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Shared Contract District
Org Code7200000
Type of DistrictRegional K12
Union AffiliationMTA
Most Recent DocumentContract
Expiring Year2012
Expired Statusnegotiating
Superintendency Union
Regional HS Members
Vocational HS Members
ESE RegionCentral
Kind of Communityrural economic centers
Number of Schools6
Percent Low Income Students23
Grade StartPK or K
Grade End12
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Negotiated Agreement


between the





Narragansett Regional School District




and the




Narragansett District Education




September 1, 2009 - August 31, 2012

Unit A





Negotiated Agreement


between the


Narragansett Regional School District


and the


Narragansett District Education Association






September 1, 2009 - August 31, 2012







For the Narragansett                                                   For the Narragansett

Regional School District                                             District Education Association


_____________________________                          ______________________

John Columbus                                                           Co-Chairperson­­--Unit A



                                                                                    Co-Chairperson­­--Unit A                    









Throughout the contract all references to the Committee shall be referring to the School Committee, and all references to the Association shall be referring to the Narragansett District Education Association.


For the purpose of collective bargaining with respect to wages, hours, and other conditions of employment, the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, and any questions arising there under, the Committee recognizes the Association as the exclusive bargaining agent and representative of all professional employees in Units A and B of the Association (as such employees are defined in Section 1 of Chapter 150E of the General Laws of Massachusetts) excepting, however, every such employee who on the effective date of the contract is, or thereafter shall be, designated by the Committee as a representative of it for the purpose of such bargaining. Unit A shall consist of all professional teaching employees including Nurses, and the Athletic Director of the Narragansett Regional School District. Unit B shall include the following professional employees of the District: Vice Principal, Guidance Director and Special Education Director. Any new administrative personnel who are eligible as defined in the Education Reform Act of 1993 will be members of Unit B.






A.     There shall be no discrimination, interference, restraint or coercion by the                              School Committee or the Association or their respective agents against any                   professional employee because of their membership or non-membership in or                         participation in the lawful activities of the Association. Representation by the                         Association in the capacity of bargaining agent shall be available to all                    professional employees covered by this agreement.


B.      The Committee agrees that, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 180,                      Section 17 (c) of the General Laws of Massachusetts, it will request the District                     Treasurer to deduct dues from the salaries of its teachers, who have voluntarily              submitted a written authorization in the form set forth below. Dues will be                    deducted in ten (10) equal payments. The amount so deducted will be remitted                  in accordance with such authorization to the Association for disbursement.


C.     In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 149, Section 178b, of the General                    Laws, the Committee will request the District Treasurer to make payroll                                  deductions for those teachers who so authorize to the financial institution                                   named by the Association.



D.     No other agreement, understanding, consideration or interpretation which alters, varies, modifies or adds to any of the provisions of this agreement shall be made with any other employee or group of employees by the employer or any of its agents or representatives, unless it has been agreed to in writing by the Association.


E.      The failure of management or the Association to insist, in any one or more

         situations, upon performance of any of the terms or provisions of this                                     agreement, shall not be considered as a waiver or relinquishment of the right of                     management or the Association to future performance of any such terms or                   provisions, and the obligation of management or the Association to such                 future performance shall continue.


F.      To the extent that any provision of this agreement shall conflict with

Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 71, or any other statute including the Education Reform statute, the statute shall prevail. The Association reserves the right under Chapter 150E to impact bargain.






A.     A grievance is a complaint by an employee or employees that there has been an                     alleged violation of any of the terms of this Agreement.


B.     The purpose of the procedure set forth hereinafter is to produce prompt and equitable solutions to grievances. The Committee and the Association desire that such procedure shall always be as informal and confidential as may be appropriate for the grievance involved at the procedural level involved, and nothing in this contract shall prevent any such employee from individually presenting any grievance of the employee.


         Level One: The grievance shall be presented orally by the employee to his                             appropriate immediate supervisor within ten (10) calendar days, exclusive of                 weekends and holidays, of the alleged violation of contract. In the event the                        appropriate immediate supervisor is unavailable, the grievance shall be                                    submitted to the next higher supervisor in the chain of command.


         Level Two: If at the end of ten (10) calendar days, exclusive of weekends                            and holidays, the grievance shall not have been disposed of to the employee's                         satisfaction, the employee shall have ten (10) calendar days, exclusive of                                 weekends and holidays, to file with the principal of the building the identical                written statement of the grievance.


         Level Three: If at the end of ten (10) calendar days, exclusive of weekends and                  holidays, the grievance shall not have been disposed of to the employee's                                     satisfaction, the employee shall have ten (10) calendar days, exclusive of                               weekends and holidays, to file with the Superintendent the identical written                            statement of the grievance.


         Level Four: If at the end of ten (10) calendar days, exclusive of weekends and                    holidays, the grievance shall not have been disposed of to the employee's                                     satisfaction, the employee shall have ten (10) calendar days, exclusive of                               weekends and holidays, to file with the School Committee the identical                                  statement of the grievance.


Level Five: If at the end of twenty-one (21) calendar days following presentation of the grievance in writing to the School Committee the grievance shall not have been disposed of to the satisfaction of the employee, the employee shall have twenty-one (21) days to present the grievance for arbitration in which event the School Committee and the Association shall forthwith submit the grievance to the American Arbitration Association or the Massachusetts Board of Conciliation and Arbitration, selection to be made by the grievant, for disposition. The Committee will act speedily within this twenty-one (21) day period calling special meeting(s) if necessary. The expenses of such arbitration shall be shared equally by the School Committee, the Narragansett District Education Association, and the award shall be final and binding upon the School Committee, the Narragansett District Education Association and the aggrieved employee.


C.     Any employee may at any time be represented by the President of the Association or his designee at any level of the grievance procedure. Substitute's salary for the              president or his designee shall be shared equally by the Committee and the                     Association. Employees who choose to present a grievance shall not be permitted                        to submit the same grievance a second time. Upon authorization of the grievant,       the Association shall be notified in writing by the School Committee of the                                    grievance submitted to the grievance procedure and the disposition of such                   grievance.


D.     Any grievance which affects a group of employees may be submitted to the              grievance procedure by the Association as a group grievance.


E.      The failure of the employee and the Association to abide by any of the time

         limitations of this grievance procedure shall be considered a withdrawal of the                      grievance. The failure of the School Committee and/or its agents to abide by any                of the time limits of the grievance procedure shall be considered an automatic               forfeit of the grievance and it shall be resolved in favor of the grievant.















A.     Schedules


         1.   The administration shall provide all teachers, in writing, by July 1, their programs for the school year, grades and/or subject; approximate number of students and any special or unusual classes assigned to the teacher.  The administration will make every effort to make the July 1 notification date.


         2.   No secondary teacher will be involuntarily assigned more than five (5)

               academic classes per day.


B.     In order to assure that pupils are taught by teachers working within their areas of competence, teachers will not be required to teach outside the scope of their teaching certificates and/or their major or minor fields of study and/or their recent teaching experience.


