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September 1, 2015 -August 31, 2018









Pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 150E of the General Laws of Massachusetts, the School Committee of the Town of Milford (hereinafter also referred to as the Committee) and the Milford Teachers Association (hereinafter  also referred to as the Association) have agreed to the following terms and conditions of employment:


ARTICLE  1:               RECOGNITION


The Committee recognizes the Association for the purpose of collective bargaining as the exclusive representative of all professional, educational employees including Title I teachers and nurses, excluding the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, supervisory and assistant principals, administrative assistant, director of guidance, supervisor of special education, substitute teachers, administrative officers, managerial and confidential employees.




A.                     The Committee, the Superintendent of Schools and Administrators empowered by law, retain the right to direct professional employees, to hire, evaluate, promote, transfer, assign and retain professional employees within the school system, and to suspend, demote, discharge or take other disciplinary action against them for just cause or for other legitimate reasons, to maintain efficient operations and qualitative standards of performance and to determine the methods, means and personnel by which such operations and standards are to be implemented, provided that such rights shall not be exercised in violation of any article contained in this Agreement.


B.                     The Committee, the Superintendent of Schools and Administrators empowered by law, likewise retain the right to promulgate rules and regulations, pertaining to the employees covered by this Agreement, so long as such rules and regulations do not conflict with any term or condition of this Agreement.


C.                     As to all matters not covered by this Agreement, the Committee retains the powers, rights and duties that it has by law and may exercise same without any such exercise being made the subject of arbitration.


ARTICLE III:               SCOPE


For the purpose of collective bargaining with respect to wages, hours, other conditions of employment, the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and any question arising there under, the Committee recognizes the Association  as the exclusive bargaining agent and representative of all professional employees (as such employees are defined in Chapter lSOE of the General Laws of Massachusetts) of the Committee, excepting, however, every such employee who on the effective date of the Contract is, or thereafter shall be, designated by the Committee as a representative of it for the purpose of such bargaining.






The provisions of this Contract set forth the entire agreement of the School Committee and Association on wages, hours, conditions of employment and all other matters.  Other than statutorily conferred rights and imposed obligations, this Contract is the exclusive and controlling source of reference for determining the rights and obligations of the parties.


Wages, hours, conditions of employment or any other matter covered by this Agreement may not be unilaterally terminated or modified during the term of this Agreement.

The Committee agrees to amend the Rules, Regulations and Policies of the Milford School Department in effect on September 1, 1994 so that such Rules, Regulations and Policies will conform to any changes made by this Contract.






A.         Payroll deductions will be made for members of the Association who have a tax-sheltered annuity and for such other purposes as the School Committee or the Town make deductions from the salaries of other employees.


1.         The Committee agrees to deduct from the salary of each teacher who authorizes the Committee to do so the Association's dues and/or assessments.


2.         For any teacher who is not a member in good standing of the Association, it shall be a condition of employment during the life of this collective bargaining agreement that, on or after the thirtieth day following the beginning of such teacher's employment or the effective date of this Agreement, whichever is later, he shall pay an agency service fee to the Association which shall be in an amount equal to the amount required to become and remain a member in good standing of the Association subject to the provisions contained in Chapter 150E, Section 12,1 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Any such agency service fee may be deducted from the salary of any such employee who signs an authorization for permitting such deductions and shall be transmitted to the Association together with the regular dues transmitted pursuant to Section C. (infra).


3.          If, at the end of the aforementioned 30 days, any employee has not paid the agency fee, the Association shall so notify the School Committee and will request the School Committee to take appropriate action.


4.         Within three weeks of such notification, the School Committee will write to the employee and demand immediate payment of the agency service fee and inform the employee that failure to pay the agency service fee will result in the institution of termination proceedings.


5.          If the agency service fee has not been paid by any employee within five weeks of the original notification of non-payment by the Association as provided for in Paragraph 3, the Association will write to the School Committee so informing the School Committee and request the School Committee to initiate termination proceedings against such employee or employees.


6.         The School Committee agrees to initiate termination proceedings against any employee who has failed to pay the agency service fee as required by the Contract at the first School Committee meeting following the receipt of notification of non-payment and the demand for termination as provided for in Paragraph 5 unless the employee(s) exercise their right as provided in 17.06 (1 -

3) of the Massachusetts Labor Relations Commission Rules and Regulations.


B.         The School Committee shall certify to the Treasurer of Milford all payroll deductions for the payment of dues to the Association that have been duly authorized by employees covered by this Contract.


The Committee's obligation to make such deductions shall terminate automatically upon termination of the employee who submitted the authorization, or upon receipt of a timely and properly written notice revoking such authorization, except that deductions shall be resumed if any employee, terminated by layoff, is recalled and no period of revocation intervened during his layoff period.

The Association agrees that it will indemnify and save the Committee harmless from any and all liability, claims responsibility damage or suit which may arise out of any action taken by the Committee in accordance with the terms of this article, or in reliance upon authorization described herein, in an amount not to exceed the sum described herein, in an amount not to exceed the sum received by the Association on account of the deductions made from the earnings of such employee or employees.


C.         In accordance with Chapter 292 of the Acts of 1970 (G.L. c.l49, Sec. 178B),l the Committee will when a teacher so requests, make regular payroll deductions on the second pay period of each month of the school year and submit such funds to the treasurer of the Massachusetts Teacher's Association Credit Union. The Committee shall be exempt from all liability concerning such deductions.


D.        The parties recognize and agree that the power to terminate employees may lie with the Superintendent or other Administrator.  It is therefore agreed that notwithstanding the foregoing references to the Committee, such reference shall be deemed to be to the employer generally and to the appropriate employee or officer of the employer empowered to act under the particular circumstances.





A grievance is a complaint by any member of the bargaining unit, the Association, or the School Committee, that is based on an alleged violation of or variance from the provisions of this Agreement or the interpretation and application thereof.


B.         PURPOSE


The purpose of the procedure set forth hereinafter is to produce prompt and equitable solutions to those problems which from time to time arise and affect the conditions of employment covered by this Contract.  The Committee and the Association desire that such procedure shall always be as informal and confidential as may be appropriate for the grievance involved at the procedural level involved.


C.         PROCEDURE


Since it is important that grievances be processed as rapidly as possible, the number of days at each step shall be the maximum allowed for taking a grievance to a higher step. The time limits so specified may only be extended by written mutual agreement.


Grievances submitted in written form shall be responded to in writing.


The Committee will, upon request, make available to all parties in interest, school department records and documents in its possession, necessary to the processing of any grievance.


Formal meetings provided for in the Grievance Procedure will be held during non-school hours whenever possible to allow participants to be available for their contributions to the proceedings.


