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Shared Contract District
Org Code1960000
Type of DistrictElementary
Union AffiliationMTA
Most Recent DocumentContract
Expiring Year2011
Expired Status
Superintendency Union
Regional HS Members
Vocational HS MembersNorth Shore RVTSD
ESE RegionNortheast
Kind of Communityresort/retirement/artistic
Number of Schools1
Percent Low Income Students5
Grade StartPK or K
Grade End6
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Nahant Teachers' Association Collective Bargaining Agreement

Effective Dates

September 1, 2007 - August 31, 2010


Extended by Side Letter to August 31, 2011



It is the intention of the parties by the consummation of this Agreement to continue their harmonious relations, to promote mutual cooperation and understanding, to formulate rules, to define and receive the proper interest of the collective bargaining unit members in their rights of compensation and conditions under which they perform their duties, all with a goal of improving the educational system of the Town of Nahant. The parties acknowledge that the Committee has complete authority over policies and administration of the schools, which it exercises under the law, and that this vehicle of collective bargaining will provide the teachers with a better opportunity to bring their knowledge and experience to bear on matters of professional concern together with that of the Committee with the goal of education.



The Committee recognizes the Association as the exclusive collective bargaining representative for all certified teaching personnel, including Title I teachers, school adjustment counselors, and nurses, who are full-time or regular certified employees of the Nahant School System and all personnel certified by the Labor Relations Commission of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as being the bargaining unit.



This instrument shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties. Except as expressly abridged or modified by a specific provision in this Agreement, the Committee (and Superintendent) reserve and retain all powers that existed prior to the execution of this Agreement. No action taken by the Committee (or Superintendent) under such powers shall be subject to the grievance or arbitration provisions of this Agreement, and no such action will be inconsistent or incompatible with or in violation of any expressed and/or specific language in this Agreement. Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, the hours, wages, and other specific conditions of employment set forth herein, and applicable on the effective date of this Agreement will continue to be applicable for the term thereof. Nothing in this Agreement shall derogate from the powers and responsibilities of the Committee under statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, or the rules or regulations of agencies of the Commonwealth having jurisdiction.



Section 1.

For the purpose of this Agreement, a grievance shall be defined as a complaint between the Committee and the Association and/or any teacher involving only an alleged specific and direct violation of express language of a specific provision of this Agreement.


A grievance must be presented within ten (10) school days of the time of the alleged contract violation or the date of the first knowledge of the violation and must be processed in accordance with the steps, time limits, and conditions as set forth below in this Article. The teacher shall present the grievance during non-teaching hours to the Principal who shall give an answer within ten (10) school days. If the grievance is not satisfactorily settled at this step, it may


Be appealed in writing within ten (10) school days after receipt of the written answer of the Principal by the teacher to the Superintendent. The Superintendent and the teacher, and if the teacher so elects, counsel and/or an authorized representative of the Association shall meet to discuss the grievance as promptly as possible, normally within ten (10) school days. But in any event, if any person or persons are to represent the teacher at this meeting, the Superintendent will be informed in writing prior to three (3) days before the meeting of the names and titles of such person or persons. In case of emergency, substitutes may be named, provided the notification is given as soon as possible. The Superintendent shall elect whether this discussion shall take place during working hours or not. The Superintendent shall give a written answer to the grievance within ten (10) school days following the conclusion of the meeting. If no satisfactory settlement of the grievance is made, it may


Be appealed in writing within ten (10) school days after receipt of the written answer of the Superintendent by the teacher to the School Committee. The Committee or its designated representative and the teacher, and if the teacher so elects, counsel and/or an authorized representative of the Association shall meet to discuss the grievance as promptly as possible, normally within ten (10) school days or within two (2) School Committee meetings, whichever is the longer period of time, at a time designated by the chairman of the School Committee. But in any event, if any person or persons are to represent the teacher at this meeting, the School Committee will be informed in writing prior to three (3) days before the meeting of the names and titles of such person or persons. In case of emergency, substitutes may be named, provided notification is given as soon as possible. The School Committee or its designated representative shall elect whether this discussion shall take place during working hours or not. The School Committee will give its written answer to the grievance within ten (10) school days following the conclusion of the meeting. If no satisfactory settlement of the grievance is made, it may


Be appealed to arbitration by written notice of such intention to appeal within ten (10) school days after the receipt of the written answer under Level 3. This appeal to arbitration shall be in accordance with the procedures and conditions set forth in Article IV.