C.     All personnel who are required to use their own automobile in the                                          performance of their assignment will receive a travel stipend of $250.00.                              Those eligible for said stipend are:


               Art                            Guidance                                 LAP Coordinator

               Music                       Phys Ed                                   School Psychologist

               Speech                      Elementary Foreign Language


         1.   Authorized out-of-district travel by any employee and authorized travel in-district and beyond the established schedule by any employee shall be reimbursed at the rate equal to the Federal IRS rate for fuel reimbursement. Travel vouchers for said travel are to be turned in within two weeks of the expense being incurred and will be reimbursed monthly.


D.     Teacher assignments will be made without regard to race, creed, color,                                   religion, nationality, sex, or marital status.


E.      Teachers assigned to supervised study halls will announce their availability

         to assist or help the students with their work.





The Committee and the Association recognize that frequent transfers of teachers can be disruptive of the educational process. When transfers are deemed by the Administration to be necessary the personnel and professional concerns of the employee shall be taken into account. All transfers shall be made on the basis of demonstrated educational need. A list of all open positions in the District will be made available to all teachers requesting a transfer or being transferred.




1. A teacher may apply for a transfer to a specified or unspecified location of

            assignment at any time during the school year.


2. Teachers desiring a transfer will submit a written request to the

            Superintendent stating the specific assignment and location preferred (if any).                    Such requests will be acknowledged promptly in writing.


3. In filling all professional vacancies occurring within the professional staff of

            the school system, preference shall be given to teachers who have requested a                    voluntary transfer in accordance with this article. No new teachers will be                                assigned to such a vacancy until all requests for voluntary transfer have been                   considered. The Education Reform Act places the responsibility of the                           recommendation of staff on the building principal. The teacher requesting a                        transfer will be given consideration by the building principal. In case of an                         itinerant it will be the Superintendent of Schools.


4. Each transfer applicant, upon request, shall be notified in writing or via

            personal conference as to the status of his or her application on or before April                   1. In the event the request is denied, the applicant has the right to request a                  personnel conference and be given the reasons for the denial. The reasons for                        denial will be in writing if so desired by the teacher.


5. Teachers transferring within the School District retain all benefits that they

            have accrued.




1. No teacher shall be assigned to a position that is outside of his/her

            certification, competence, experience, major and/or minor field of study.

            2. Notice of proposed involuntary transfers will be given to the teacher or

            teachers involved as soon as possible.


            3. An involuntary transfer will be made only after a meeting between the teacher

involved and the Superintendent, or his designee, at which time the teacher will be notified of the reasons for the transfer. The reasons for the transfer will be presented verbally or in writing if so desired by the teacher.


            4. A teacher being involuntarily transferred will be given one-half day with pay

            to visit the location he/she is being transferred to, if the transfer involves a                          building change.


            5. No transfer shall be made in an arbitrary, unreasonable, punitive, or

            capricious manner. The controlling factor will be a reasonably demonstrated                       educational need and the ability of the teacher to meet that need.


            6. Teachers transferring within the School District retain all benefits they have






A.     For the purpose of this article a "promotional position" is defined as a position that is higher salaried than the teacher's basic salary schedule. A position is a promotional position if a person who is likely to fill the position could reasonably be expected to be paid more than he/she would be paid as a teacher with similar education and years of experience.


B.     The filling of promotional positions within the School System is the                                       responsibility of the Superintendent or his designee.


C.     Whenever a vacancy occurs in either an established or newly created position,                       the President of the N.D.E.A. will be notified in writing within forty-eight (48)                    hours. It will also be adequately publicized in the following methods:


         1.   During the school year, notices will be posted in all faculty rooms.


         2.   When school is not in session, a notice will be sent to the home address of                                   the Association President. Such notice will be sent as far in advance of the                               appointment as possible.


D.     All such notices shall set forth those specifications and qualifications and                              compensation for the position and the date by which applications shall be filed                       with the Superintendent.





E.      Advancement or promotions shall be based on the Superintendent's                                       judgment as to what will best serve the interests of students in the School                           District. When all relevant factors in the hiring criteria are considered by the                Superintendent to be equal, then the preference will be given to the                                     professionals already employed by the School Committee.


F.      Nothing in this agreement shall prevent the Superintendent from making

         acting appointments in the best interests of the educational needs of the School                    System until positions can be filled with permanent appointments. Time spent                 in such acting appointments shall not be regarded as evidence of superior                                qualifications for the permanent openings.


G.     Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as waiving any rights of                                     professional staff or members of the Association.







A.          Purpose: The purpose of the evaluation is to promote professional excellence.  There will

be a two-year cycle of evaluation for Professional Status teachers/staff.  One year will be the Formal Evaluation - Cycle A based on announced/unannounced observations and a written evaluation.  The other year will be the Professional Growth Year - Cycle B.  Non-Professional Status teachers/staff will be evaluated every year with the Formal Evaluation – Cycle A.


B.     Definition of Terms for Formal Evaluation – Cycle A



Identifying, gathering, and using information as part of an on-going process to improve professional performance.



Observation of a teacher's performance in a classroom in which the teacher has received written notice of the day, date, and exact time period  of observation from the evaluator at least one week prior to the observation. Any announced observation shall last a full cIass period with a minimum of 40 minutes or until the conclusion of the lesson.



Observation of a teacher's performance in a classroom in which no prior notice has been given to the teacher by the evaluator. Unannounced observation shall last at least 30 minutes.






Classroom visits are done by an observer in order to keep informed about  the teaching and learning on a day-to-day basis. It may be unstructured, random and unsystematic observation of the classroom in order for the observer to form impressions of the teacher's work with optional recording, feedback conference and post-observation conference. Informal drop-in visits do not require written reports unless such visits are to be recorded as part of the cumulative data for evaluation in the teacher's personnel file.


C.     General Procedures:

1. No evaluation or observation shall be done in an arbitrary manner.

2. All monitoring or observation of work performance of a teacher will be

conducted openly and with the full knowledge of the teacher. The use of

eavesdropping, public address, or audio/visual systems is prohibited.

3. The teacher shall have the right to identify any special circumstances     which the teacher believes may inhibit his/her ability to meet the evaluation criteria.

4. Teachers will be evaluated only by individuals employed by the

Narragansett Regional School District for a minimum of 181 ½ days per year.


D.    Formal Evaluation - Cycle A  Procedures:

1.  During the Formal Evaluation – Cycle A, all teachers will be observed and receive at least one written evaluation report prepared each year. The evaluation period will be from September 1 - May 30. Written evaluation reports must be completed and submitted to the     teacher within the evaluation period.

2. Any teacher shall have the right to request additional observations and written evaluations, including observations/evaluations by a different evaluator of their choice from their evaluating team.

3. The evaluation team for each teacher shall consist of administrators and,

where applicable, department heads within the teaching discipline. There shall be no more than three evaluators, who shall be designated by the Superintendent of Schools. The evaluating team shall remain consistent for

the school year. At least one member of the evaluation team must be certified in the content area he/she is evaluating except for department heads who will be evaluated by administrators. The administrator of the building has the right to observe and evaluate all teachers assigned to his/her school whether certified in the content area or not.

4.  Evaluations shall be performed using the written district instrument which has been jointly developed by the Association and the Committee or its designee.  No document or commentary other than said district instrument shall be used as, or construed as, an evaluation.    

5. Evaluation will be written in clear, precise language and avoid the use of  


6.  Due to the specialized nature of the school nurse position, the nurses will be evaluated using the format in Appendix G.  The evaluation will be summative in nature and based on standards of school nursing as outlined in the evaluation form.