Nothing in this article shall prevent either party from instituting any proceedings toward obtaining any legal or equitable remedy to which it may be entitled before any court or other tribunal of competent jurisdiction.

A grievance in order to be timely filed at Step 1 below, must be presented within ten (10) days after the occurrence of the matter from which the grievance arose or within ten (10) school days after being made aware of such occurrence. A school day for grievance purposes is defined as a day when school is in                                                                                                                                                            ,, session.





STEP I:          A grievance by unit personnel or the Association shall be presented orally or in writing, as the grievant shall elect, to the principal to whom the employee grievant is assigned or who the Association faults.

If the grievance is not settled by the principal to the grievants satisfaction within five (5) school days after such

presentation, then


STEP ll:         The grievant may within five (5) days thereafter present a written grievance (signed by him and an officer of the Association) with the Superintendent of Schools. The Superintendent or his designee and any other administrator selected by the Superintendent, shall hereafter meet with the grievant and the President of the Association.  If the grievance is not settled within five (5) school days after its receipt by the Superintendent, then


STEP III:       The Association may within five (5) school days thereafter present the grievance in writing to the

School Committee. If the grievance is not settled within fourteen (14) school days after its receipt by the

School Committee, then


STEP IV:         The Association may within ten (10) days thereafter present the grievance to the American Arbitration Association. A copy of its written submission shall be forwarded by registered mail to the School Committee.


When the grievant is the School Committee or the Superintendent, the grievance will be filed with the Association in writing at the third step. In the absence of settlement, it may be processed to arbitration within the time frame allowed to the Association under Steps 3 and 4. Any grievance initiated by the Association itself may be submitted directly at Level II (the Superintendent of Schools).




1.         Grievances for arbitration shall be submitted to the American Arbitration Association for disposition in accordance with the applicable rules of said Association.


2.         The arbitrator shall have no power to add to or subtract from or modify in any way any of the terms of this Agreement.


3.          The fee and expenses of the arbitrator shall be divided equally between the School Committee and the Milford Teacher's Association.




No written communication, other document, or record relating to any grievance shall be filed in the personnel file maintained by the School Department of Milford for any employee involved in presenting such grievance, unless they were initiated and made part of the personnel file prior to the grievance being presented at LEVEL TWO and constitute the subject matter of the grievance. Should the grievance, however, be resolved at any level of the grievance steps in favor of the aggrieved individual, all such material contained in his

personnel file will, in the absence of an agreement between the Committee and the Association or its designated agents to the contrary, be removed.




The School year calendar will be developed  by the School  Administration and in compliance with State Laws and rules and regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Education.  Prior to its submission to the School Committee, it will be given to the Milford  Teacher's Association for comment and/or  suggestions for modification. Should any comments or suggestions be received by the Administration within five (5) calendar days after the calendar  is submitted, they will be presented to the School Committee for its serious consideration.




A.         The work year of all classroom teachers  on a ten-month contract (exclusive of principals, department heads, supervisors and new teachers  who may be required to attend additional sessions) shall begin not more than one week before Labor Day nor more than two (2) days prior to the opening day of school for students in September and terminate after being signed out by immediate supervisors after the close of school for students in June, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.


B.         It is agreed that the work year of ten-month personnel shall not exceed 180 teaching days plus a maximum of two (2) days (for new teachers 4 days) that may be devoted to orientation, in-service work shops or other non classroom functions that are related to enhancing the quality and manner of education provided by the teaching professionals of the Milford School System.


On the last day of school each year, sessions shall be one half (1/2) day.


C.         All classroom teachers  will attend two (2) meetings  with parents to discuss the progress of their children's educational development. Additional meetings or conferences with parents may be held by teachers during early release days.  The format of said meetings shall be determined at each school level, i.e. High School; Middle School and Elementary Schools, by a majority vote of teaching staff.




D.        It is further agreed that the length of the school year shall be in compliance with the law, rules and regulations of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts notwithstanding any provisions of this Contract to the contrary.






A.         1.          The normal starting time for students may not begin less than ten minutes after the starting time of teachers and the dismissal time for students may not occur  less than fifteen minutes before the end of a teacher's normal work day.


1.1       Flexible scheduling time (Flex Time) will be available on a voluntary basis upon approval of the school administration. No principal may pressure or demand that teachers agree to flex time. Flex time for teachers  may afford school administrators the opportunity to secure the staff resources they deem necessary to provide adequate supervision of students, before the official start of the school day and/or the official close of the school day, and may afford teachers more scheduling flexibility within the contractual workday. Volunteer teacher participants for flex time will be sought staff­

wide. The building principal  is then able to choose from the pool of volunteers. In no case

shall the workday for any teacher working in such a schedule exceed the normal workday. Teachers shall in no case be scheduled for a split working day, all such time

being scheduled consecutively. Flex time is intended to increase the availability of teachers for supervision; therefore the provisions of Article IX A.l shall not apply to

teachers working a flex time schedule.                                                                                     ·•


2.        The work day of Pre-School, elementary (including kindergarten), middle and high school teachers will begin and end as follows:




8:05AM to 3:05PM

8:05 AM to 2:50PM


Elementary School


8:15AM to 3:15PM

8:15AM to 3:00PM


Woodland School


8:05AM to 3:05PM

8:05 AM to 2:50 PM


Middle School


7:35 AM to 2:35 PM

7:35 AM to 2:20 PM


High School


7:40 AM to 2:40PM

7:40AM to 2:25 PM


The work day for nurses shall be as follows:


Pre-School and Woodland

Elementary Middle School High School

8:15AM to 2:50PM

8:25AM to 3:00PM

7:45 AM to 2:20 PM

7:50AM to 2:25 PM


Changes may be made to the above schedule only upon consultation with the Association.  No major changes may be made except upon mutual agreement by the parties.


It is understood, however, that variations to such schedule are permissible to allow teachers to present courses, instructions and/or assistance to students which could not otherwise be given under the existing schedule. It is further understood by the parties

that no teacher will be expected or required to work in excess of thirty-seven (37) hours a week (Monday through Friday).


3.          Teachers will provide office hours for 45 minutes each week for the purpose of offering extra help to students.  Such time can be offered to students before student arrival time, after student dismissal, or a combination of both.  Teachers are expected to remain for the duration of their scheduled office hours and may use the time as additional preparation time if no students elect extra help. Office hours will be determined in consultation  with the school administration.


4.          Superintendent, Principals and Supervisors may call meetings of classroom teachers during or at the end of their work day for conducting in-service workshops or for any other reason that may serve to effectively operate the Milford Public Schools. Meetings that are conducted at the end of the work day will not exceed one (1) per month and will not normally exceed sixty (60) minutes in duration.  When a teacher is not provided

advance notice that a meeting may exceed sixty minutes, a teacher will be excused at the end of sixty minutes provided the request to be excused is based upon a valid reason.


