.   A copy of school programs should be accessible to the entire faculty via intranet and on the GLTS website.

6.   All in-house postings shall be posted for ten (10) days.



     The Principal will try to provide teachers with their teaching schedule ten (10) days before the start of school.



     With prior approval of the Principal teachers may attend professional conferences or conventions.



     Teachers may be allowed to observe in another classroom on "visiting days" subject to prior approval of the Principal.



     The Principal will receive and consider suggestions on course content from the faculty.



     The Principal will try to balance teaching schedules.



     In the spirit of continued cooperation, teachers will attend two (2) evening meetings each school year and one (1) Sunday afternoon Open House not to exceed three (3) hours. The two evening meetings shall consist of: 1 Back to School Night and 1 Program Advisory/academic evening meeting.



The School and the Union agree to handle this Article and the suggested date changes with a Side Letter of Agreement pending the final outcome of D.E.S.E. regulations.



1.   Any employee of the School District has the right to examine upon request any "personnel folder files, cards and records” concerning himself/herself and his/her work as set forth in Chapter 71, Section 42C of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

2.   Before any derogatory material is put in a teacher's folder, a copy of such material shall be given to the teacher.

3.   The teacher shall have the right to submit a response to the statement.  The teacher's answer shall also be included in the file.



1.   The Principal will try to maintain a schedule of eight (8) periods per school day and five (5) day schedule week.  The weekly schedule for academic and related teachers shall contain thirty (30) teaching periods, and ten (10) preparation periods.  Further, the Principal shall try to schedule no more than six (6) teaching periods and no more than three (3) preparations in any one day for academic and related instructors.

2.   The Principal shall try to maintain class size in conformity with state requirements.

3.   Local 1707 recognizes the importance of common preparation time (“CPT”) to the success of the school and hereby pledges to work with the administration and School Committee to implement CPT within the present schedule structure.  CPT is intended: (1) to use data to drive instruction to ensure a standards based curriculum; (2) to provide a common language to talk about learning; (3) to give groups of teachers the opportunity to look at student work together and adapt instruction based on how well students do on assignments and assessments.

The school will implement CPT for the 2011/2012 school year on the following basis:  CPT will involve one period per week for academic teachers; the focus of CPT will be on curriculum and student work; professional development will be provided on how to run CPT; administrators may visit CPT meetings, but will not run CPT meetings; and CPT will not be used to evaluate teachers.  The administration will solicit feedback from teachers regarding CPT on an ongoing basis consistent with current practice.  The expansion of CPT for the 2012-2013 academic year will be reopened on or about January 1, 2012.

Teachers will not be assigned additional work related to CPT outside of CPT periods.

The administration will solicit feedback from teachers regarding CPT on an ongoing basis. 

4.   Local 1707 recognizes the importance of maintaining and establishing sufficient teacher presence in the school's corridors during passing times and after school passing time and agrees that teachers will be outside their classroom doors during these times.


     School employees covered by this agreement will be provided a thirty (30) minute duty free lunch period.

     It is further agreed that, subject to the prior approval of the Director of Career and Technical Programs, career area instructors who are supervising students on an off-campus job site and who, as a result of said duties of supervision, are unable to have a duty free lunch, shall be compensated for one-half hour at the teacher's rate.  The instructor must apply for the Principal's approval 72 hours in advance.  The Principal, in granting said approval, shall examine, among other criteria, the location of the job site in relation to the school and the number of hours required to complete the job.  The instructor shall make every reasonable effort to schedule his or her jobs in such a manner that the provisions of this paragraph will not have to be implemented.  In any event, and notwithstanding the foregoing, the coordinator, before granting approval, must assure himself or herself that the foregoing compensation will be charged to the person or entity who has retained the services of the School's instructors and students.


     It is hereby agreed that a career area instructor may, subject to the following, leave his or her career area for reasonable and brief periods of time for personal or professional reasons.  Before leaving, the instructor must insure that another instructor can safely supervise the career area in his or her absence and that the quality of instruction, discipline or safety will not suffer as a result of his or her absence.  Should there be an abuse of this discretion by a career area instructor then the Director of Career and Technical Programs, in his or her sole judgment, may forbid a given instructor to leave a shop during shop periods.