7. Each member of the evaluating team who directly observes a teacher will complete an independent evaluation of that teacher based on direct        observations. The independent observation form (Appendix B) will be completed and submitted by the observer to the teacher being observed within ten (10) calendar days of the observation, exclusive of holidays and weekends.        

8.  Upon receipt of the written independent observations/evaluation, the teacher shall have ten (10) calendar days exclusive of weekends and holidays in which to review, sign, and return the documents. The observations/evaluation will then be placed in the teacher's personnel file.     

9.  Each evaluator will be required to give written notice, at least one week prior to an announced observation, to the teacher being observed. This written notice shall include the day, date and time of the announced observation. Each evaluator will do announced and unannounced observation(s) of the teacher being evaluated.

10.  A pre-observation form for an announced observation will be filled

out by the teacher and will be focused on the lesson plan.  This form will be standard for the entire district and no other form will be used (see Appendix A).  The teacher being observed will submit the completed form to the observer at least 24 hours prior to the observation.

11.  Pre and post conferences for announced observations will be at

the request of either the evaluator or teacher being evaluated.  Post conferences for the unannounced observation will be at the request of either the evaluator or teacher being evaluated.

12. The observation of teachers will be fair and reasonable and will occur at appropriate times within the school year and will not occur on days preceding or following holidays, school vacation days, or any day in which the teacher was absent.

13.  At the request of either the evaluator or the teacher being evaluated, a meeting to explain and discuss the observation/evaluation will be held within ten (10) school days of the date the observation/evaluation report is provided to the teacher.

14.  The teacher may respond to the observation/evaluation report and such response will be attached to the observation/evaluation report and placed in the teacher's personnel file.

         15.  Observation/Evaluation Report:

a.       The Formal Evaluation – Cycle A Evaluation Report will be based                 

             on classroom observations and the Professional Performance

            Standards (Appendix F). 

        b.  Observation reports shall be in the format attached as Appendix B.

                 c.  The Formal Evaluation Report shall be in the format attached as 

             Appendix C.

d.      The Formal Evaluation Report shall explain the basis of the evaluator’s characterization of the teacher’s performance as either satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

e.       If a teacher has been evaluated as “unsatisfactory”, an Improvement Plan will be developed using the approved format only (see Appendix D).  The teacher, evaluator(s), and another member of the staff, if requested by the teacher, will contribute to the formulation of the Improvement Plan.  The aim of the Improvement Plan is to afford guidance, assistance, and encouragement to the teacher.  The evaluator(s) and the teacher will document the help sought and the help provided for the Improvement Plan (see Appendix D).  In the school year following the “unsatisfactory” evaluation, the teacher will remain on the Formal Evaluation – Cycle A.

f.       The Improvement Plan will be developed no later than 30 school days after the teacher has signed and returned the “unsatisfactory” Formal Evaluation report.

        g.  Any significant differences in teaching assignments, (such as class  

             size, characteristics of students, physical environment, sufficient

             support personnel and supplies, etc.) shall be considered in the



E.     Professional Growth Year – Cycle B

1.      No later than September 1st, the designated administrator will notify teachers, in writing, which cycle of evaluation they are scheduled for during that school year.

2.      By September 30th, each teacher on the Professional Growth Year – Cycle B must complete and submit the Menu Selection Form (see Appendix E) to his/her designated administrator.

3.      Teachers on the Professional Growth Year – Cycle B will choose from the following menu selection:

a.        Peer Observation – teachers agree to observe each other’s classes several times during the year and share feedback with one another.

b.      Study Groups – teachers meet with colleagues in small groups to learn new strategies, experiment with these strategies and share the results of the experiments and to problem solve. 

c.       Portfolio Analysis – a teacher would maintain a file, which may include lesson plans, handouts, tests and activities.  The analysis might include the congruency between what is taught and what and how it is assessed, and the relationship between the instructional strategies used and student achievement.

d.      Reflective Journal – a teacher would reflect upon what worked and what didn’t work in his/her teaching and record thoughts each week in a journal that could be shared with other teachers or his/her administrator.  The teacher may also use the journal as a basis for self-evaluation.

e.       Preparing and Presenting a Staff Development Program (voluntary, no pay from the District) – a teacher with interest and expertise in a particular area of instruction would develop and present a program on the topic to other interested staff.  The presentation should include what participants will know or be able to do as a result of participating in the program, why it is important to learn it, and how it relates to student learning.

f.       Team Teaching/Collaboration – a teacher would plan, teach, and evaluate a unit with another teacher.  Both would share the responsibility for developing, presenting and assessing the unit.

g.      Submission of Articles for Publication – a teacher would prepare and present an article on instruction and/or curriculum for publication in professional journals.

h.      Extended Mentoring – a teacher would develop and/or extend mentoring relationships throughout the school.  The mentoring process should include observing the mentored teacher at several points throughout the year, providing feedback, being observed by the mentored teacher, and holding frequent discussions about teaching.

i.        Graduate Course or an independent course of study (may include an undergraduate course) approved by the Superintendent as defined in the contract.

j.        Approved Independent Study – if a teacher has other ideas that are in keeping with the general objective of promoting serious reflection about teaching, he/she may develop a proposal and discuss it with his/her designated administrator.

k.      Committee Work - a teacher would participate in the work of a committee, including regular attendance at meetings.

l.        Formal Evaluation – a teacher would be evaluated according the Article VII, Teacher Evaluation, of the contract. 


F.       Discipline


1. The Association recognizes the authority and responsibility of the

administration or its designees for disciplining or reprimanding a teacher for delinquency of professional performance. If a teacher is to be disciplined or reprimanded by a member of the administration or the Superintendent, the teacher will be entitled to have a representative of the Association present.

2. No professional status teacher will be dismissed, disciplined, reprimanded, reduced in rank or compensation, not reappointed, or deprived of any professional advantage without just cause.

3. Teachers will have the right, upon request, to review and make copies of the contents of their personnel file. A teacher will be entitled to have a representative of the Association present during such review. If any material is found to be inaccurate to the satisfaction of the Superintendent, it shall be removed from the teacher's personnel file. No material derogatory to a teacher's conduct, service, character, or personality will be placed in his personnel file unless the teacher has had an opportunity to review such material. The teacher will acknowledge that he has had the opportunity to review such material by affixing his signature to the copy to be filed with the express understanding that such signature in no way indicates agreement with the content thereof. The teacher will also have the right to submit a written answer to such material. Such response shall be reviewed and signed by the Superintendent and attached to the copy in the teachers' personnel file.

4. There shall be no other file kept for the purpose of evaluation beyond the

aforementioned personnel file.

5. Written complaints regarding a teacher's professional performance made to any member of the administration by a parent, student, or other person will be called to the teacher's attention as soon as possible. No verbal complaint will become the source of discipline unless the teacher has been told about the complaint prior to the disciplinary action. The teacher will be told the source of the complaint and will be provided with a copy of any complaint made in writing.







The NRSD shall pay 75% of the health insurance premiums of all plans offered. The Narragansett Regional School Committee and the NDEA acknowledge that the NRSD is a member of the Minuteman Nashoba Health Group (MNHG) for health insurance. The parties acknowledge that they are bound by the Participation Requirements of the Agreement between MNHG and its participants.