It is further understood that the meeting referred to in this article does not involve meetings regularly conducted between Principals and Department Heads, or Department Heads and Classroom Teachers.  All workload practices, including but not limited to Department Head meetings, which are not expressly prohibited by this Agreement, may continue.


5.         Notwithstanding the foregoing, on the two (2) Professional Days which may be scheduled each year, the work day for all teachers shall be 8:00AM to 3:00PM.


B.                  In the absence of other arrangements agreed to by the Association, all teachers shall have a 30-minute duty-free lunch period each work day between the hours of 10:30 AM and 1:00 PM, beginning with the opening day of the high school.  Teachers shall be allowed to leave the school premises during the lunch period.  Teachers shall sign out upon leaving and sign in upon return.


C.         Except for Department Heads and Nurses, each member of the bargaining unit in the high school, middle schools and elementary schools will have one (1) preparation period per day of at least forty (40) minutes in length.   Elementary classroom teachers will also be free for preparation during recess when, and if, a teacher aide assigned to the building is available.


Teachers shall be allowed to leave the school premises during preparation periods, unless requested by the building principal to be present during a certain preparation period to tend to specific educational matters.  The Association shall cooperate with the school administration in assuring that there is no abuse of the right to leave during preparation or lunch periods. Teachers leaving school during a preparation period may be required to sign in and sign out but without being asked to provide a reason.


At least one period shall be available as a preparation period at the High School per school day. It is agreed and understood that teachers will teach five of the seven periods in the 7-drop-1 Schedule. It is also agreed and understood that during the seven day cycle of the 7-drop-1 Schedule, up to three periods may be used for collaborative planning, and further, if deemed necessary, two of such periods may be assigned as a supervision. Two additional periods per cycle shall be used for Departmental planning time. In the event a lab is assigned as a supervision the teacher so assigned shall have one of the three collaborative planning sessions as an additional preparation. In the event two labs are assigned as a supervision during one cycle two of such collaborative or planning periods may be utilized as additional preparations. In the event the 7-drop-1 Schedule is eliminated, the Committee recognizes its obligation

to bargain under G.L. c. 150E.


The High School Administration shall meet, as needed, with representation of the High School staff to discuss any issues as they arise in relation to implementation of the 7-drop-1 Schedule. In the event issues remain unresolved with the High School Administration the Association may request a meeting with the Superintendent of Schools who shall promptly meet with Association representatives and the High School Administration to seek resolution of any outstanding issues. If issues remain unresolved after meeting with the Superintendent of Schools those issues may be brought to the School Committee Teachers Association Collaborative Bargaining Team for consideration.


D.         The current unofficial preparation time for itinerant teachers shall not be reduced to the point where they will receive less preparation time than non-itinerant teachers of the level (elementary or middle school) where itinerants do most of their teaching.



A.         Teachers will be notified in writing of their assignments for the coming year, including the schools to which they will be assigned, the grades and/or subjects that they will teach, and any special or unusual classes that they will have, if such new assignment reflects a change in the teacher's current assignment, before the end of the school year, except for unforeseen circumstances.


B.         Teacher aides, students or interns on cooperative programs, or any other person not qualified by education and/or experience, will not be given any teaching duties or made responsible for the education or development of any group of students, except as stated in Federal guidelines for Title I teacher aides, and except such volunteers as the Association and the School Administration agree would make positive contributions to the education of children.


C.         In order to assure that pupils are taught by teachers working within their area of competence, teachers will not be assigned, except temporarily and for good cause, outside the scope of their teaching certificates and/or their major fields of study.





A        The School Committee and Association acknowledge that a teacher's primary responsibility is to educate children and to help them learn, and the main focus of his energies and professional assignment should be those school day activities that deal directly with education and learning.  The Committee and

Association mutually recognize, therefore, that teachers should be primarily utilized in the following areas:


1.         The preparation, presentation  and evaluation of lessons;


2.          The management of their classrooms and the care of equipment and material contained therein;


3.        The supervision of students placed in their charge;


4.          The maintenance of records directly related to classroom instruction;


5.         The counseling and guidance of students, especially those within their classes;


6.         The performance of all other duties relevant to the development of systems and programs related to a teacher's  area of instruction.







A.         No studies shall be assigned to take place within classrooms during instructional periods.


B.         Every effort will be made to obtain qualified personnel to serve as substitutes whenever a faculty member is absent  If it is not possible, however, and staff members are asked to devote their preparation time to covering for absent colleagues, they shall be paid 111300 of the mean salary on the salary schedule for each of the first ten days and 111300 of a teacher's current salary for each day thereafter.  The principal shall arrange such coverage.

C.         Teacher participation in extracurricular activities will be voluntary and compensated under the extra duty compensation schedule included in Article XXIX of this Contract.


D.         A principal or supervisor may discuss marking procedure with a teacher, but a teacher will not be required to change a student's grade.


E.        All classroom teachers will not be required to maintain attendance registers.


F.          Decisions by the School Committee to appoint or reappoint Department Heads and team leaders will be made annually.  An incumbent need not, if he so desires, submit a new application each year. In the absence of notice to the contrary, a team leader's former application will be treated as a new application for appointment.  Notice of whether a teacher has been appointed, or not appointed, will be given on or before June 1 of each year.


G.                  Students who are part of the Special Education Program may be allowed into regular classrooms only when the teacher has been given sufficient information on the case, and appropriate materials and guidance are provided.  The classroom teacher's cooperation will be sought, but nothing in this article shall be construed as giving the classroom teacher the right of refusal of any student.


H.                   Membership on all Ad Hoc Committees within the school system shall be voluntary and the nominee requested to participate in such activities will be so advised.


I.          The Committee states that its goal is to try to keep class size at or below an average of 24 students per regular classroom, particularly at the elementary level.  To this end, the Committee will, subject to available funds and resources, make an effort to achieve such class size.


J.          Teacher Resignation.  Before the start of any school year, a teacher voluntarily resigning must give thirty (30) days notice of such resignation.  During the school year, two (2) weeks notice must be given prior to the effective date of any resignations.


K.         Technology


The Parties recognize that the implementation of new technologies into the educational setting may impact on working conditions of unit members. Prior to the adoption of new technology related policies and procedure, it is agreed that the Administration will consult with the Association and afford the Association opportunity for input.


There shall be standing Technology Review Committee. Said Committee shall consist of the Superintendent or his/her designee and one other designee of the School Committee and two members of the Teachers Association to be named by the Association President.  The Committee shall meet on a regular basis, as necessary, but not less than once per month other than during summer months.  The Committee shall hear, discuss and consider issues raised by Teachers, the Administration or other concerned parties relating to the introduction of and/or use of technology, and particularly as such introduction and/or use may impact members of the Teachers Association.