     Positions in the summer and evening school will be filled first by qualified, regularly appointed teachers of the Greater Lawrence Regional Technical High School.  The Principal will make seniority a consideration in formulating her recommendation for the filling of said positions to the Superintendent/Director.   The parties having agreed that in-house candidates have first priority, further agree that if no qualified or regularly appointed teacher applies for a given position, the Principal may fill the position from outside the school.

     The Union agrees that by May 1 teachers will submit a list of students who may potentially fail their courses.  Based on this list and based on prior experience, the Superintendent/Director shall, prior to May 15, post a tentative list of summer school positions.  Tentative appointments to these positions will be made by June 1.  Final appointment shall be conditional on the number of enrolled students. 




1.   Seniority will be defined as total years of uninterrupted service at the Greater Lawrence Regional Technical High School.  The time of service will be based upon the date that the teacher assumes full time teaching duties.

2.   Teachers transferred from one department to another will maintain seniority rights in their previously assigned department.  Example:  A duly appointed teacher teaches for ten (10) years in the Metal Fabrication Department.  The teacher transfers to the Machine Shop Department where he teaches for ten (10) years.  In the case of a reduction in Machine Shop personnel, the teacher can return to Metal Fabrication applying an accumulated seniority of twenty (20) years in Metal Fabrication.

3.   In the event of a reduction of teachers within a department (or the discontinuance of a department) teachers will be terminated in the inverse order of their department seniority in that department; that is, the last teacher hired for that department or assigned through a transfer to that department shall be first teacher terminated.

4.   Should the terminated teacher have maintained seniority rights under Paragraph 2 above in another school department, the terminated teacher shall be eligible to return to the former department and replace teachers within that department having less seniority provided that the teacher is qualified to do so through certification status and previous teaching in that department.


5.   Teachers displaced under Paragraph 4 above will be eligible to replace other teachers if the displaced teacher qualifies under Paragraph 2 above and is qualified to do so through certification/licensure status and previous teaching in that department.

6.   Instructors that are displaced and do not have seniority rights under Paragraph 2, 3, 4, 5 above will be terminated.



1.   A formal mentoring program will be offered in accordance with the requirements of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

2.   There will be a minimum of three (3) observations in the teacher's first year, two (2) in the second year and one (1) in the third.  Any teacher with more than three (3) years of experience may request the Principal for observation, and assessment.  In all cases, the results of this observation shall only be reported to the teacher observed and to no other person.

3.   It is hereby confirmed that the formal contractual evaluation agreed to in Article 25 herein shall not be performed by a member of Local 1707.



     Employees covered by this Agreement shall be allowed  thirteen (13) days per year as sick leave with pay which will be cumulative to 260 days.

     Teachers must use Aesop for sick, personal and bereavement leave absences, whether or not a substitute is required. All requests for School Business Leave must receive prior, written approval from administration.

1.   ANY employee who has accumulated 155 sick days, may annually at the close of school elect to redeem fifteen (15) sick days at the rate of $75.00 per day provided that such employee has not used more than five (5) sick days during the current school year.  A minimum of 140 days accumulated sick leave must remain on record following redemption.

2.   Applications of redemption of sick leave must be made within five (5) working days following the official close of school in June.



a. An employee will be granted three (3) days of personal leave in any school year with pay to attend to personal business that cannot be conducted outside of school hours. 

b. Personal leave shall be cumulative and be considered sick leave if not taken during school year. 

c. Employees are required to give reasonable prior notice to the Principal before taking personal leave.  The requirements of reasonable prior notices shall not apply to emergency situations.

d. The prior approval of the Principal or her designee will be required only on those occasions when personal leave is requested for the last school day prior to school vacations or for the first school day immediately after school vacations or M.C.A.S. days, unless said request is necessary for emergency reasons, in which case said prior approval will not be required.

e. Employees shall be presented with a written reason or reasons if they are denied personal leave on the above-mentioned days.  In no event, however, shall a personal day be used to start a vacation period early or to extend a vacation period.