Section 2.

Since it is important that grievances be processed as rapidly as possible, the number of days at each level should be considered maximum and every effort should be made to expedite the process. The time limit specified may be extended only by prior mutual agreement. It is understood and agreed that no grievance, dispute, misunderstanding or difference between the parties arising out of acts which occurred prior to the execution of this amendment to the Agreement shall be submitted to the Committee under the provisions of this Article.

Section 3.

A grievance not initiated within the time specified shall be deemed waived. Failure of the Association to appeal a decision within the time limit specified will mean that the grievance shall be considered settled on the basis of the decision last made and shall not be eligible for further appeal. Failure of the Principal, Superintendent of Schools, or the School Committee to answer an appeal within the time limit specified shall mean that the appeal may be taken to the next step immediately. The above limitations may be waived by mutual agreement of the parties.

Section 4.

No reprisals of any kind will be taken by the School Committee or any member of the administration against any party in interest, any school representative, any member of the Professional Ethics Committee, or any participant in the grievance procedure by reason of such participation.

Section 5.

All documents, communications, and reports directly dealing with the processing of a grievance shall be filed separately from the personnel files of the participant.

Section 6.

The School Committee will, upon request, provide the Association with any documents in its possession which will assist the Association in developing intelligent, accurate, informed, and constructive programs on behalf of the teachers and their students, together with any other available information or approved minutes of the School Committee which may be necessary for the Association to process grievances under this Agreement.

Section 7.

For grievances which arise just prior to the beginning of the summer vacation, the time limits set forth above will be waived and the grievance will be expedited insofar as possible, if the Superintendent has the required information available.



Section 1.

In the event either party elects to submit a grievance to arbitration, the arbitrator shall be selected according to and shall be governed by the following procedures:

The arbitrator is to be mutually selected by the Committee and the Association. If the Committee and the Association cannot agree with seven (7) school days after written notice of intention to arbitrate has been received by either party, then the party demanding arbitration shall within five (5) school days, thereafter, upon written notice to the other, request that the American Arbitration Association provide a panel of arbitrators, said arbitrator then to be selected under the provisions of the Voluntary

Labor Arbitration Rules. The parties may by mutual agreement choose to submit more than one grievance to the same arbitrator.

Section 2.

Each party shall bear the expense of its representatives, participants, witnesses and for the preparation and representation of its own case. The fees and expenses (if any) of the arbitrator and the American Arbitration Association shall be shared equally by the parties provided that the obligation of the Committee to pay shall be limited to the obligation which the Committee can legally undertake in that connection. In no event shall any present or future member of the Committee have any personal obligation for any payment under any provision of this Agreement.

Section 3.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, no dispute or controversy shall be the subject for arbitration unless it involves only an alleged specific and direct violation of express language of a specific provision of this Agreement; the arbitrator shall have no power to add to, subtract from, or modify any of the terms of this Agreement. The parties have agreed that no restrictions are intended on the rights and powers of the Committee except those specifically and directly set forth in express language in specific provisions of the Agreement. The arbitrator shall arrive at a decision solely upon the facts, evidence, and contentions as presented by the parties during the arbitration proceedings.

In determining whether there is a specific and direct violation of express language of a specific provision of this Agreement, it is agreed that the only criterion to be applied is the plain meaning of express language in the Agreement and that evidence of past practice, past or present policy, and oral statements made during negotiations or at any time by either of the parties shall be inadmissible to prove the meaning of express language, and shall not be considered by the arbitrator.

Section 4.