A.                  Whenever any vacancy in a professional position occurs within a position with the unit and a position within Milford School Administrators unit it will be adequately publicized by the Superintendent by means of a notice to the Association and bulletin boards in each school throughout the system at least 10 calendar days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays; a school day is considered to be a day when the Superintendent's Office is open), prior to the appointment being made.  During the months of July and August, written notice of any vacancy will be given to the Association.  The qualifications  for the position, its duties, and the range of compensation (including lower and upper levels of the range), will be clearly set forth. Notification of appointment will be made by letter to all applicants within ten (10) calendar days after the appointment has been made.


B.         Teachers currently employed by the Milford School System will be given preference when their qualifications  are equal to competing candidates, in the filling of positions within their respective bargaining unit.  Seniority will be reviewed when considering qualifications.  Teachers desiring transfers may submit a written request to the Superintendent  stating the desired assignment.

Such request must be submitted between September I and June 30 of each year.  Requests must be renewed each year. Teachers who have submitted a request for a transfer will be given preference, if qualified, over teachers who respond to the vacancy posting.


C.         Appointments will be made without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex or marital status.


D.         All available positions in Summer School, Evening School and Federal Programs will be posted by means of notification to the President of the Association in order to afford an opportunity to apply for such positions.


E.  I.  A ''transfer" is defined as a movement from one grade level assignment to another or a

movement from one school building to another.  (Movement of an entire grade from one building to another shall not be considered a ''transfer").


2.   When involuntary transfers are necessary, a teacher's area of competence, major, and/or minor field of study, quality of teaching performance, and years of service in the system will be considered in determining which teacher is to be transferred.  Teachers being involuntarily transferred will be transferred to comparable positions as far as is reasonably possible.





ARTICLE XIV:                        SICK LEAVE


A.         Sick Leave will be granted on the basis of fourteen (14) days per year with unused sick leave accumulating to a maximum of two hundred (200) days.


The written policy of the Milford School Committee regarding sick leave which is presently in force is hereby incorporated  by reference as if set out in full at this point, except where inconsistent with the Sick Leave Bank provisions of this Agreement.


B.                    After 4 consecutive days of absence (reduced to 3 consecutive days, when 4 consecutive days have been used already in the same year), or 8 cumulative days of absence within a school year because of illness, a certificate from a licensed, practicing doctor of medicine or doctor of

dentistry as the case may be, with a valid state license, may be required before any further sick leave usage is allowed during such year or such consecutive period.  The certificate shall be presented to the Superintendent of Schools and the School Principal, and shall indicate that the absence is caused by a legitimate illness of the teacher.  Any teacher who has accumulated 8 absences with a school year shall be advised of these provisions in writing by the School Principal or Superintendent, with a copy of the notice to the Association President.  Absences excused by a doctors  certificate shall not be counted towards the 8 absences referred to above.


C.         Each teacher will receive an accounting of the number of sick leave days accumulated  by the first day of school of each contract  year.


D.         Accumulated sick leave, not to exceed one hundred (I 00) days, shall be paid in a lump sum to the spouse or beneficiary or any employee eligible for such leave whose services are terminated by death.


E.                  Individuals shall, as soon as possible, notify the principal  or his/her Designee, of the school where assigned,  or the Department Head or his/her designee in the case of specialists, of the individual's illness and intent to utilize sick leave.


Failure to make personal contact may result in a non-allowance of sick leave and loss of pay unless the individual submits  a statement to the Superintendent of Schools explaining the reason(s) why personal contact  could not be made.


F.        Up to ten (10) days of sick leave per year may be used for illness in the immediate family, meaning the employee's spouse, child, parent, or other relative or significant other who resides permanently in the employee's immediate household.


G.        Incentive Program


All teachers who use sick leave as follows will receive a bonus at the end of the year as hereinafter set out:


0 days - $325

1 day-     $275

2 days  $225




1.         If the system-wide mean average sick leave use for all teachers (excluding all usage of those with 25 or more consecutive days) reaches 4 days, all teachers using 6 days or less of sick leave will receive a $50 bonus.


2.         In addition  to the foregoing, a teacher who uses three or fewer sick leave days in a school year shall, in the following school year, be allowed an additional personal day for use in that subsequent year, notwithstanding anything to the contrary within Article XVII hereof.


H.        Upon retirement, a teacher  hereunder shall be eligible to be reimbursed  for all sick leave accumulated during the course of his/her employment in excess of200 days. Such reimbursement shall be at the rate of 5% of the per diem rate applicable for such teacher at the time of his/her retirement, for each day accumulated over 200 days.

ARTICLE XV:                         SICK LEAVE BANK


A.        The School Committee shall establish a Sick Leave Bank for use of eligible personnel.


B.         At the beginning of each school year, the Committee shall set aside in the Bank a number of sick leave days equal to the number of professional personnel employed in the bargaining unit until

750 days have been deposited.  Subsequent to this number, the Committee shall replenish the Bank at the beginning of each school year with whatever number of days are required to maintain the 750 maximum.


C.         Employees may be eligible to receive the benefits of the Sick Leave Bank subject to the following conditions:


1.         An applicant must have had accumulated at the beginning of any prolonged illness for which benefits are sought at least twenty (20) percent of the maximum accumulated sick leave available to the applicant since his/her employment, or at least twenty (20) percent of the maximum accumulated sick leave available to the applicant since his/her last prolonged illness.  All such accumulation shall be utilized before there is any allowance from the Bank.


2.         Application for benefits shall be in writing to the Superintendent of Schools accompanied by a certificate from a licensed, practicing doctor of medicine as to the physical inability of an employee to resume his/her teaching and/or administrative duties.  The School Committee reserves the right to invoke a medical panel to substantiate the certification of the employee's physician.  After twenty-five (25) days of use of time from the sick bank for any one illness or condition, the School Committee shall have the right to require the employee to submit further medical certification.


3.         Once an employee has drawn any number of days from the Bank, he shall be required to re-accumulate the required number of days and to meet the conditions of Paragraphs 1 and 2 above before may use the Bank again.


4.          The Bank may only be used for what the Committee (infra) determines to be a legitimate long-term medical condition that needs immediate attention, not otherwise provided for by the Agreement, School Committee policy or law.  Total number of days that may be drawn for any one illness or disability may not exceed two hundred (200) days.


D.         Sick days drawn from the Bank shall be actual work days in which school was in session excluding weekends, holidays, school closing and vacation periods.