1.   An employee shall be granted absence because of a death in the immediate family with pay for a period not to exceed (4) days.  In determining reasonable absence, consideration shall be given to the relationship of the employee to the deceased and the responsibility of the employee for making funeral arrangements.  An employee’s immediate family shall be considered as husband, wife, son, daughter, mother, father, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister, brother, grandparent, grandchild or any relative residing with the employee or any person for whom the employee is solely responsible for all funeral arrangements.

2.   An employee shall be granted reasonable absence up to two (2) days for the death of a grandparent-in-law, sister-in-law or brother-in-law.


     The School will provide time and classroom coverage for one teacher to attend the funerals of retirees in order to represent the faculty.


     Military Leave of Absence without pay may be granted to a permanent teacher inducted into the armed forces for the required length of service, according to the terms of the Selective Service and Training Act of 1940 and subsequent amendments by Congress. 


1.   Every person who is a member of a reserve component of the Armed Forces of the United States shall be granted such leave without loss of pay in accordance with Section 59 of Chapter 33 of the General laws after furnishing official evidence that he has been ordered to duty.

2.   It is agreed, however, that in the interest of minimizing the interruption of class instruction, the employee, the Union and Superintendent/Director will exhaust every effort to attempt to schedule the Reserve Training during July and August where possible.



     The School District Committee may grant to employees who have completed seven (7) years of permanent service and complete formal application, a Sabbatical Leave of Absence to be used for study and professional improvement.  Such leaves of absence shall be for a period not exceeding one (1) year.  The School District Committee, at its discretion, may grant such leave with full or partial pay provided, that prior to the granting of such leave, said employee shall enter into a written agreement with the School District Committee that upon termination of such leave he will return to service in the School District for a period equal to twice the length of such leave that, in default of completing such service, he will refund to the School District Committee an amount equal to such proportion of salary received by him while on leave, as the amount of service not actually agreed  bears to the whole amount of service agree to be rendered.




1.   An employee has the option of using current or accumulated sick leave to the extent available while she is on maternity leave.

2.   Absence in excess of available sick leave time will be treated as leave without pay.

3.   Such maternity leave shall be granted upon reasonable notice to the Superintendent/Director to become effective at the employee's discretion and to terminate not more than one (1) year after the termination of pregnancy.

4.   An employee on maternity leave shall notify the Superintendent/Director of her intent to return at any time during the one (1) year period after termination of pregnancy.

5.   If an employee fails to return from maternity leave by the expiration of the one (1) year period, her employment shall be terminated.

6.   An employee returning from maternity leave will be reinstated to her previous position or to another comparable position.

7.   An employee returning from a maternity leave will retain all her previous rights.  Salary placement will be at the next step of the salary schedule if the employee served one-half (1/2) or more of the work year in which the leave was granted.


     An employee who is an officer of the Federation or who is appointed to a Federation position shall, upon proper application in May of the previous year be given a Leave of Absence for up to one (1) year without pay for the purpose of performing Federation duties.  Such leave may be extended by the District Committee but in no case shall the total leave exceed two (2) years.



1.   Effective July 1, 1999 all full time employees covered by this Contract shall be eligible to participate in a Sick Leave Buy Back Plan.  Such employees are eligible to receive 33 1/3% of accumulated sick leave days with a maximum of 210 days, based upon the employee's base salary at the date of retirement.  Effective July 1, 1999, a day's pay shall be computed at 1/181 of a teacher's salary and effective July 1, 2000, a day's pay shall be computed at 1/183 of a teacher's salary.

2    In case of employee death the payment of 33 1/3% of accumulated sick leave days based upon the employee's base salary will be paid to the estate of the employee upon presentation of legal notification to the District Committee.

3.   Employees planning to retire should notify in writing the Superintendent/Director prior to October 1st of that school year in which retirement is planned.

4.   All employees who have accumulated more than 210 days sick leave as of July 1, 1999 shall be entitled to use these accumulated sick days in the sick leave buy back plan but all others will be limited to the number of days accumulated as of July 1, 1999 and may not exceed same for the purposes of said plan.  Nothing contained in this Article is intended to change the provisions of Article 33 hereunder which allows an employee to accumulate 260 days for sick leave purposes.