If either party disputes the arbitrability of any grievance in any appropriate Court of Law or Equity, it is agreed that said Court shall determine the question of arbitrability de novo applying the principles set forth in Section 3 above without according any weight to any decision on arbitrability that may have been previously made by the arbitrator and/or an administrative agency in the same case.

Section 5.

Subject to the limitations set forth above, the decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding upon the parties and upon any employee affected thereby.



A. Basic Salary Schedule

The salary of all persons covered by this contract are set forth in Appendices A, B, & C, which are attached hereto and made part there of:

Basic Salary Schedules shall be effective on the following dates:

Appendix A - 2007-2008                        4%

Appendix B - 2008-2009                        3%

Appendix C - 2009-2010                       3%

The extracurricular salaries are set forth in Appendix D.

B. Bi-Weekly Payments

The present method of paying teachers in bi-weekly installments will be continued for the term of this Agreement.

1.  Monthly statement will be issued that includes sick days, personal days, number used, and balance of days.

2.  At the beginning of each school year, written notification will be given to each teacher that will include: step, salary, years of service, longevity amount, number of sick days accured to date and personal days for that school year.

3.  In addition, teachers will be notified of collaboratives, consortiums, and professional associations of which Nahant Public Schools is a member.

C. Summer Payroll and School Year Payroll

Teachers shall have the option to full payment of their summer bank at the close of the school year or bi-weekly payments beginning at the close of the school year. Teachers who elect to receive their summer bank in full on the last day of school must inform the Superintendent in writing no later than May 1st. Teachers shall also have the option of receiving their full contractual salary paid during the school year in bi-weekly installments.

D. Graduate Course Increments

Salary increments for graduate courses and graduate degrees shall become effective at the beginning of the school year. It is the responsibility of teachers who are eligible for such an increment to notify the office of the Superintendent of their eligibility and present evidence of their successful completion of the requirements.

E. Placement on Salary Scale

All teachers shall be placed on the proper step of the scale in accordance with creditable years of experience allowed them at the time of entering the employ of the Nahant Public Schools.

F. Creditable Service

Teaching experience in public and private schools shall be considered in determining the initial salary of any person.

G. Longevity

Longevity payments for the duration of this contract are set forth in Appendix E. Longevity payment shall be paid in the last paycheck received during the school year or in the first paycheck received during the month of July. All Nahant Teachers' Association members hired prior to 9/1/08 are eligible for longevity. Beginning 9/1/08, any newly hired Nahant Teachers' Association members will be ineligible for longevity.

H. Step Increments

Three hours of B or better credits must be earned before moving from Step 3 to 4, step 5 to 6, Step 7 to 8, Step 9 to 10. Courses must be approved in advance by the Superintendent of Schools and must be taken at an acceptable school or acceptable institution, or school systems in the State of Massachusetts offering in-service credits to teachers. Teachers will complete an appropriate form provided by the office of the Superintendent of Schools and this form must be signed by the Superintendent of his/her designee within 1 (one) week of said form's submission. Movement from one step to another will be made only at the beginning of a new contract year in September and at no other time during the year. Courses must be submitted as completed no later than September 1st to allow movement from one step to another. Courses completed during the school year will be given credit at the next contract time for the following September.

I. Deductible Absences                                                                                                           

Deductible absences which are left to the discretion of the Superintendent of Schools shall be made at the rate of 1/183 of the annual salary and shall be deducted from the gross amount of each check based on the twenty-six payment plan. In cases of a school year over 180 days, deduction shall be made as a fraction thereof; e.g., 1/185, 1/200, etc.

J. Curriculum Planning

Curriculum planning up to 3 (three) hours per month for the purpose of curriculum review for determination of alignment with the State's Frameworks or other standards shall be scheduled without additional compensation. Beyond the 3 (three) hours described, the rate of thirty-three ($33.00) dollars per hour shall be paid for curriculum planning performed outside normal school hours as requested by the school administration.