E.                    A five member committee composed of two unit employees, one Administrator, and the School Superintendent or his designee, and one School Committee member shall administer the Sick Leave Bank in making determinations on eligibility for entitlement to draw from the Bank.  The maintenance of records of the days deposited and withdrawn shall be maintained by the Central Office and made accessible to members of the Joint Committee.


The Association may appeal the decision of the Joint Committee on denial of eligibility for use of the Sick Leave Bank at Level IV of the grievance procedure.

ARTICLE XVI:                       FUNERAL LEAVE


In the event of death in the immediate family of an employee he will be granted leave with pay not to exceed four (4) consecutive working days, and such leave shall not be charged to sick leave or vacation leave. For the purpose of this section, immediate family shall mean:




In the event of the death of a teacher's grandparent, brother-in-law or sister-in-law, or son-in-law or daughter-in-law, the teacher will be granted leave of two days with pay.






A.         Personal emergency leave. Teachers will be allowed two (2) days per year of personal emergency with pay, not cumulative, subject to the following conditions:


1.          Such leave shall only be for compelling personal business which the employee is unable to complete outside of the regular non-working days.




2.         At least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the day sought for leave, application for such leave shall be made to the Superintendent.  If less than twenty-four (24) hours notice is given, an explanation must be given for not meeting the time requirement.  The Superintendent may deny such leave if the event for which the leave is sought could have been scheduled on non-working time.


3.          The day for which leave is sought does not immediately precede or follow holidays or vacations.

However, the Superintendent may, upon written request grant such leave in the exercise of his absolute discretion.


4.         The Committee agrees that all reasons provided to the Superintendent in accordance with this Section are confidential and shall remain confidential unless otherwise necessary in any legal proceeding, including grievance and arbitration.


5.          If an employee uses no personal days in any school year he/she may carry the day into the following school year for use in that year, notwithstanding any other provision hereof.


6.          Personal leave must be taken as a full day of leave.


B.         In addition to leaves of absence for personal use, teachers are entitled to said leaves of absence for:


1.         Time necessary for Association representatives to attend Mass. Teachers Association and/or

National Education Association and conventions.

2.         Leave to allow a teacher to accept summer study grants when such programs commence not more than ten (I0) school days prior to the last day of school may be granted subject to the approval of the Superintendent, which approval will not be unreasonably withheld.  Not more than five (5) teachers in one school year will be granted this leave, with preference to be given to the first five (5) applicants.  Decisions of the Superintendent hereunder may be appealed only to Step 3 of the grievance procedure.


3.         A leave of absence without pay or increment  of up to one (1) year will be granted for the purpose of caring for a sick member of the immediate family.  Additional leave may be granted at the discretion of the Committee.                                                                  


4.         Additional personal leave to be granted at the discretion of the Superintendent.






A.         Leave without pay shall be allowed to all female teachers for reason of pregnancy.  Such leave shall not be for more than eighteen (18) months from time of departure.


B.         Notification of pregnancy shall be given in writing to the Superintendent of Schools when pregnancy has been verified by a physician; such notice shall be given not later than the end of the fifth month of such pregnancy, except in extenuating circumstances.


C.         The pregnant teacher and her physician shall determine the date on which leave will be granted.

Except for a situation beyond a teacher's control, a two (2) week advance notice, in writing, shall be given to the Superintendent prior to the commencement of pre-natal leave. The notice shall also include the amount of post-natal leave sought.  Should the teacher request an increase or decrease in parental leave following a successful termination of pregnancy, she shall be granted such request at the discretion of the School Committee. In case of an unsuccessful pregnancy, a teacher may return to her employ, prior to the termination of the post-natal leave previously granted, provided that a two (2) week advance notice is given, and she complies with Paragraph D below.


D.         Before the teacher returns to her employ, she shall provide the Superintendent of Schools with a medical statement from her physician attesting to her fitness to resume her duties.


E.          All benefits to which a teacher is entitled at the time of her leave of absence, including unused accumulated sick leave and personal leave, will be restored to her upon her return, and she will be assigned to the same position which she held at the time of such leave, if available and/or as required by applicable statute.  If the same position is not vacant, the teacher will be assigned to the most nearly equivalent position which is available (i.e. vacant) at the time of her return and for which she is certified and qualified.


F.          Parental Leave shall not be considered equivalent to teaching time as time relates to the salary schedule or tenure when a teacher is on parental leave for more than a total of four months of the school year. If such leave totals four months or less, the teacher shall be permitted to progress to the next step of the salary schedule on the following year and given credit for the year in which she was absent for the purpose of tenure.


G.         Male teachers shall be permitted leave without pay, under the same conditions of Section E and

F above, for a period of the eighteen (18) months immediately following the birth of a child,

which child is resident with him.  Notice of pregnancy of such teacher's spouse must be given to the Superintendent, together with the intention to take such leave, not later than thirty (30) days prior to birth, except in extenuating circumstances.


H.        Either parent/employee shall be eligible for leave without pay, under the same conditions as Section E and F above, where such employee has accepted a child as part of legal adoption procedures.  Such leave shall commence at acceptance of such child or up to two weeks prior to such acceptance. Notice of intention to take such leave must be given not later than thirty (30) days prior to commencement, except for extenuating circumstances.


I.          Where both the mother and father of a child are teachers eligible for leave without pay under this

Article, only one such leave shall be granted.






Section 1.                    Applicability


The parties hereby agree and recognize that the "Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993", as codified at

29 USC 2601,, (hereafter referred to as ''the Act") is and will be applicable in accordance with its terms

to any member of the bargaining unit who qualifies as an "eligible employee" within the meaning of the Act. The parties further recognize and agree that except as is set forth herein, the Act shall not be deemed to alter any other leave provision of this agreement.


Section2.                     Use of Other Benefits


In situations where the twelve (12) work weeks of leave under the Act is to .be applied because of a birth or placement for adoption, or foster care, or to care for certain relatives of the employee because of a serious health conditions within the meaning of the Act, the employee shall be required  to use accrued vacation leave and personal leave as part of the twelve (12) work week leave period.


In the event the twelve (12) work week leave period is because of a serious health condition of certain family members, as set forth in the Act or of the employee, the employee shall be required to use accrued vacation, personal and sick leave for any part of the twelve (12) work week period of leave.


Section 3                     Certifications


Any request for leave under the Act because of a serious health condition of the employee or his/her eligible relative under the Act shall be supported by the certification of a health care provider in accordance

with the Act.  The employer shall have the right to a second opinion in accordance with the terms of the Act and

in the event of a conflict in opinions, the issue will be resolved in accordance with the Act.


The employer shall have the right to demand that eligible employees obtain subsequent re-certifications on such basis as is reasonable under the circumstances.


Any employee on a twelve work week leave under the Act shall be required to report periodically to the employer on the status and intention of the employee to return to work.