Other Insurance


The NRSD will continue to offer additional Life Insurance, Long Term Disability and Dental Insurance plans to members of the NDEA on a voluntary basis, for which the employee will be responsible for the entire premium.


The NRSD shall pay 75% of the premium of a $10,000 life insurance policy for each NDEA member.


The NRSD Committee agrees that, prior to any change regarding health or other insurances, that they will convene the Insurance Advisory Committee required by the Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 32B.




1. Each teacher will be entitled to fifteen (15) sick days each school year. Days

in this section may be taken for personal illness or illness which requires bedside attention of the teacher for the teacher's (or teacher's spouse)          immediate family or a member of the immediate household subject to FLMA leave.. Any teacher resigning or granted a leave of absence shall have those sick days pro-rated at one (1) sick day per each twelve (12) days worked. Accumulation of sick days shall be unlimited for those hired before July 1, 2003. For those teachers hired after July 1, 2003, sick day accumulation will be limited to 181 days. Upon request, each teacher shall receive annual notice of accrued sick leave no later than April 15 of each school year.


2. If, on the basis of evidence, a pattern of abuse has been established and

   documented in writing, the Superintendent may request a physician's                                  certificate to verify the necessity of sick leave use. Evidence may include                                     statistical data regarding, or drawn from, the employee's attendance record.


3. All personnel working beyond the teachers' work year shall be entitled, in

addition to sick leave in Section B of this article, to one (1) sick leave day for each four week period worked in the School System beyond said teacher work year. Unused sick leave credited to the teacher under this section shall be added to the teacher's accrued sick leave.





A.     Each teacher will be entitled to the following leaves of absence with full pay                                     each school year.


         1.   Three (3) days leave of absence for Jewish religious holidays and

               Greek Orthodox Good Friday which require absence during school hours.


         2.   A reasonable number of days shall be granted at the discretion of the

               Superintendent for the purpose of visiting other schools or attending                                                    meetings or conferences of an educational nature. A written request must                                          be submitted subject to the approval of the Superintendent.


         3.   In the event of death which requires

               the attention of the teacher the following shall apply:


             Family members                                                                                               


          Spouse............................................................................................................ 4 days

          Parent.............................................................................................................. 4 days

          Child................................................................................................................ 4 days

          Stepchild......................................................................................................... 4 days

          Brother/Sister................................................................................................. 4 days

          Stepparent...................................................................................................... 4 days

          Stepbrother/Stepsister.................................................................................. 4 days

          Significant other **...................................................................................... 4 days

          Grandparent/Grandchild............................................................................. 3 days

          Mother‑in‑law/Father‑in‑law...................................................................... 3 days

          Brother‑in‑law/Sister‑in‑law....................................................................... 1 day*

          Daughter‑in‑law/Son‑in‑law....................................................................... 1 day*

          Aunt/Uncle.................................................................................................... 1 day*

          First Cousin................................................................................................... 1 day*

          Any Member of the Family Residing in the Home................................ 1 day*


          *1 day leave will be utilized on day of service/burial.


  ** Significant other shall be defined as a person with whom an Employee has a significant relationship


*** The Supt. of Schools may approve extra days if travel, severe hardship, or other circumstances warrant them. Days in number greater than the above will come off the employee’s accumulated sick time


         4.   Time necessary to receive any test required by a local, state, or federal

               government agency.


         5.   Appropriate military leave in accordance with existing state and federal



         6.   In each school year, the teacher may obtain up to three (3) full days

personal leave. One of these three (3) days may be used in ½ day increments. Notification of intent should be made in writing not less than two work days before the first day of leave, except in cases of emergency. The written request need not give reasons for such leave. Teachers applying for a personal leave on a day before or after a holiday or a vacation shall be required to declare in writing whether the primary reason for the request is:


                     a)            personal matters requiring the presence of the teacher, or

                     b)            extension of a holiday or a vacation.


               If the reason is the latter, the Superintendent may accept or deny the request                                           at his discretion. Unused personal days will be converted to cumulative sick                                       days each year. The number of personal days per year may be extended at the                                              discretion of the Superintendent.


The last two weeks of school a reason must be stated when requesting personal days.


         7.   At the option of the Association, the president of said Association or

               his designee shall be granted one (1) duty-free period per day in place of a                                           study hall assignment for the purpose of assisting the School System and                                           the Association in administering the provisions of this agreement.




Upon recommendation by the Superintendent of Schools sabbatical leaves may be granted for an approved graduate study program or for fulfilling a contract to write a book in the member's field of specialty or in education, to a member of the professional staff by the Committee subject to the following conditions:


1. No more than one (1) of the professional staff will be absent on sabbatical

   leave at any one time.


2. Requests for sabbatical leave must be received by the Superintendent of

   Schools in writing in such form as may be required by the Superintendent of                      Schools no later than February 1, and action must be taken on all such requests                       no later than April 1, of the school year for which sabbatical leave is requested.


3. The teacher has completed at least seven (7) consecutive full years of service

   in the school system.


4. Teachers on sabbatical leave will be paid 50% of their regular salary rate for

   one full year.


5. Persons granted sabbatical leave will agree, in writing, to return to

   employment in the Narragansett Regional School District for two full years for                  a full year's leave, or one year for each semester's leave.


6. In default of completing the service agreement, the person will refund a sum

   of money equal to the total compensation received from the District. The                            Committee will waive this requirement in the event of the death or                                          incapacitating illness of the person.


7. All sabbatical leaves must be:


      a.      At an accredited college or university


      b.      In the individual's field of instruction, educational specialty, or in an

               area which will be of direct benefit to the school system as determined by                                      the Committee.


      c.      And by applicants who are enrolled in a graduate level program that

               cannot be fulfilled without sabbatical leave.





A.     Military leave will be granted to any teacher who is inducted or enlists in any                        branch of the armed forces of the United States according to existing state and                federal statutes.


B.      Maternity child rearing is subject to State Law and/or FLMA. Maternity/child rearing leave of up to one (l) year will be granted upon written request to the Superintendent. Thirty days' notice shall be given except in case of an emergency. The length of leave shall be specified in the written request.


C.     After four years continuous employment in the School System, a teacher may                       be granted a leave of absence for up to one year for health reasons. Requests for                      such leave must be supported by appropriate medical evidence.


D.     All benefits to which a teacher was entitled at the time his leave of absence                           commenced, including unused accumulated sick leave, will be restored to him,                upon his return, and he will be assigned to the same position or one similar in              nature which he held at the time said leave commenced.


E.      All requests for leave, extensions, or renewals of leaves will be made and

         responded to in writing.









A.     All professional personnel covered by this contract will have a thirty minute duty free lunch period.

B.     Senior class advisors may be given one duty free period per week during the four weeks immediately preceding graduation. The duty free period will not be an academic class and must be approved by the High School Administration.


C.     Elementary classroom teachers will have preparation periods during which they will not be  assigned to any other duties. Each teacher will have 45 consecutive minutes of prep time each day.  During students’ lunch time, those teachers not assigned lunch duty, may at the discretion of the principal or his or her designee, have this as release time. The teaching schedules of elementary school specialist teachers will be arranged between teachers and appropriate administrators so that the teaching load of all "special" teachers will be comparable and consistent with all other elementary classroom teachers. In determining comparability of teaching loads, consideration will be given to necessary preparation time for classroom work, work with individual students, special programs and other teaching responsibilities.