K. Sick Leave Buy-Back

All staff members covered by this contract serving in the Nahant Public Schools for a minimum of 15 years shall upon retirement or death receive compensation for unused accumulated sick leave at a rate of thirty-five ($35.00) dollars per day up to a limit of two hundred (200) days.



A. Association Dues

The Committee hereby accepts the provisions of Section 17C of Chapter 180 of the General Laws of Massachusetts and shall certify to the town treasurer all payroll deductions for the payment of dues to the Association duly authorized by employees covered by this Contract.

B. Credit Union Deduction

Teachers desiring Massachusetts Teachers Association Credit Union payments deducted from their regular paycheck may file an individual request with the payroll department of the Treasurer's Office.



A. Sick Leave

Regular teachers shall receive pay for such times as they shall be absent from duty because of personal illness for a period not to exceed  (15) fifteen days in a school year. Such absences shall be cumulative up to two hundred (200) days. An individual who has reached the two hundred (200) day maximum will have at his/her disposal fifteen (15) additional sick days to utilize in any given year. Up to seven (7) unused days of the allotment beyond two hundred (200) may be redeemed at $30.00 per day. Example: 7 days redeemed=$210, 6 days redeemed=$180, 5 days redeemed=$150, 4 days redeemed=$120, 3 days redeemed=$90, 2 days redeemed=$60, 1 day redeemed=$30. After an absence of eight (8) consecutive days, at the request of the Principal, a doctor's note indicating an inability to work and the anticipated date for return to work will be provided. However, the School Committee may, by vote, request such requirements met when it is deemed necessary. Upon request, any teacher shall be given written notification of the number of sick days accrued by that teacher.

B. Personal Leave

Teachers shall be eligible for three (3) days of personal leave, which shall not be deducted from sick leave. One (1) of the total fifteen (15) days annual allowance for sick leave may be used in any one (1) year for personal reasons. Consideration of one (1) day personal leave shall be made by the Superintendent when application has been made by the teacher in writing at least five (5) days in advance of the effective date except under extraordinary circumstances. In the event the Superintendent cannot respond to said approval of one day personal leave, approval will be by the Principal. Upon approval by the Superintendent, such day shall be deducted from the annual leave, and shall not be applied to cumulative leave. At the close of each school year, three (3) unused personal days will be added to cumulative sick leave.

C. Educational Visiting Leave

Any teacher, upon application to and approval by the Principal, may be absent to attend conferences and meetings or to visit schools for professional growth. Such leave shall be requested in writing at least ten (10) days in advance. A maximum of two (2) teachers per day shall be allowed, at the discretion of the Principal. Upon return, a report shall be written which is acceptable to the Principal.

D. Association Leave

Two (2) Association representatives shall be permitted two (2) days each to attend MTA/NEA Association conferences and conventions with the advance approval of the Superintendent. The President of the Nahant Teachers' Association shall be granted up to three (3) days leave to attend meetings, hearings, and/or sessions etc related to Association business. Said leave shall not be deducted from personal or sick leave.

E. Court Leave

Teachers shall be granted leave, not to be deducted from sick or personal leave, when teacher's appearance is subpoenaed in a legal proceeding directly connected with his/her employment in the Nahant Public Schools.

F. Bereavement Leave

Absences of five (5) days will be allowed and not deducted from sick leave in the event of the death in the immediate family. The term "immediate family" refers to a teacher's father, father-in-law, mother, mother-in-law, sister, brother, wife, husband, child, stepchild, or domestic partner, as defined as a person of the opposite sex or the same sex. Teachers will be permitted to take ten (10) days bereavement leave for death of a spouse, domestic partner, child, or parent, with the sixth to tenth day deducted from accrued sick leave.

G. Armed Forces Service Leave

Members of reserve units of the Armed Forces are expected to schedule their annual tour of duty during the school vacations. Teachers serving with the Armed Forces of the United States shall be entitled to all provisions of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Chapter 32, Section 59. Insofar as possible, the resumption of teaching duties shall be in accord with the previously-held position. Teachers called under the Selective Service Laws shall progress on the salary schedule as long as they are required to remain in the Armed Forces. The Nahant School Committee shall provide retirement funds within their annual budget for such people. The Town of Nahant shall make the usual insurance contribution if the teacher involved so requests.