     Effective October, 1983, a Sick Bank was established.  The joining of the Bank is voluntary and each teacher will be required to contribute one (1) sick day.  New teachers may join the Bank after 6 months employment within a period of 10 days.  A teacher is not allowed to use the Bank until he or she has exhausted all of their accumulated sick days.  In the event that the Bank drops below 100 days, each teacher is required to donate an additional sick day. The Sick Bank is to be administered by a committee consisting of the Superintendent-Director and Human Resources Director and two Local 1707 Union members.

     If a teacher is refused the use of the Bank by the Sick Bank Committee, he or she has the right to appeal to a panel of three doctors, one selected by the School Committee, one by the Union and a physician to be mutually agreed to by the School Committee and the Union.  The maximum amount of Bank Sick Days for use is 180 days.

     By October 15th of each school year Local 1707 will provide to the Superintendent-Director a detailed accounting of the sick leave bank balance including days used and accumulated.



     When vacancies occur in higher positions or in more desirable positions or when new positions of comparable status are to be established, notice of such circumstance shall be posted on the appropriate school bulletin board with as much pertinent information (qualifications, requirements, duties, salary, etc.) as is available.  All positions in addition to regular teaching positions for which there is remuneration shall be posted.



     To provide for the expeditious and mutually satisfactory settlement of questions arising with respect to wages and other conditions of employment or out of this interpretation or application of any terms of this Agreement, the procedures hereinafter set forth shall be followed;

Step 1: An aggrieved teacher shall first discuss the complaint with his Academy Supervior directly with the objective of resolving the matter informally.  The Academy Supervisor shall convey his decision to the teacher within forty-eight (48) hours after receiving the complaint.

Step 2: The teacher or Union may then initiate a grievance either orally or in writing to the Principal within thirty (30) school days after knowledge by the teacher or Union giving rise to the act or condition which is the basis for the complaint.  The Union Representative and/or the aggrieved shall meet with the Principal at a time mutually convenient to discuss the grievance.  Within the ten (10) days after discussing the grievance the Principal will either orally or in writing communicate his or her answer to the Union Representative and/or the aggrieved.

Step 3: If the grievance is not resolved in Step 2, the Union may appeal within ten (10) school days in writing to the Superintendent/Director.  The Union Representative and/or aggrieved shall meet with the Superintendent/Director at a time mutually convenient to discuss the grievance.  Within ten (10) days after discussing the grievance the Superintendent will either orally or in writing communicate her or his answer to the Union Representative and/or the aggrieved.

Step 4: If the grievance is not resolved in Step 3, the Union may appeal within ten (10) school days in writing to the full School District Committee.  The School District Committee shall meet with the Union Representative, National Union Representative and the aggrieved at a time mutually convenient to discuss the grievance.  The School District Committee within ten (10) school days following the discussion will forward their answer in writing to the Union Representative.

Step 5: A grievance dispute which was not resolved at the level of the School Committee, under the grievance procedure may be submitted by the Federation to arbitration.  The proceeding may be initiated by written notice to the School Committee and the American Arbitration Association postmarked within thirty (30) school days after receipt of the decision of the School Committee at Step 4.

     The Arbitrator shall issue his/her decision not later than 30 days from the date of the close of the hearings or, if oral hearings have been waived, then from the date of transmitting the final statements and proofs to the Arbitrator.  The decision shall be in writing and shall set forth the Arbitrator's opinion and conclusion on the issue submitted.  The decision of the Arbitrator if made in accordance with his/her jurisdiction and authority under this agreement, will be accepted as final by the parties to the dispute and both will abide by it.  The Arbitrator's fee will be shared equally by the parties to the dispute.

     Where it is evident that the time intervals set forth for answering or appealing a grievance cannot be met, they may be extended as mutually agreed upon.

     Should the Union fail to process a grievance through a next higher step, the grievance shall be considered closed.

     An employee may review his own "Personnel Record" and upon his specific request such" Personnel Record" may be reviewed by the Union Representative.

     Nothing contained in this Agreement shall deprive any individual employee of the right to discuss with the Superintendent/Director or School Committee matters in his own interest.