A.     All professional staff will meet training requirements as outlined in the

         Education Reform Act of 1993.


B.     All professional staff shall be eligible to receive reimbursement for one graduate course  (or its CEU equivalent) every two years.  This class must either be in their field of certification or approved by the Supt. of Schools. The cost of said course will be determined by the cost of a three-credit course at FSC and must be approved prior to December 1 of the preceding year. Nurses may accumulate CEU’s for workshops not to exceed the dollar value of FSC course in a two-year period. The prior approval for CEU workshops may be waived at the discretion of the Superintendent of Schools.


C.       All faculty will effectively use an Electronic Grading System.  Training for staff will be provided during a mutually agreeable time and necessary equipment will be provided within each school building, in an appropriate location.



1. Teachers should be notified in writing or by email by an administrator at least 5 school days in advance of the scheduled training. This applies to full and partial day scheduled training.


2. If you are scheduled for a training that only last part of the working day and you have to teach classes the rest of the day, and you miss a prep period or duty free lunch due to the training, notify your principal in writing or by email of the missed prep period/lunch at least 3 school days prior to the training in order to get a compensatory prep period or lunch.


3. The school administration will provide a compensatory prep period no later than 3 school days following the training. If you are missing a 30-minute duty free lunch, the administration will reschedule your duty free lunch for the same day as the training and provide coverage for your class, if necessary.


4. The notification provision for section D2 and the provision for D3 will be in effect for all other lost lunch periods and/or prep periods. Loss of periods could be for, but not limited to, the following examples: required attendance at 504, IEP, team leader, curriculum meetings and the like.





In accordance with Section 12. Chapter 12, Chapter 150E of the Laws of Massachusetts, the Committee shall provide the provision for payroll deduction on an equal basis for a proportion of the fee of the cost of membership in the NDEA, MTA, NEA for those professional staff who do not belong to the Associations yet received the benefits thereof. Such fee shall be proportionally commensurate with the cost of collective bargaining and contract administration as determined mutually by the NDEA and the School Committee.







A.  Professional staff shall be required to report any case of assault on teachers in connection with their employment, first to the Building Principal. The Building Principal will notify the Superintendent of Schools. The Superintendent shall then acknowledge receipt of such report and shall report this information to the NRSD School Committee.


B.     For the duration of any absence or disability arising out of or from such an assault, employees shall suffer no loss in wages or other benefits set forth in        this agreement.






A.     The Committee guarantees that it will provide sufficient textbooks to insure that each pupil in a classroom has textbooks for his own use.


B.     The Committee guarantees that prior to a change in a textbook, the administration will consult with the Association regarding the proposed change. If either party so desires, a committee representing the Association and administration will be formed to consult on the proposed change. Similarly, the Association may, if it desires to initiate consultation over a change in textbook or the selection of a new textbook, notify the administration of its desire. The administration will acknowledge receipt of said request within five days thereafter. The administration and the Association will then form a committee to consult on the proposed change.





Coverage of an absentee teacher’s class or classes is voluntary.  Teachers will be paid a total of $25.00 per academic class period taught according to a lesson plan.  This includes only those classes covered during teacher’s prep period.





The Committee, upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, shall provide a career step in accordance with the Career Step Schedule.


The recommendation of the Superintendent must be given in order for a staff member to be eligible.


Each case will be reviewed yearly by the Superintendent of Schools and the Committee. This shall not be a permanent step on the salary schedule.





During the school year the Association shall initiate meetings with the Committee to discuss the merits of additional supportive personnel.





A. The School Committee and the Association recognize the need for transporting students to and from school in a safe and timely manner. To that end the parties agree that the Superintendent of Schools shall be authorized to adjust the starting and end times of the school day by up to 10 minutes for each school. This start time and end time could change from year to year; and if so, the NDEA will be given proper advance notice no later than July 1. Every effort will be made by the administration to meet the July 1 notification. The time adjustment shall not increase the length of the school day.


1   High School


a. Teachers shall be required to be in school 15 minutes prior to the commencement of school and 7 minutes after dismissal of students for three days of the week. On the other two days per week, teachers shall remain in their rooms for help sessions or will be available to talk to students. If no students arrive within fifteen (15) minutes after dismissal, the teacher has permission to leave the building. In the event students arrive for help or discussion with a teacher, they will be kept the full duration of period H.


         b. The length of the school day shall not exceed the present six (6) hours and                                    thirty-six (36) minutes from commencement to dismissal.


c. Both parties agree to define secondary as grades 9-12. This requires no change in the current collective bargaining agreement or working conditions.


                                                            Teacher Day                                        Student Day

            NRHS                                     7:05-2:03 three days/wk                     7:20-1:56

                                                            7:05-2:30 two days/wk



2.   Middle School


                  a        In the Middle School, teachers shall be required to be in school 15

                           minutes prior to the commencement of school and 7 minutes after

                           dismissal of students for three days of the week. On the other two

                           days of the week, the teachers shall remain in their rooms for help

                           sessions or will be available to talk to students. If no student arrives

                           within 15 minutes after dismissal, the teacher may leave the

                           building. In the event students arrive for help or discussion with

                           a teacher, they will be kept for 34 minutes after the close of school.


                           The length of the school day will be 6 hours and 25 minutes

                           (not including the above provision).           


                  b.       All Middle School teachers will be required to attend three (3) evening

                           meetings per school year (two for conferences, one for Open House).

                           Dates of said meetings will be specified, at least one month prior.


                  c.       The Middle School Principal will designate that each team will have a

                           common planning period of 45 minutes at least once a week to three

                           times per week. All efforts will be made to ensure as much planning

                           time as possible. The Principal will designate the content and context

                           of that time.


                  d.      Teachers at the Middle School will be given a 30-minute duty free lunch period per day and a 45-minute preparation period each day which shall be uninterrupted and duty free.



                                                            Teacher Day                                        Student Day

            NRMS                                     8:00-2:47two-three days/wk   8:15-2:40

                                                            8:00-3:14 2 HC Days/wk +34 min



3.   Elementary School


a.  The working day of teachers will begin fifteen (15) minutes before the opening  of school and will end fifteen (15) minutes after the closing of school with the exception of kindergarten teachers teaching the morning session and whose school day ends fifteen (15) minutes after dismissal of their students.


b. Exceptions may be granted at the principal's discretion. On Fridays and days immediately preceding holidays, the time requirement following dismissal shall not apply.


c. The amount of time that students are required to be in attendance will not be altered from current practice. The amount of time teachers are required to be in school remains the same also.

                                                            Teacher Day                                        Student Day

            Elementary Schools                8:35-3:30                                             8:50-3:15

            Templeton Center, because of bus routing, will have a student day from



d. Elementary teachers shall be allowed 14 calendar days from the time marks close until the day report cards are sent home to complete the report card.  This will take place in the first three marking periods only.