H. Maternity/ Paternity/ Adoptive Leave

Teachers who have been employed by the Nahant Public Schools for at least three (3) consecutive months may be granted a maternity/ paternity/ adoptive leave of absence. Teachers requesting such leave shall notify the Superintendent of Schools three months prior to the beginning date of leave. Such request shall contain the date of the commencement of the leave and the intended date of return. Teachers must return for the September opening of school following the birth of a child, unless the birth/adoption occurred during June, July, or August, in which case the teacher may elect (at the time of taking the leave) to return for the second September school opening following the birth/adoption of the child. Maternity leave shall be compensated as sick leave to the extent that the individual teacher has accumulated sick leave days (per Memorandum of Understanding date 3/21/2000). At any time during pregnancy, the Superintendent may require a physical exam if, in the opinion of the administration, the teacher is unable to perform to her highest teaching capacity. Any deviation from the above shall be upon the recommendation of the Superintendent and approval of the School Committee. Nothing in this policy shall be counter to the State Statute Chapter 151B which spells out rights and benefits to female employees.

I. Religious Leave

Teachers shall be eligible for up to three (3) religious days not to be deducted from sick or personal leave. Religious holidays shall include Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Good Friday, and Orthodox Good Friday.



A. Request for Leave of Absence

All requests for extended leaves will be applied for in writing.

B. Return from Leave

All benefits to which a teacher was entitled at the time of such leave of absence, including unused accumulated sick leave, will be restored upon return, as will be assignment to the same position which he/she held at the time said leave began, if available, or if not, to a substantially equivalent position available and if the teacher qualifies for the position.

C. Types of Leave

1. Professional Service Leave

A leave of absence of up to two (2) years will be granted to any teacher who joins the Peace Corps, Vista, the National Teacher Corps, the Commonwealth Service Corps, or who serves as an exchange teacher and is a full-time participant in any such programs. Upon return from such leave, a teacher will be considered as if actively employed by the Committee during the leave and will be placed on the salary schedule at the level which would have been achieved if there had been no absence. If the teacher does not perform a teaching function while on such leave, the teacher will still obtain the above-mentioned benefits unless such is specifically not recommended by the Superintendent to the Committee in writing.

2. Health Leave

A teacher with professional status may be granted a leave of absence not to exceed one (1) year without pay or increment for health reasons. Requests for such leave will be supported by medical evidence.

3. Health of a Family Member

In addition, a leave of absence of up to 1 (one) year to care for family or a household member may be granted to teachers with professional status.

4. Travel/Study Leave

After five (5) years of continuous employment, no more than one (1) teacher in any one year may be granted a leave of absence for one (1) school year without pay or increment for travel or study. The teacher shall request leave by writing to the Superintendent no later than December 15th, of the preceding school year.

5. Career Exploration Leave

The School Committee may grant requests for a one (1) year leave of absence without pay for the purpose of career explorations. Such requests shall not be denied in an arbitrary or capricious manner. Application for such leaves shall be made by June 1st of the year preceding the commencement of leave, and notification of return to the school system shall be made by June 1st of the year preceding the commencement of the leave, and notification of return to the school system shall be made by June 1st of the year during which the leave is taken.

6. Other Leaves of Absence

Other leaves of absence without pay may be granted by the Superintendent of Schools upon application.



Sabbatical leave may be granted for purposes of study, after seven (7) years of continuous service. Teachers shall be compensated on one-half (1/2) the basic salary in effect at the commencement of the sabbatical leave. Teachers shall, by written agreement, return to their teaching position for a period of not less than three (3) years or refund the amount paid during sabbatical leave. In cases where resignation because of ill health follows the sabbatical leave, the restitution provisions do not apply.