Nothing herein shall be deemed to supersede or void any other benefit provided in this

ARTICLE XIX:                        SABBATICAL LEAVE



Upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, Sabbatical Leave, in a teacher's area of certification, which would  increase the employee's professional ability,  may be granted  for study or research subject  to the following conditions:


A.         Not more than two (2) percent of the teaching staff will be absent  on sabbatical leave at any one time.


B.                   Requests for sabbatical leave must be received by the Superintendent in writing, in such form as may be required by the Superintendent of Schools, not later than December 31, and action  must be taken on all such requests not later than March  1, of the school year preceding the school year for which the sabbatical leave is requested.


C.         The teacher  must have completed at least seven (7) consecutive full school  years of service in the

Milford  School  System.



D.         Teachers on sabbatical leave  will be paid at one hundred  (100) percent  of their regular  salary rate for six (6) months, or fifty (50) percent of their regular salary for future members provided that such pay, when add to any program grant, will not exceed  their regular  salary rate.


E.         Prior to granting sabbatical leave, a teacher  shall enter into a written  agreement with the Milford School Committee that upon termination of such leave, he will return to the service  of the Milford School System  for a period  equal to twice the length of leave.  In default of completing such  service,  he shall refund  to the School  Committee the salary received  by him while on leave, unless such default is due to illness, disability, discharge, death, or other circumstances beyond· the control of the individual.


F.         Prior to the beginning of a sabbatical leave, a teacher  shall, after consultation with the Superintendent or his designee, identify an educational need of the Milford  Public Schools, and address  himself to that need during his year of study.  This may include,  but not be limited to research projects, term papers, or an equivalent activity, which  should be compatible to his program of studies.  Such work should  be submitted to the Superintendent upon the teacher's return to his teaching duties in the Milford School System.






A.         Teachers shall be permitted to attend one meeting, conference or seminar per year that will serve to enhance their professional growth  and development, subject to appropriation within the

School Department Line Item budget.   Any decision of the Administration to grant or not to grant such leave may be subject  to the grievance procedure, but not to arbitration.


B.         The Milford  Public Schools Curriculum Committee will plan and evaluate in service/professional development during the ten (10) scheduled Curriculum Committee meetings. The Curriculum Committee shall consist of Curriculum Team  Leaders, Curriculum Team  Coordinators, Principals, Directors and Central  Office Personnel.

ARTICLE XXI:                       MILITARY LEAVE


A.       A teacher who is required as a member of the National Guard or as a reserve member of one of the United States Armed Forces to be absent from his position for the purposes of active annual training duty or encampment for a period of not more than seventeen (17) days in a calendar year shall be granted pay for those days which he is absent from his duties. In addition, such leave with pay will be granted in those instances where such teacher is involuntarily called to serve during declared emergencies by virtue of decree or order of the President of the United States or the Governor of the Commonwealth.


The amount of pay will be the difference between the teacher's regular salary and the compensation received from the military during said period. Reconciliation of pays shall take place as soon as possible after completion of military leave and receipt of military pay.


B.         A teacher (other than one on temporary status) who leaves the employment of the Milford School System for the purpose of entering the Armed Forces of the United States shall be re­ employed by the Committee in accordance with the provisions of the Selective Service Act of

1948, as amended by the Universal Military Training and Selective Service Act of 1951, the

Armed Forces Reserve Act of 1955, and as such Acts may be hereafter amended.






A.                  The Association will have the right to use school buildings without cost at reasonable times for meetings and programs.  The principal of the desired building will be notified in advance of the time and place of all such meetings and programs. The cost of any extra custodial service required because of Association activities will be borne by the Association.


B.                   There will be one (1) bulletin board in each school building, to be provided and maintained at the expense of the School Committee, which will be located in the faculty lounge for the purpose of displaying notices, circulars and other Association materials.  Copies of all such material will be given to the building Principal so long as the submitted material is in good taste. The

Association shall keep the bulletin boards in good shape and be responsible for posting the material.







The Milford School Committee agrees to make available for the President of the Association

copies of its official agenda and approved minutes of meetings.







Provisions for payroll deductions of salary guarantee insurance will be made provided that the Association certifies, in writing, to the Superintendent that a majority of the members of the Association will participate, effective September I, prior to the beginning of the school year.

ARTICLE XXV:                      TEACH    ER EVALUATION


A.      The purpose of evaluation is to provide information to improve and recognize staff effectiveness and to provide a record of facts and assessments for personnel decisions. Evaluation should be a continuous and cooperative process between the evaluator(s) and the evaluate.


The evaluation should place major emphasis on assisting the evaluate to achieve professional and creative growth that is consistent with vision, mission, and core values of the Milford Public Schools.                                                                                           ·



B.                   Evaluation of teachers shall be in accordance with the "Milford Public Schools Evaluation and Process and Procedures" and will seek to measure the teacher's performance in relation to the Performance Standards adopted pursuant to G.L. c. 71, Section 38, and other applicable law and regulations.


C.         The form for reporting of evaluation will be mutually agreeable to the Association and the



D. 1.   Teachers will have right, upon making an appointment and a written request, to review the contents of their personnel file.  A teacher will be entitled to have a representative of the Association accompany him during such review.


2.  No material derogatory to a teacher's  conduct, service, character, or personality will be placed in his personnel file unless the teacher has had an opportunity to review the material.  The teacher will acknowledge that he has had the opportunity to review such material by affixing his signature to the copy to be filed with the express understanding that such signature in no way indicates agreement with the contents thereof. The teacher will have the right to submit a written answer to such material and his answer shall be reviewed by the Superintendent  of Schools and attached to the file copy.


E.         No teacher will be disciplined, reprimanded, reduced in rank or compensation, or deprived of any professional advantage without just cause.




ARTICLE XXVI:                     PAYM ENT FOR COURSES A.               Conditions for payment

The School Committee will pay the full tuition cost of courses (and registration fees and mandatory student fees) taken by teachers or the difference between the total tuition costs and any grants or G.I. Bill of Rights payments received by teachers for payment of such tuition costs (but only for courses taken after the teacher's fifth anniversary of employment) subject to the following conditions:


1.         The School Committee's obligation to pay for the full tuition cost of courses is limited to fifty (50%) percent of the actual tuition  cost or the tuition cost of courses of equal credits at Massachusetts State Colleges, whichever is higher.


2.          There will be no payment of courses that exceed three (3) in number for any given year between September 1 and August 31.  The Superintendent, in his discretion, may approve


reimbursement for accelerated Masters programs.  (Accelerated Masters programs, where more than three courses are completed in one year, will be reimbursed at the rate of three courses per year, each year, until all approved courses are reimbursed. Under no circumstances will more than three courses be reimbursed for the same teacher during any one year.)