B. Faculty meetings:

Faculty meetings at the high school and middle school shall begin no later than ten minutes after student dismissal. Faculty meetings at the elementary school may occur in the morning before school, if mutually agreeable by the parties, as has been the practice, or after school as stated above.  There may be two faculty meetings monthly, one not to exceed 30 minutes in length and the other not to exceed 60 minutes in length.  A week’s notice shall be given in advance of any meeting except in the case of an unforeseeable emergency.


C.     Department Head Meetings shall begin no later than ten (10) minutes

         after student dismissal and shall not exceed one (1) hour in length. A week’s

         notice shall be given in advance of any meeting except in case of an

         unforeseeable emergency.


D.     All teachers will be required to attend two (2) evening meetings per school

         year. Dates of said meetings are to be specified by October 1 or the first

         school day thereafter of the school year. The high school staff covered under

         Unit A will be required to attend Fall Open House and the High School

         Graduation as their two evening commitments.


E.      The school year will consist of 182 ½ days. The 182 ½ days will expire on the last school day of 2011-2012 school year. One half day, for teacher orientation, will be the day previous to the opening of school. The two full days shall be designated as professional development days. One day must fall within the school year, and the other day may be held either before or after the half day teacher orientation.


F.      No change(s) in the working conditions of the teachers including class teaching

         and coverage time will be done without negotiations.


G.     No change(s) will be made to the length of the teacher’s day or year without

         reopening negotiations which will be limited to:


         1.   the proposed change(s) to the teacher’s day or year

         2.   adjustment to salaries for the proposed change(s).

         3.   every effort will be made to shorten recess and passing time rather than

               extend the student day.


H.     High School Teachers


Teachers at the High School will prepare for 5 academic periods, one non-academic class, and will be granted one            preparation period of 48 minutes during each day. The school day will total 396 minutes. The usual duties will also be performed daily by the teacher staff. There will be a 30-minute duty free lunch period per day for teachers.


I. Elementary Teachers


The teaching day of the elementary teacher will consist of 385 minutes per day of which 45 consecutive minutes will be prep time.  The teacher will assume the same duties before, during and after the 385 minutes that have always existed at the elementary schools. Teachers at the Elementary Schools will be given a 30-minute duty-free lunch period per day.



J. Guidance Counselors


Guidance counselors will be required to work the same school day as teachers with the same “after school” time commitment.  Guidance counselors will also be required to work two days after the end of the school year and two extra days before the start of school in August. They will receive per diem pay for these four days.


K.    Preschool/Kindergarten Schedules


If changes to the current preschool or kindergarten schedules need to be made for the following school year, every effort will be made to have those changes mutually agreed to by the administration and the classroom teacher.  These changes must be in writing by July 1 and the administration will make every effort to accommodate the July 1 date.







A.     The effective date of this policy shall be the opening day of the 2009

         school year, ending on August 31, 2012.


B.      Annual increments as scheduled will be granted each year (effective the                                opening day of the school year) to all teachers who have rendered satisfactory               services; such decision to be made by the Committee upon the                                       recommendation of the Superintendent.


C.     Evidence of course or courses taken must be furnished to the Superintendent                        for approval in order to maintain proper record keeping for both teacher and                       Superintendent. Committee work equivalent to a three-credit course shall be                 credited toward the lateral step. Said committee work must be given prior                               Committee approval.


D.     The Committee and the Superintendent will determine salaries of all special              personnel such as principals and supervisors. Periodic review of those salaries              by the Superintendent and Committee will be made to insure fair                                          remuneration for work done. All teachers are expected to accept a share of                     supervisory and extra-curricular tasks without extra compensation.


E.      Additional Course Credits


         1.   Teachers having earned thirty (30) graduate credits beyond the

               Bachelor's must have fifteen (15) credits in their teaching specialty in order                                             to qualify for Bachelor's plus 30. All credits must be earned at an accredited



         2.   Any graduate work beyond the Bachelor’s degree shall be in the specific field of the teacher or in a subject area beneficial to the district and approved by the Superintendent. The Superintendent’s approval will not be unreasonably withheld.





         3.   Each teacher who takes courses, including professional development

               offerings that are equivalent to college credit as substantiated by the                                                     institution offering the program, and district courses earning credit,                                                    approved by the Superintendent of Schools and is not in a Masters degree                                          program but is taking courses beyond Bachelors plus 30 shall

               be awarded a one time payment of Five Hundred Dollars ($500) upon                                                  completion of Bachelors plus 45. This must be applied for by February of the                                             contract year.


F.      Salary Adjustment


         1.            Any approved course credits which allow a teacher an adjustment on the salary schedule will be made in February of the contract year provided that notice has been made to the Superintendent by December 1 of the previous year.


         2.    All other adjustments for course credit will be made on the effective

date of the new contract providing the Superintendent has been notified of a column change by December 1 of the previous year.


         3.    Teachers shall be paid every two weeks. Teachers will receive summer payment (July-August) in one lump sum in June.


         4.    Only approved courses taken after the Masters Degree is earned may

               count toward M+15, M+30, etc.

















Kindergarten teachers teaching only one session shall be paid at the rate of 4/7 of the General Salary Schedule.
























A.     Department Heads Grades 9 through 12 will be paid:


2009-2010     $1,572

2010-2011     $1,603

2011-2012     $1,643

Plus Ninety-nine Dollars ($99) per teacher.


Department Heads will assume the responsibility of serving on the NEASC Follow-Up Committee. The Department Head stipends will be adjusted commensurately and $6000 will be equally divided among the committee ($600. per department head).


NEASC Co-Chair – See extra-curricular stipends


B.     Fine Arts Director K-12 will be paid:


2009-2010      $2,942

2010-2011      $3,001

2011-2012      $3,076


C.     Athletic Director 7-12 will be paid:


2009-2010     $9,170

2010-2011     $9,353

2011-2012     $9,587


D.     All Department Heads will teach 5 (five) periods per day.


E.      The Athletic Director will be granted 2 (two) periods for athletic duties and 1 (one) preparation period per day.


F.      The Library/Media Specialist will be supervised by the Technology Director.


G.     The Elementary Head Teacher stipend will be:


         2009-2010     $1,963

         2010-2011     $2,003

         2011-2012     $2,053


In the absence of the Head Teacher, the employee covering said position will be compensated on a per diem basis.





H.        Teacher in Charge will be paid 10 days at per diem and $35 per each school day.  


In the absence of this supervisor, the employee covering said position will be compensated at $35 per day.



I.          Teachers who volunteer to participate in District Accreditation and/or Evaluation will receive release time or $25 per hour for such work.


J.         Title 1 Director


            2009-2010     $8,693

            2010-2011     $8,867

2011-2012     $9,089


K.        Mentors


            2009-2010     $1,159

            2010-2011     $1,183

2011-2012     $1,212


L.      Each Team Leader at the Middle School will receive a stipend of $125 per person on the team to include the grade level special education teachers but not to exceed $600.).


M.      Middle School Curriculum Leaders


           2009-2010     $464

           2010-2011     $473

           2011-2012     $485





















A.     In the event it becomes necessary to reduce the number of professional                                  employees in the bargaining unit as defined in the recognition clause, a                                   professional status staff member shall not be dismissed if there is a                                             nonprofessional status staff member employed whose position the professional                       status individual is certified and qualified to fill.