The teacher's retirement allowance shall be deducted from the salary paid during the sabbatical leave. Not more than two (2) applications for sabbatical leave may be granted in one (1) year, and if more than two (2) teachers apply, consideration shall be based on seniority. Applications must be made before the fifteenth (15th) of December preceding the September when such leave is to be effective.



A. Work Year

1.      The work year for teachers covered by this salary agreement (other than new personnel who may be required to attend an orientation day) shall be 183 (one hundred eighty-three) days; 1 (one) day before school begins and 2 (two) days for pre-determined professional development, and 180 (one hundred eighty) days with students. The work year will schedule 185 (one hundred eighty-five) days for students to allow for school cancellation. Unused days beyond the State mandated requirement of 180 (one hundred eighty) days with students will be dropped at the end of said school year.

2.      The School Committee reserves the right to change the school day and/or year to comply with changes in State laws or regulations, but in any event will not lengthen the day and/or year without prior negotiations with the Association. Effective with the start of the 1999-2000 school year, the school day for students in grades K-6 shall be 6 (six) hours and 15 (fifteen) minutes.

B. Teacher Day

Teachers shall report to their classrooms fifteen (15) minutes before the opening of school and remain in the building until their professional responsibilities are completed. Each teacher shall remain after school one-half (1/2) hour one day per week and a schedule will be developed by the teachers that will be presented to the Principal for his/her approval.

C. Duty-Free Lunch Period

Each teacher shall have a duty-free lunch period of 30 (thirty) minutes.

D. Progress Report Conferences

During the progress report conference period at the end of the first marking period, each classroom teacher will be available for two (2) hours of evening conference time. Conference time is to be scheduled between the hours of 6 p.m and 9 p.m. and is subject to the approval of the Principal. The scheduling of appointments will be handled by office staff.

E. Preparation Periods

Every effort will be made to provide a daily preparation period for each teacher within the existing staffing.

F. Vouchers

  1. When vouchers are offered by colleges to cooperating teachers, the voucher shall be offered first to the cooperating teacher. If the teacher elects not to make use of it, it will be offered to the Principal for the assignment to another teacher if the voucher is transferable. In the case wherein the student-teacher has more than one (1) co-operating teacher, the voucher will be offered first to that teacher who supervises for the greatest part of the school day and second to the cooperating teacher.
  2. Student-teacher vouchers will be offered first to the cooperating teacher. If the teacher elects not to use the voucher, the Principal will offer it to another teacher.

G. Teacher Assignment

1.      Teachers desiring a transfer will submit a written request to the Superintendent stating the assignment preferred. Such request must be submitted prior to April 15th to be considered for the next school year. Requests must be submitted each year. All requests will be acknowledged in writing within thirty (30) days of receipt of the letter of request.

2.      When teachers are transferred involuntarily, they will be given a written statement setting forth in detail the reason for the transfer. Prior to transfer, a conference, if requested, will be held between the teachers and the Superintendent.

3.      In arranging schedules for teachers who are assigned to more than one (1) school, an effort will be made to limit the amount of inter-school travel, and adequate travel time will be provided in their schedules. Mileage for school related travel shall be reimbursed at the prevailing town rate.

4.      A list of open positions in district, including tutorial and per diem, will be posted no later than ten (10) school days after the Superintendent is notified of the vacancy. Postings will take place for a ten (10) school days. Posting of stipend positions will be done annually. Qualifications for the promotional vacancies will be posted. First consideration must be given to bargaining unit members for vacant positions. All openings for summer school and federal programs will be adequately publicized by the Superintendent as early as possible, and teachers who have applied for such positions will be announced no later than June. In filling such positions, consideration will be given to a teacher's area of competence, major and/or minor areas of study, quality of his/her teaching performance, attendance record, and length of service in the Nahant Public Schools.

H. Course Reimbursement

Teachers will be reimbursed up to the cost of six hundred dollars ($600.00) for courses and related materials taken in their field of specialization that enhances their teaching performance.