     An employee who wishes to have the School District Committee deduct the regularly monthly Union dues from his pay for transmittal to the Union shall execute an authorization card to be furnished by the Union in the form attached, (See appendix D).

     The amount of dues will be certified to the School District Committee from time to time by the Treasurer of the American Federation of Teachers or by his duly authorized agent and the amount of dues will be uniform for all members of the Union.  A certification of a change in Union dues shall become effective after the receipt by the School District Committee of such certification in writing from the Union at least fifteen (15) days prior to the start of the month in which the Union seeks to make such change effective.

     Union dues deducted by the School District Committee shall be forwarded no later then thirty (30) days after such deduction was made.

     An authorization by an employee for deduction of Union dues shall be canceled automatically whenever such employee is removed from the School District payroll or goes on leave of absence for more than one month and there shall be no obligation on the part of the School District Committee to continue authorization in effect in the absence of an applicable collective bargaining agreement.

     Authorization for deduction of Union dues may be revocable as provided by law.



     The Union shall have the right to place material in the  mail boxes of teachers and other professional employees.



     The authorized representative of the Union shall have the right to schedule Union meetings in the building before or after regular class hours and during lunch time of the employees as long as no cost is involved.


     The School District Committee shall make available to the Union upon its reasonable request any and all available information, statistics and records relevant to negotiations, or necessary for the proper enforcement of the terms of this Agreement.


     The Principal will allow the Union Building Representative reasonable time for meetings to discuss problems or grievances with the Superintendent/Director provided he has obtained a prior appointment.


     The Superintendent/Director will furnish upon request job descriptions of administrators and an organizational chart on a current basis.  Nothing in this section precludes the District School Committee from changing job descriptions or school organization status during the life of the Agreement.



     All employees represented under the terms of this Agreement will be disciplined pursuant to the provisions of the Education Reform Act of 1993.


     There shall be no strike, work stoppage or other interferences or interruptions of school operation, including absences from assigned school duties to attend Union meetings during the period of this Agreement.  No officer or representative of the Union shall authorize, instigate or condone any such activity.  By way of penalty for any violation of the foregoing the Principal or Superintendent/Director shall have the right to take disciplinary action against any employee participating in the violation.


     In the event any valid federal or state laws or any order or state executive or administrative office having the authority, or the final determination of any board or court of competent jurisdiction affects any provision of this Agreement, the provision or provisions so affected shall conform thereto.  Except as so modified the Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.  Nothing contained in this article shall preclude the Union from obtaining an interpretation of the Law or Directive acted upon by the School District Committee from the pertinent law making body.


     The Superintendent/Director shall report all cases of assault suffered by teachers in connection with their employment to the School District Committee.

     Whenever it is alleged that a teacher has assaulted a person or that a person has assaulted a teacher, the Superintendent/Director shall conduct an investigation of the incident and report to the School District Committee.  The Superintendent/Director shall comply with any reasonable request from the teacher for relevant information in the Committee's possession  not privileged under law concerning the person or persons involved.

     The following procedure is intended to govern the reporting of an alleged assault on a student by a staff member and shall be placed in the Student Handbook:

     Any student complaining of an alleged assault or of other behavior by a staff member should report the alleged incident to a Guidance Counselor.  The Guidance Counselor shall in turn report the incident to the Supervisor of Admissions and Counseling, if available, or to another Administrator if the Supervisor is not available.  The Supervisor or the Administrator will report the incident to the Principal.  The Guidance Counselor,the Supervisor/Administrator and the Principal will first make every reasonable effort to stabilize the situation.  Each person involved in the reporting chain will file a written report on the incident as soon as it is practicable to do so.  Each person involved will do their best to maintain and preserve the confidentiality and safety of the student as well as that of the staff member.




     The Union agrees that no teacher will engage in Union activities during the time he is assigned to teaching or other duties.