3.          The dates and times of day the course or courses are given cannot conflict with the designated work day of the teacher.


4.          Courses are to be taken in a program working toward an earned Masters, Ph.D. degree and/or a program of study approved by the Superintendent of Schools and the School Committee.


5.         Courses are to be taken from an accredited college or university, approved by the

Superintendent of Schools and the School Committee.


6.         A grade of80 percent, its equivalent, or higher, must be received by the teacher in each course for which payment is sought, or where no grades are given, evidence of satisfactory completion; provided a teacher in a graduate degree program may receive a total of two grades of less than 80 percent, or its equivalent, if the college or university where the courses are taken recognize such grades as passing for the graduate degree program.


7.         Any teacher desiring eligibility for course reimbursement hereunder shall, as a condition of eligibility and in consideration of any reimbursement, execute an Agreement assuring reimbursement under Section D, infra, which Agreement shall be in the form appended hereto as Addendum "A".  Issues arising under said Agreement, or Section D infra, shall not be subject to grievance or arbitration under Article VI hereof.


B.         Recertification Courses


Notwithstanding the limitations within Section 4 above, after a teacher's fifth year of employment, during such teacher's 5 year recertification cycle(s), such teacher(s) may take and

be reimbursed for a total of two (2) courses working towards his/her recertification requirements.

Such courses must be in such teacher's area of certification or recertification, and current assignment.


Each teacher shall, prior to taking such courses in a recertification cycle, declare which of the following two paths will apply during such cycle:


Path 1 ·The two (2) courses to be in reimbursed in accordance with A. 1 above; or


Path 2 up to $2000 for any number of courses during such recertification cycle.




C.         Payment of Courses


Payments for each course is to be made to the teacher upon duly authorized receipt of payment by the teacher. To be eligible for payment, a teacher must file a written request for such payment within thirty (30) days of eligibility for payment in accordance with Section A above.

D.         Reimbursement


Should a teacher voluntarily leave the school system within a full school year following the completion of courses, such teacher is required to reimburse the School Committee for the tuition of all courses that had been previously paid by the School Committee during that period.  After completion of a degree program, should a teacher leave the Milford School system voluntarily within one (1) year after such completion (within two (2) years in the case of a doctoral program), the reimbursement shall be for all courses taken over the previous two years.





E.          CAP on Reimbursements.


There shall be a total CAP on yearly reimbursements hereunder at $200,000 (increased by 2% in the second year and buy a further 2% in the third year of this Agreement). Reimbursements shall be on the basis of first applying teachers to be reimbursed first until the CAP amount is depleted. If the CAP is met and there remain teachers otherwise eligible for reimbursement during such CAP year, such teacher shall be reimbursed from the CAP amount available during the following year and such reimbursement shall apply against the CAP for the following year.







1A.      Salary Schedule for September 1, 2015 through August 31,2016:









+45         +60







































































































lB.       Salary Schedule for September  1, 2016 through August 31, 2017:









+45          +60









































































































lC.       Salary Schedule for September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018:









+45         +60







































































































*The Superintendent of Schools shall have the discretion to approve placement in this lane for a teacher with a Doctorate directly tied to his/her teaching assignment.



ID.       Lane changes will be acknowledged only in the beginning of a school year, with the exception of lane changes resulting from completion of summer school courses where the grade is received after the start of the school year, in which case the lane change will be made retroactive to the start of the school year.  A teacher who has been employed less than one full year, shall not receive his/her first step advancement at the beginning of the next school year after the first year of his/her employment, unless that teacher shall have worked at least ninety (90) days during that first year.


Step movements (subject to the '1Hurdle" above and infra) shall be annual at the beginning of each school year, except that teachers hired after the 91st day of any school year shall not move to the next step until after the following full year.


Teachers otherwise due a step movement shall not receive such step movement without having maintained or achieved active and current licensure status, unless such status is delayed by SEI (Sheltered English Immersion) requirements or other DESE caused delay, not caused or contributed towards by such teacher.



2.         The hurdle as indicated in the Salary Schedule requires six (6) credit hours. The credit hours are to be for courses taken in the realm of certification, or the teacher's current field of instruction, and approved by the Superintendent and the School Committee. Any teacher proceeding from Bachelor to Master, from Master to Master plus 15, from Master plus 15 to Master plus 30, or from Master plus 30 to Masters plus 60 or Ph.D. at the  Step will proceed to the 7th Step without hurdle requirement.  Upon


completing the hurdle requirement, however long it may take, a teacher can only advance to the in Step.




3.         Directors shall in consideration for teaching a maximum of three classes (K.-12) during the regular work day and other duties outside the regular work day, receive $2,150.00 per year (base).  Each Director shall receive an additional $80.00 for each teacher he

or she must supervise.  Directors will be responsible to formally observe each teacher assigned to his/her department no less than one observation per semester.  The administration  will retain the discretion to change the frequency of observations when situations arise that deem it necessary.


Training will be provided on an annual basis to ensure consistency with Article XXV.




3A.       Any employee appointed as Title I Director, in consideration of the duties of said Director, shall receive an additional stipend of $5,000 for each year together with the sum of$80 for each teacher supervised.  Further, the title I Director will receive a per diem rate based upon his/her annual rate of compensation for up to ten (10) additional days of work which may be required outside of the regular school year.




4.          The salary for Curriculum Team Leaders is $2,500 in recognition of additional duty assignments. Curriculum Team Leaders will teach a full load. The salary for Curriculum Team Coordinators shall be $3,500. Notwithstanding Article IX C, upon reasonable notice Curriculum Team Leaders may be required on occasion to conduct duties during a preparation.




5.          Guidance Counselors will receive, in addition to their base salary, a per diem rate based on their annual salary for up to ten (10)  days that they may be required to work before and/or at the end of the regular school year.  Should they be required to attend evening events, they will be paid an hourly rate commensurate with their annual salary (i.e. pro-rated).  Counselors will be paid such hourly rate for attendance at defined evening events (in accordance with the list appended hereto), unless directed by administration that their attendance is not required.


Evening Guidance Programs:


Stacy Middle School: Spring Orientation


Middle School East:   7th Grade Parent Orientation

8th Grade Parent Orientation


High School:               Going Right On- Early College

Planning for grades 5 - 8

8th Grade Parent Orientation

Freshman Parent Orientation

Junior Parents Night-College Bound

Senior Parents Night -College Application Process

Senior Financial Aid Night

6.         Effective 9/1/2000 Nurses will be paid on the same salary schedule as teachers.

Nurses shall receive the same amount of fringe benefits as teachers, with respect to Personal Leave, Funeral Leave, Sick Leave, Sick Leave Bank, Vacations and Holidays.