I. Health and Safety

The Nahant Teachers' Association and the Nahant School Committee will collaborate with the administration in the event of an environmental and/or health issue so as to conform to the standards for health and safety in full compliance with all federal and state building codes and safety regulations.

J. Professional Development Plan

The Principal and/or Superintendent will include the Association in the development of the annual Professional Development Plan, which will include, at a minimum, knowledge based activities, skills and curriculum development training, and materials that address the instructional needs of all students at the Johnson School.

K. Faculty Meetings

There will be a monthly faculty meeting.



A. Observation

The observation of the work performance of a teacher will be conducted openly and with full knowledge of the teacher. Teachers will be shown a copy of any evaluation report prepared by the evaluator and will sign the report for the sole purpose of signifying that the report has been read. The teacher may append a written reply to any evaluation placed in personnel file of said teacher.

B. Personnel File

Members of the collective bargaining unit will have the right, upon request, to review the contents of their personnel file. An employee will be entitled to have a representative of the Association accompany him/her during such review, and to receive a copy of anything in the file.

No material derogatory to an employee's conduct, service, character, or personality will be placed in his/her personnel file unless substantiated by fact, and unless the employee has had an opportunity to review the material. The employee will acknowledge that he/she has had the opportunity to review such material by affixing his/her signature to the copy to be filed, with the express understanding that such signature in no way indicates agreement with the contents thereof. The employee will also have the right to submit a written response to such material, and his/her answer shall be attached to the file copy.

In case of a credible or serious complaint received by the Administration from a parent, student, or any person directed toward a member of the collective bargaining unit, the employee will be notified promptly. The source of the complaint, and the disposition of the complaint will be provided to the employee in writing.

No employee in the bargaining unit shall be discharged, disciplined, suspended, reprimanded, reduced in rank or compensation, transferred, re-assigned, or deprived of any professional advantage without just cause.

C. Evaluation Instrument

The School Committee and the Association will jointly review and/or revise the current evaluation instrument in accordance with Mass. General Laws (MGL) Chapter 71, Section 38.



Whenever a promotional vacancy occurs during the school year which involves a position covered by this contract, the position will be adequately publicized by the Superintendent no later than ten (10) school days after notification of the vacancy. Posting will take place for a ten (10) day period. In order to be considered for any vacancy occurring during the months of July and August, a teacher must have on file with the Superintendent an application for promotion prior to the end of the regular school year.



No teacher shall be formally disciplined, denied an increment, denied a salary increase or discharged without just cause. This section does not apply to the renewal or non-renewal of teachers without professional teacher status.



A sick leave bank shall be established as of September 1, 1982.

The sick leave bank is for members of the Nahant Teachers' Association who have contributed to the Bank, are covered by this agreement, who have exhausted their own sick leave, and have a serious illness. A member may join the Bank by signing an authorization form provided by the Association. On October 1st of each year, the Association shall notify the Superintendent of the names of the staff members participating in the Bank so that one day of sick leave may be subtracted from his or her account and credited to the Bank. The Bank shall accumulate from year to year and shall not lapse. A Sick Leave Bank Committee shall be composed of 3 (three) members. The Sick Leave Bank Committee shall administer the Sick Leave Bank. Two (2) members of the Sick Leave Bank Committee shall be designated by the Association and the third member of the Committee will be the Superintendent. The Sick Leave Bank Committee shall determine the eligibility for the use of the Bank and the amount of leave to be granted, and any other rules and regulations, not contrary to this Article, necessary for the proper administration of the Sick Leave Bank. The Sick Leave Bank Committee will use the following criteria in administrating the Bank and determining eligibility and amount of leave:

1.      Adequate medical evidence of serious illness

2.      Proper utilization of all eligible sick leave

The initial grant of leave from the bank shall not exceed 12 (twelve) weeks or 60 (sixty) work days in accordance with the Family and Medical Leave Act, P.L. 103 - 3 (FMLA).

The decision of the Sick Leave Bank Committee with respect to eligibility shall be final and not subject to the grievance procedure.