     Neither the School District Committee or its agents outside the bargaining unit nor the Union, its agents or members shall:


1.  Discriminate against any employee because of his being or not being a member of the Union, or


2.  Discriminate against any employee because of action taken by either party in processing grievances instituted in good faith under the provisions of this Agreement, or


3.   Discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, creed, color, sex, handicap, disability or national origin, or

4.  Intimidate or coerce any employee into joining or continuing his membership in the Union.


1.   Teachers covered by this Agreement shall not be held responsible for loss, damage, or destruction of school property or student property if such loss, damage or destruction is not the fault of the teacher.

2.  Teachers shall report in writing any loss, damage, or destruction to the Superintendent/Director or his designee immediately upon becoming aware of such loss, damage or destruction.

3.  The Committee may reimburse teachers for loss, damage, or destruction, while on duty in the School, of personal property of a kind normally worn or brought into the School as long as the teacher was not negligent, and as long as the teacher files a report with the Andover Police Department, to the extent that such loss is not covered by insurance.

4.  In order to comply with the terms of this paragraph, it is hereby agreed that teachers will register all equipment and tools brought onto school property with the Superintendent/Director or his designee.

5.  For purposes of this Article the term "personal property" shall not include cash over one hundred fifty ($150.00) dollars.

6.  The terms "loss", "damage", or "destruction" shall not cover effects of normal wear, tear and use.


     As a condition of employment, members of the bargaining unit who are not members of the Regional Teachers Federation, Local 1707, MFT, AFT, AFL-CIO, shall pay to the Regional Teachers Federation an agency service fee.  Such fee shall be a percentage of Union dues and will represent that portion of Union dues which is commensurate with the cost of collective bargaining and contract administration.  This provision is subject to the rules and regulations of the Massachusetts Labor Relations Commission and applicable law.



     The School and Union agree to incorporate the provisions of the federal law.  All bargaining unit members who have been continuously employed by G.L.T.S. for at least one year are entitled to F.M.L.A. Employees requesting F.M.L.A. for personal illness are eligible to utilize accrued sick leave for up to 12 weeks in a calendar year.  Employees requesting F.M.L.A. to care for a family member who is ill are able to use up to 4 weeks of accrued sick leave. Employees requesting F.M.L.A. to care for a spouse/newborn baby following the birth or adoption of a child are able to use up to 2 weeks of accrued sick leave.


     The District and 1707 hereby acknowledge the complexities of appointing teachers in certain unusual specialties.  The provisions of this Article are directed to addressing this problem while, at the same time, maintaining the recognition of the significance and integrity of the salary schedule.

     Pursuant to the foregoing and notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, the District agrees that when it appoints a teacher in the above described category it will place said teacher in an existing step and column within the salary schedule, said placement to be reflective, whenever possible, of the following criteria:

     i.   The teacher's teaching or vocational experience; and

     ii   The teacher's academic qualifications; and

     iii. The difficulty in filling the position in the particular specialty; and

     iv.  A demonstrated inability to identify an alternative candidate with the same or similar experience and qualifications to fill said particular specialty at a lower rate of compensation; and

     v.   A demonstrated need for the importance of the position in fulfilling the educational responsibility of the School.

     The District agrees that it will utilize the provisions of this Article only when reasonably necessary and will give 1707 reasonable notice of its intention to do so.

     Notwithstanding anything contained in Article 4.5 to the contrary, when any member of 1707 is appointed pursuant to the provisions of this Article 61, then in that event, any member of 1707 who is within the same Department as the member appointed hereunder and who is on the vertical step that is not commensurate with his or her years of service with the District shall be placed on the vertical step that is commensurate with his or her years of service with the District.



     The District Committee shall also recognize coaches who are full-time employees of the District duly appointed by the Principal or Superintendent/Director and who are otherwise members of the Bargaining Unit.

     Notwithstanding the foregoing, coaches who are not members of the Bargaining Unit and who are duly appointed by the Principal or Superintendent/Director will continue to be placed in appropriate salary steps as negotiated by the Bargaining Unit and the Committee." ARB 85-1983."



     In case of an absence of five (5) or more consecutive days the Superintendent/Director may require that a teacher file a statement with the Superintendent/Director from a registered physician that he is treating the teacher.




     For purposes of this Article, service will be defined as total uninterrupted service at the School which commenced from the date that the teacher assumed full-time teaching duties at the School.  A teacher must have commenced his or her duties prior to February 1 in order to get a full year's credit for purposes of this Article.