         If reduction of staff results in dismissal of professional status staff, evaluated                       performance, seniority, educational preparation and certification shall                               determine the dismissal of professional staff. If the above criteria are equal, the                     academic needs of the system will be considered.


B.     Seniority means a professional staff member's length of continuous

         uninterrupted service commencing with the first day of employment and not             hiring, in terms of years, months and days as a contracted teacher on a paid basis in the Narragansett Regional School District.


   Any leave of absence as defined in Article X, Section A, B, according to                           MGL, Chapter 149, 150C & D, shall be construed to be non-active service and                      will not be included in determining the total length of service and seniority                            will mean the total number of years, months and days before said leave and                         after resuming active employment.


C.        If so requested in writing to the District Treasurer, employees dismissed under                   this article may continue group health and life insurance coverage as provided                        by the Committee to members of the bargaining unit for a period of two (2)                    years following dismissal by reimbursing the District for full premium costs.                     Failure to forward premium payments to the District Treasurer will terminate                this option.


D.     Professional status employees dismissed under this article shall have priority of                     recall, for a period of one (1) year, in their field of certification; and upon being                       rehired shall receive all benefits previously held by the employee prior to their                       dismissal by signing the waiver* to that effect.



E.      A professional status employee having been dismissed and having priority                             recall after signing the waiver will forfeit recall rights if the employee refuses to                       accept a recall notification of employment.










In consideration of treating my dismissal as a layoff and an involuntary leave of absence without pay, I hereby waive any present rights I may have under MGL, Chapter 71 and 42 and release the Narragansett Regional School District Committee from complying with said statute.



Date                                                                            Employee's signature






Full time nurses will work 185 days. .  Full time nurses shall work the same day as teachers, with the same after school commitment.. Part time nurses will be paid on a pro-rated basis according to the school nurse salary schedule.


A.     1. Nurses who are certified will be placed on the salary schedule of teachers.

2. The non-certified salary schedule will receive the same percentage as the    teachers’ salary schedule.


B.      Career step is provided as the teachers’ agreement as long as certification has

         been achieved.


C.      A covering NRSD nurse will be reimbursed according to the following guidelines when covering an absent nurse:

1.      If a staff nurse covers any school in addition to her regularly scheduled school(s), she will receive $12.00 an hour while covering an absent nurse. This will be in addition to her regular pay.

2.      Nurses who work part-time or are paid on an hourly basis shall be compensated at their regular hourly rate for any additional hours worked while covering an absent nurse. This will be in addition to the coverage pay of $12.00 per hour.

3.      Staff nurses who cover an additional school will be reimbursed for the regularly scheduled hours of that building nurse.

4.      If more than one nurse is absent and no substitutes can be found, and an NRSD school nurse is asked to cover multiple schools, she is entitled to review the coverage issue with the building principal if she feel the situation endangers the safety of the students to due inadequate nurse coverage. If a satisfactory solution cannot be reached between the principal and the nurse, then the nurse is entitled to an appeal with the superintendent concerning the liability of the coverage situation.


D. Every effort will be made by the school principal or assistant principal to find a substitute nurse before asking a staff nurse to cover for an absent nurse. The Superintendent will advertise for nurse substitutes in the same manner as for the teaching staff.


F. Nurse leader with stipend of $1500 per year.




The Committee and the Association have established a sick leave bank for the use of members covered under the bargaining unit who wish to participate.


A.     Membership


         1 .  Any actively employed member of the bargaining unit covered by this

               agreement may be eligible for membership in the Sick Leave Bank.


         2.   Membership in the bank shall be voluntary and each member shall

               make an initial contribution of two (2) days and a contribution of one (1) day                                       thereafter. These days are non-returnable.


         3.   The number of unused days in the bank shall be a minimum of 100

               days and will be capped at five hundred (500) days. Any days over 500 will be

               held in escrow until needed. If the days fall below 100, the Sick Leave Bank                                       Committee may require an additional contribution from members who                                                        wish to continue their membership.


         4.   Unused sick days at the end of each year shall remain in the bank and

               accumulate from year to year.


         5.   The enrollment period shall be limited to the month of September.

               Personnel wishing to become members must make the request in writing.                                                 The Sick Leave Bank Committee may grant exceptions to those employed                                             after September.


         6.   After completing one full year, all new teachers may join the sick bank by

               September 15 of their second school year. This will be a one time

               enrollment opportunity.


         7.   Excluding first-year teachers, any staff member not presently a member of

               the sick bank will have a one time enrollment period up to September 15,




         8.   To initially join, a new sick bank member must follow the same sick bank

               allotment of days; new members must follow the same pattern of giving the

               same number of sick days.


B.      Sick Bank Committee


         1 .  The bank shall be administered by a committee formed of the

               Superintendent, two representatives from the Committee, and two                                                        representatives from the Association. Each group shall be responsible for                                           choosing its representatives plus one neutral person agreed upon by all

               parties involved.


         2.   One member of the Sick Leave Bank Committee shall be elected by the

               members of said committee to serve as chairman and preside over bank



         3.   The Sick Leave Bank Committee shall establish a form for application

               to the bank.


         4.   Approval of an applicant's request will be by majority vote of the





C.     Benefits


         1.   To be eligible, the applicant must be a member of the Sick Leave Bank

               and have exhausted their own accumulated sick leave days. They must                                                 have been incapacitated for fifteen (15) consecutive school days and require                                              additional leave to make full recovery from an illness.


         2.   Applications by the incapacitated or his/her representative may be

               made prior to exhaustion of personal sick leave. Adequate medical                                                        certification must be provided. The School Committee may require an                                                         applicant to have a physical examination by an independent physician at                                                        the School Committee's expense.


         3.   Applications must be made to the Chairman of the Bank. This must be

               accompanied by a statement from the attending physician stating the                                                    projected time of recovery beyond the member's own accrued sick leave.


         4.   No more than fifteen (15) days may be granted at one time. Request

               for additional days must be accompanied by a new application.


         5.   The Sick Leave Bank Committee may use its own discretion to make

               exception with regards to benefits.




A.     Any teacher retiring/resigning and participating in the State Retirement System with twenty (20) years of employment in the Narragansett Regional School District will receive 17% of the maximum of his/her salary category or $45 per unused sick day cumulative, if he/she has given the Committee written notice of his/her intention to retire/resign by  December 1 for a retirement after the next July 1..If a person elects to use the 17%, they would lose $45 for every sick day over the amount earned that year unless the Superintendent at his/her discretion waives the deduction in cases of catastrophic circumstances.


B.     All retirement/resignation compensation above require notification by December 1 for a retirement after the next July 1. This notification is for budgetary purposes If for any reason of health, or some other unforeseen circumstance, such notice may be waived by the Committee.






The Narragansett Regional School District has a strong commitment to its employees to provide a safe work place and to establish programs promoting high standards of employee health. Consistent with the spirit and intent of this commitment, the Narragansett Regional School District has established this policy regarding drug and alcohol use or abuse. Quite simply, our goal will continue to be one of establishing and maintaining a work environment that is free from the effects of alcohol and drug use.


Employees of the Narragansett Regional School District are visible and active members of the communities where they live and work. They are inescapably identified with the District and are expected to represent it in a responsible and creditable fashion. Our employees reflect credit upon themselves and the District which they represent.