A. Layoff

In the event it becomes necessary for the Superintendent and/or Principal to reduce the number of teachers in the bargaining unit because of financial limitations, decrease in pupil enrollment, changes in curriculum or reorganization, the decision will be based upon the following criteria and no action by the Committee shall be contrary to law:

1.   A teacher with professional status shall not be dismissed if there is a teacher without professional status whose position the professional status teacher is qualified to fill.

2.   If a layoff results in the need to dismiss a teacher with professional status, then this reduction will be based on the teacher's seniority in the Nahant Public Schools and certification.

Whenever possible:

1.   Staff reductions will be accomplished through attrition.

2.  Any teacher affected by a reduction in staff, shall be notified no later than May 15 of the school year preceding the year in which the reduction will take place. Nothing in this article shall limit the School Committee's right to terminate any teacher under the Massachusetts State Law.

B. Recall

Any teacher who is laid off pursuant to this Article shall be considered to be involuntary leave of absence without pay and shall be eligible for recall for a period of two (2) years to a position for which he/she is qualified in the Nahant Public Schools. If an opening occurs during that period, the teacher will be offered the opportunity to return to work, provided that the teacher is qualified to fill that position, based upon inverse order of layoff. That is to say, the last teacher to be laid off shall be the first teacher to be called back (recalled) for any position for which he/she is qualified. Teachers shall be notified of recall via available phone numbers, e-mail, and certified mail at their last address of record at the Office of the Superintendent of Schools. A teacher recalled shall have seven (7) calendar days to notify the Committee of his/her acceptance.

C. Layoff Benefits

All benefits to which a teacher was entitled to at the time his/her layoff commenced, including but not limited to professional teacher status, unused accumulated sick leave, seniority, insurance, and placement on the salary schedule, shall be returned to him/her upon recall. To the extent permitted by law, teachers shall be allowed to maintain group insurance coverage during the recall period by paying the full premium to the Town. No bargaining unit position either existing or to be created shall be filled by any individual while a qualified bargaining unit member remains on the recall list. Teachers who have been laid off shall be given preference on the substitute list, if they so desire, and will indicate in writing to the Office of the Superintendent.



All current employees of the Nahant Public Schools who are members of the Nahant Teachers Association shall remain members of the Association or pay an equivalent fee commensurate with the dues to the Association as a condition of employment. All new employees covered by the collective bargaining agreement shall join the Association or pay an equivalent fee commensurate with the dues to the Association as a condition of employment.



This agreement will take effect September 1, 2007 and will terminate August 31, 2010.

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Chair, Nahant School Committee                    Date

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N.T.A. Co-President                                        Date

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N.T.A. Co-President                                        Date

2007-2008 N.T.A. Salary Schedule



B + 15


M + 15

M + 30 / CAGS

M + 45 / CAGS

M+ 60 / CAGS

Step 1








Step 2








Step 3








Step 4








Step 5








Step 6








Step 7








Step 8








Step 9








Step 10









2008-2009 N.T.A. Salary Schedule



B + 15


M + 15

M + 30 /CAGS

M + 45 / CAGS

M+ 60 / CAGS

Step 1








Step 2








Step 3








Step 4








Step 5








Step 6








Step 7








Step 8








Step 9








Step 10









2009-2010 N.T.A. Salary Schedule



B + 15


M + 15

M + 30 / CAGS

M + 45 / CAGS

M+ 60 / CAGS

Step 1








Step 2








Step 3








Step 4








Step 5








Step 6








Step 7








Step 8








Step 9








Step 10





























































































Nahant Public Schools

290 Castle Road

Nahant, MA 01908




As of this date, the Nahant School Committee and the Nahant Teachers’ Association agree to extend the Nahant Teachers’ Association Collective Bargaining Agreement effective September 1, 2007-August 31, 2010 for an additional twelve month period from September 1, 2010 to August 31, 2011. Salary schedules contained herein shall be in effect and teachers due to advance a step in accordance with the agreement shall advance that step.


For the School Committee                                                         For the Association


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