     Commencing July 1, 2010, Professional Service Awards shall be made on the following schedule in the following amounts:


     Teachers with 10-14 years experience - $575 for each contract year.


     Teachers with 15-19 years experience - $1,075 for each contract year.


     Teachers with 20-24 years experience - $1,500 for each contract year.


     Teachers with 25-29 years experience - $1,750 for each contract year.


     Teachers with 30 plus years experience - $2,200 for each contract year.


     The foregoing payments shall be made in the December following the applicable commencement date in September.  Any teacher who gives written notice to the Superintendent by April 30 of his/her intention to retire at the end of that school year will receive in his/her last June paycheck whatever Professional Service Award he/she might be eligible for had he/she commenced school the following September.



1.   Any member of the bargaining unit who is summonsed for jury duty, or is summonsed to serve as a witness in a court case, and must be absent from his duties as a result shall be paid the difference between the juror's fee or witness fee and his or her regular salary.  Any such member shall report for his or her regular duties when he or she is excused as a juror or witness unless it is unreasonable to expect the member to do so.

2.   Absence from work because of jury duty will not adversely affect the retention and/or accrual of any contract benefits.

3.   The provisions of this article will not apply to a member who is either a Plaintiff or a Defendant in a court case and who misses his or her regular duties as a result of a court appearance.



     The parties hereto agree that in no event shall any individual or group of individuals, regardless of bargaining unit placement, who may have been involved in the labor dispute of October 23, 1989 through October 17, 1989 be disciplined, discharged, demoted, reduced in rank or compensation or in any other way adversely affected because of said involvement.

     Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Union agrees to pay the District the sum of $20,000 in 5 equal installments of $4,000 each commencing April 27, 1990 and to be made annually thereafter.

     The parties agree that in academic year 1989-1990 all employees shall work a full year for a full  year's salary (subject to budgetary reductions unrelated to the strike).  Pending ratification by the Union, the parties further agree that they will each withdraw all present litigation filed with the State Labor Relations Commission and with the Superior Court and that there will be no further litigation with regard to said strike.

     It is agreed that the members of the bargaining unit shall return to work at 7:40 AM. on Monday, October 30, 1989.



     See Appendix C.



     The cost of printing this Agreement shall be shared equally between the District School Committee and Local 1707, AFT.



     This Agreement shall become effective as of July 1, 2011, and shall continue in force and effect until 11:59 p.m. on June 30, 2014.

          Signed and sealed this ____th   day of June 2011.

Greater Lawrence Regional Technical High School District Committee


For the School Committee


For the Greater Lawrence Regional Teachers Federation, Local 1707, MFT, AFT, AFL-CIO


























Date:                                  Date:





There will be a wage reopener clause in fiscal years 2013 and 2014. Additionally, Articles 17-b and 27 will be reopened on or about January 1, 2012 to review any concerns regarding the 3:15 Wednesday meeting time and Common Planning Time.



Insert New Appendix A



Insert New Appendix B



        APPENDIX C:



Insert New Appendix C














                             (Name of Employee)



TO:  Greater Lawrence Technical High School District Committee



     Effective _______________________________ I hereby request and authorize you to deduct Union dues from my earnings each month in twelve (12) equal installments.  This amount shall be paid to the Treasurer of Regional Teachers Federation, Local 1707, MFT, AFT, AFL-CIO.  These deductions may be terminated at any time by me by written notice or upon termination of my employment.




                               (Employee's signature)








                              (Employee's Address)


APPENDIX E: Insert Side Letter of Agreement


     Appendix E is a thirty page document executed and agreed to between the Greater Lawrence Regional Teachers' Federation, Local 1707, AFT Massachusetts, AFL-CIO and the Greater Lawrence Regional Vocational Technical High School District Committee.