Nurses will be provided with two (2) forty (40) minute duty free and student free periods per week to work on record and other administrative requirements. In addition, in order to provide further time for such work, and not withstanding other provisions of this Agreement, nurses will not be required to attend meetings referred to in Article IX, A.3 and A.4. Further, nurses shall only be required to attend one (1) meeting with parents as referred to in Article VIII C. In addition, to provide further work load relief, the "floating nurse" will be shared between the busiest schools with the greatest quantity of student visits.




7.         The Audio Visual Services Coordinator shall receive an annual stipend of$1,680.00.

The Media Supervisor shall receive an annual stipend of$1,500.00.


8.       Designated Teacher Mentors shall receive a stipend of $1,070 at Tier 1, $750 at Tier 2, and $535 at Tier 3. The Mentor Coordinator shall receive a stipend of$535.  Teachers designated as Science Coordinator-Foss shall receive a stipend of$1,000.


9.                  SPED Chairpersons will receive, in addition to their base salary, a per diem rate based on their annual salary for up to eight (8) days that they may be required to work before and/or at the end of the regular school year.






Bargaining unit personnel who are required to work beyond their regular work day on core evaluation assignments shall be compensated at an hourly rate that is based upon their actual salary.




ARTICLE XXIX:                    JURY DUTY


An employee called to jury duty will be placed on leave with full pay, less any compensation received for such duty.




ARTICLE XXX:                      METHOD OF PAYMENT


All unit personnel shall be paid in twenty-six (26) equal installments except that teachers may be paid in one lump sum on the last day of school or before the last day of school.







Activity Advisors- High School

Freshman Class Advisors                                 2

Sophomore Class Advisors                              2

Junior Class Advisors                                      2

Senior Class Advisors                                    2

Student Council Advisors                             2

National Honor Society Advisors                    1

National Art Honor Society Advisors              2

Auditor-School Activities                                  1

O.L.I. Yearbook Advisors                              2

Academic Decathlon Advisors                         2

CARE Advisor                                               1

SAAD Advisor                                                1

School  Store Advisor                                     1

Best Buddies Coordinator                            1

Asst Best Buddies Coordinator                        1

VHS  Instructor, Fall                                         1

VHS  Instructor, Spring                                    1

VHS  Coordinator                                         1

National  Art Honor  Society                           1

National  Spanish  Honor Society                   1

National Tri-M Music Honor Society              1

PBIS Coach                                                    7

Heritage Week Advisor                                   1

Heritage Week Co-Advisor                              1













$' 999.00














Interest Club Advisors - High School   (up to 7)

(only  one person for each Interest Club)



Activity Advisors -Stacy

Student Council Advisor                                 2

Newspaper Advisor                                          1

Stacy  Activity  Advisor                                  1


Interest Club Advisors - Stacy                   (up to 7)

(only one person for each Interest  Club)

Activity Advisors -East







Student Council  Advisor                                2                                               $769.00


Interest Club Advisors-East                    (up to 7)

(only one person for each Interest Club)



Interest Club Advisors-Woodland             (up to 3) (only  one person for each Interest Club)



Interest  Club Advisor - Memorial               1                                               $445.00


Interest Club Advisor- Brookside                  1                                              $445.00


Activity Advisors - Elementary

School Yearbook Advisor                               1                                             $1,221.00




Musical Directors                                            2

Musical Choreographer                                    1

Musical Accompanist                                      2

Musical Stage Manager                                    1

Musical Technical Director                              J

Play Director                                                    1

Stage Manager Play                                          1

Technical Director Play                                    1

Theater Workshop Advisors                           2







$2 298.00

$ 1,303.00

$  996.00

$  537.00




H.S. Marching/Concert Band Assistant Marching Band H.S. Choral ensemble

H.S. Stage Band

MS East Band

MS East Jazz Band

MS Musical Director

MS Chorus

MS Orchestra

MS Jazz Band Stacy MS Beginners Band Elementary School Orchestra Elementary School Chorus All School Orchestra

Fifth Grade Chorus


1                                              $2,913.00

I                                             $1,064.00

1                                              $1,991.00

1                                              $1,991.00

1                                              $1,079.00

1                                              $1,455.00

l                                            $1,991.00

1                                              $1,325.00

1                                              $1,325.00

1                                              $1,839.00

1                                              $  996.00

I                                             $1,226.00

1                                             $1,226.00

1                                              $1,992.00

1                                              $1,226.00


In the event that only one Advisor is available for the position where two are specified, the one Advisor will receive 1.5 times the rate for one.








The following is the pay schedule. STEP 1 will be for coaches with 1 to 3 years of experience within the Milford Athletic Department; STEP 2 for coaches with 4 to 7 years of such experience, and STEP 3 for coaches with more than seven years of such experience.



Step 1




Faculty Manager







Baseball Head Coach




Baseball Asst. Coach





Baseball N. Coach




Baseball Freshman Coach




Basketball Head Coach (Boys)




Basketball Asst. Coach (Boys)




Basketball JV Coach (Boys)




Basketball Freshman Coach (Boys)




Basketball Head Coach (Girls)




Basketball Asst. Coach (Girls)




Basketball N Coach (Girls)




Basketball Freshman Coach (Girls)




Cross Country Head Coach (Boys)




Cross Country Head Coach (Girls)




Fall Cheerleading Head Coach




Fall JV Cheerleading Coach




Field Hockey Head Coach




Field Hockey JV Coach




Field Hockey Freshman Coach




Football Head Coach




Football Head Assoc. Head Coach




Football Asst. Varsity




Football Asst. Varsity II




Football JV Coach




Football Head Freshman Coach




Football Asst. Freshman Coach




Golf Head Coach




Golf Asst. Coach




Ice Hockey Head Coach




Ice Hockey Asst. Coach




Ice Hockey JV Coach




Indoor Track Head Coach




Indoor Track Asst. I Coach




Lacrosse Coach Varsity Boys




Lacrosse Coach Varsity Girls




Lacrosse N Coach (Boys)




Lacrosse JV Coach (Girls)




Middle School Cross Country Coach




Middle School Soccer Coach




Soccer Head Coach (Boys)




Soccer JV Coach (Boys)




Soccer Freshman Coach (Boys)




Soccer Head Coach (Girls)




Soccer N Coach (Girls)




Soccer Freshman Coach (Girls)




Softball Head Coach





Softball Asst. Coach




Softball JV Coach




Softball Freshman Coach




Strength & Conditioning Coach Winter




Strength & Conditioning Coach Spring




Swimming & Diving Asst. Coach (Boys)




Swimming & Diving Head Coach (Boys)




Swimming & Diving Head Coach (Girls)