While the Narragansett Regional School District has no intention of intruding into the private lives of its employees, the District does expect employees to report for work in condition to perform their duties. The following is the Narragansett Regional School District's Policy.


1.      The illegal use, sale, or possession of narcotics, drugs, or controlled

         substances while on the job or on District property is an offense warranting               discharge. Any illegal substance will be turned over to the appropriate law                                     enforcement agency and due process will be followed.


2.      Employees who are under the influence of alcohol, either on the job or when

reporting to work, or who possess or consume alcohol during work hours, have the potential for interfering with their own as well as their co-workers safe and efficient job performance. Any of the above stated circumstances may be cause for action up to and including termination of employment.


3.      Some of the drugs which are illegal under federal, state, or local laws include,

         among others marijuana, heroin, hashish, cocaine, hallucinogens, depressants,                        and stimulants.






         A.     Middle School Teams:


                  1.   Middle School Teams will be formed utilizing in-service training and courses provided by the District to build and define teams and their roles.


                  2.   The teams will develop one common teaching unit. The length of

said unit shall be a minimum of three weeks. In-service training, courses, and/or visitation to resource areas provided by the District may be used to build and design the process of interdisciplinary instruction.


                  3.   The teams will introduce the interdisciplinary unit with no formal



         B.     The teams will apply a variety of teaching strategies to help meet the

                  needs of MCAS Testing.


         C.     Special Education Staff will be assigned either part time or full time to

                  each team to meet state mandated requirements of inclusion in the

                  regular classroom.


         D      In the Middle School there will be a reasonable amount of students

                  assigned to each team. All attempts will be made to have 100 students

                  per team as a maximum for a four-person team.


         E.     Each Middle School team will consist of the necessary core teachers

                  (math, English, science, and social studies) plus exploratory teachers

                  to complete a student’s schedule.


F.      Each Team Leader will receive a stipend of $125 per person on the team to include the grade level special education teachers but not to exceed $600.).


         G      Intramural sports shall be:

                  Soccer (2 coaches).                                    Basketball (2 coaches).

                  Volleyball (2 coaches)                               Street hockey (2 coaches)

                  Softball (2 coaches)                                  


For stipend amount see Appendix H


Sports will meet 8 weeks @ 2 times per week or 4 weeks @ 4 times per week-to be determined.

Rules for Negotiation


1.      Schedule of meetings established until negotiations are finished.


2.      Meeting held in conference room in Superintendent's building.


3.      Punctuality in beginning meetings.


4.      Quorum at each meeting; majority of negotiating subcommittee of the

         Committee, majority of members of Association negotiating team.


5.      Each committee chairman will brief absent members on material from

         previous meeting prior to the beginning of the new meeting.


6.      The subcommittee of the Committee will appoint a permanent chairman from

         its membership. In absence of the chairman, the subcommittee of the                          Committee will appoint a vice-chairman to serve as chairman.


7.      Parliamentary procedure used to conduct meeting.


8.      Party wishing to caucus must leave the room.


9.      Final contract signed by both parties.


10.    Establish ground rules for negotiation at first meeting which will be carried                           from year to year unless re-negotiated.


11.    Meeting will begin at 7:00 and end at 9:30.  If added time is necessary, a vote

         will be taken to extend the time.


12.    Additions or changes to this agreement may be made by a majority vote of each                    group.


13.    Every effort will be made to conduct meetings within twenty-one (21) days of                      the previous meeting.


14.    No public release will be made unilaterally.





Teacher:                                                                                 Date:







  1. Lesson Objectives:

What will the learner be able to do when the teacher finishes the lesson?





  1. Lesson Procedure:

What will the teacher do—How will the learner practice?






  1. Check for Understanding:

How will the teacher know when the objective is achieved?

How will the teacher know when the learners have met the objective?






  1. Closure:

How will the teacher assess what learners have accomplished?

What method of assessment will the teacher use?






  1. Teacher comments:

What does the teacher believe learners are capable of, special education and or behavior concerns, space/time concerns, materials, etc.
















Approximate Size of Class Observed:


Length of Observation:


Level of Class Observed:




Special Circumstances:


Announced                            Unannounced






Date of Pre-conference: ____________

(requested by either  party)


Date of Post Conference:____________

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Date :_________


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Teacher's Comments:

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Professional Performance Standards

I.          Currency in Curriculum

lI.         Effective Planning and Assessment of Curriculum and Instruction

III.       Effective Management of Classroom Environment

IV.       Effective Instruction

V.        Promotion of High Standards and Expectations for Student Achievement

VI.       Promotion of Equity and Appreciation of Diversity        

VII.      Fulfillment of Professional Responsibilities


Each of the seven categories will contain narrative text from the evaluator where applicable.


Recommendations and Commendations:


The overall evaluation is:

                                    Satisfactory                Unsatisfactory

                                                                        (an Improvement  Plan will be developed)


If the teacher has been employed 15 years in the Narragansett Regional School District, I recommend to the Superintendent for the Career Step.

                                    yes                               no


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Appendix D – H here then salary schedule, coaching and advisor stipends, and career step grid.



Career Step




































































Beyond 30






Extra Curricular Coaching Salaries 2009-2010


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Head Baseball




Junior Varsity Baseball




Middle School Baseball








Head Basketball




Junior Varsity Basketball




Frosh Basketball




Middle School Basketball








Head Field Hockey




Assistant Field Hockey




Middle School Field Hockey








Head Football




Assistant Football




Middle School Football




Middle Sch Assistant Football








Head Softball




Assistant Softball




Middle School Softball








Cross Country




Spring Track




spring Track Assistant




Winter Track




Winter Track Assistant








Head Cheerleading




Assistant Cheerleading




Middle School Cheerleading








Head Soccer




Assistant Soccer




Middle School Soccer








Head Golf




Assistant Golf




Middle School golf






Extra Curricular Coaching Salaries 2010-2011


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Head Baseball




Junior Varsity Baseball




Middle School Baseball








Head Basketball




Junior Varsity Basketball




Frosh Basketball




Middle School Basketball








Head Field Hockey




Assistant Field Hockey




Middle School Field Hockey








Head Football




Assistant Football




Middle School Football




Middle Sch Assistant Football








Head Softball




Assistant Softball




Middle School softball








Cross Country




Spring Track




spring Track Assistant




Winter Track




Winter Track Assistant








Head Cheerleading




Assistant Cheerleading




Middle School Cheerleading








Head Soccer




Assistant Soccer




Middle School Soccer








Head Golf




Assistant Golf




Middle School golf






Extra Curricular Coaching Salaries 2011-2012


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Head Baseball




Junior Varsity Baseball




Middle School Baseball








Head Basketball




Junior Varsity Basketball




Frosh Basketball




Middle School Basketball








Head Field Hockey




Assistant Field Hockey




Middle School Field Hockey








Head Football




Assistant Football




Middle School Football




Middle Sch Assistant Football








Head Softball




Assistant Softball




Middle School softball








Cross Country




Spring Track




spring Track Assistant




Winter Track




Winter Track Assistant








Head Cheerleading




Assistant Cheerleading




Middle School Cheerleading








Head Soccer




Assistant Soccer




Middle School Soccer








Head Golf




Assistant Golf




Middle School golf