     Said executed Agreement is Appendix E in this contract and a copy of same is on file in the office of the Superintendent-Director, the office of the Principal, the office of the Director of Human Resources, and the office of the Federation for any employee who seeks to examine same.  Copies of this evaluation document will be made available to individual members upon request.
APPENDIX F: Lead Teacher – Job Description



Reporting directly to the Supervisors of Academy and/or appropriate Administrator, Lead Teachers coordinate departmental activities of their prescribed academic/vocational discipline. A Lead Teacher shall work 183 days per year, with up to three days as arranged by the School Principal and the employee, at the per-diem rate as needed.



The essential functions or duties listed below are intended only as illustration of the various types of work that may be performed.  The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position.

1.  Coordinate departmental activities and meetings.

2.  Review and provide leadership for the department curriculum.

3.  Provide input to support the scheduling process.

4.  The Academy Supervisor/Administrator will work with the Lead Teacher to provide Substitute Teachers with materials necessary for instruction.

5.  Open classrooms in the morning and secure areas at the end of the school day; identify security issues and assist in determining absent department teachers or staff and confirm coverage.

6.  Oversee the daily condition of all department instructional areas.

7.  Maintain accurate departmental records; coordinate the exchange of information within the Department and/or the Academy.

8.  Update departmental inventories; assist the Academy Supervisor/Administrator in the ordering of departmental supplies and equipment.

9.  Work with the Academy Supervisor in implementing updated industry standards, if applicable.

10.Any other duties as required by the School Principal.



Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university is preferred.  A minimum of five years teaching experience is required, with at least three years experience teaching at Greater Lawrence Technical School is preferred; appropriate Massachusetts Teacher Certification from the Department of Education.



Working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite and accessing information on the internet.  Excellent organizational, oral and written communication skills are a must; ability to share information and resources appropriately.  Ability to work effectively with advisory boards; must possess a high-level of interpersonal skills as a means to deal with difficult situations; general pleasant demeanor and respectful attitude towards employees at all levels of the school.

Must be a self-starter and have the ability to work with minimal supervision and direction; ability to work cooperatively with others to achieve common district goals.



The work environment characteristics described here are representative to those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Physical Demands:  Minimal to light physical effort is generally required in performing duties in an office environment.  This position may require the ability to operate a computer keyboard and standard office equipment at efficient speed and for lengthy periods of time.  This position requires occasional evening meetings as requested.

Job description updated June 5, 2009.


Appendices A and B:
Fiscal Year 2012 - Effective 7/1/11
Teacher's and Nurse's Salary Grid

FY2012 Teachers & Nurses Salary Grid



M/V45 RN Assoc

M15/V60 RN Assoc+15

M/30V75 RN BS

M45/V90 RN BS+15


M/75VB15          RN M+15+15

Step 1









Step 2









Step 3









Step 4









Step 5









Step 6









Step 7









Step 8









Step 9









Step 10









Step 11









Step 12









Step 13A 1









Step 13A 2









Step 13B 1









Step 13B 2









Step 13B 3









Step 13C










9/14/2011 34-A

Appendices A and B:
Effective 1/1/2012
Teacher's and Nurse's Salary Grid

9/14/2011 34-B

Appendices A and B:
Effective 1/1/2012
Teacher's and Nurse's Salary Grid

January 2012           Teachers and           Nurses Salary Grid



M/V45 RN Assoc

M15/V60 RN Assoc+15

M/30V75 RN BS

M45/V90 RN BS+15


M/75VB15     RN M+15+15

Step 1









Step 2









Step 3









Step 4









Step 5









Step 6









Step 7









Step 8









Step 9









Step 10









Step 11









Step 12









Step 13A 1









Step 13A 2









Step 13B 1









Step 13B 2









Step 13B 3









Step 13C










9/14/2011 34-B

Appendices A and B:
Effective 6/30/2012
Teacher's and Nurse's Salary Grid

 Teachers and Nurses          Salary Grid                   June 30, 2012



M/V45 RN Assoc

M15/V60 RN Assoc+15

M/30V75 RN BS

M45/V90 RN BS+15


M/75VB15     RN M+15+15

Step 1









Step 2









Step 3









Step 4









Step 5









Step 6









Step 7









Step 8









Step 9









Step 10









Step 11









Step 12









Step 13A 1









Step 13A 2









Step 13B 1









Step 13B 2









Step 13B 3









Step 13C










9/14/2011 34-C