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Shared Contract District
Org Code2080000
Type of DistrictElementary
Union AffiliationMTA
Most Recent DocumentContract
Expiring Year2014
Expired StatusExpired
Superintendency UnionKing Philip
Regional HS MembersKing Philip
Vocational HS MembersTRI COUNTY
ESE RegionSoutheast
Kind of Communityresidential suburbs
Number of Schools2
Percent Low Income Students5
Grade StartPK
Grade End6
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September 1, 2011 – August 31, 2014








This Agreement is made and entered into on this ______________ day of August, 2011, by and between the Town of Norfolk School Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Committee") and the Norfolk Teachers Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Association").  Hereinafter members of the Association will be referred to as teachers. 




Recognition, Authority, Existing Contracts



A.   Recognition of Collective Bargaining Unit


The Committee has recognized the Association as the exclusive bargaining agent for all teachers, counselors, and all teachers operating under federal programs and all other professional employees, excluding nurses and all library staff who are not both certified teachers and who actually have assigned teaching duties, and those other positions excluded below, employed by the Committee concerning questions of wages, hours and other conditions of employment; and any other matters that may lawfully come within the scope of collective bargaining as defined by statute.  The Committee will not bargain with any individual or group of individuals other than the representatives of the Association on such matters described herein.


Excluded from the NTA Unit are the Superintendent, the Assistant Superintendent, Business Manager, the Director of Student Services, principals, assistant principals (if they are serving in an administrative capacity more than fifty percent (50%) of the time) and curriculum directors, substitute teachers, and all other employees of the Norfolk Public Schools. 


B.  Authority of Committee


The Norfolk School Committee is charged with the responsibility for the quality of education and the efficient and economical operation of the Norfolk Public Schools.  It is acknowledged that the Norfolk School Committee has the final responsibilities of establishing the educational policies of the public schools in Norfolk.


Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to derogate or impair the powers, rights or duties conferred upon the Norfolk School Committee by the statutes of the Commonwealth or the rules and regulations of any pertinent agency of the Commonwealth.  Said rights and powers include, but in no way are construed as limited to, the subjects mentioned in this Agreement.


As to every matter expressly not covered by this Agreement, and except expressly or directly modified by clear language on a specific provision of this Agreement, the School Committee retains exclusively to itself all rights and powers that it has or may hereinafter be granted by law and shall exercise the same without such exercise being made the subject of a grievance.


Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to limit the authority of the School Committee, the Superintendent or Principals as set out in the Education Reform Act of 1993.



C.   Scope of this Agreement


This Contract defines the wages, hours and other conditions of employment between the parties hereto, existing practices to the contrary notwithstanding.  Conditions of employment in place as of the effective date of this Agreement and not modified hereby shall continue to be honored by the parties.


The parties agree that any past practice relating to a provision specifically addressed in this Agreement shall be superseded by this Agreement and shall not be given effect or precedential or persuasive value.


D.  Comity of the Parties


This Contract is entered into by the parties for the purpose of ensuring education of the highest possible quality for the children of the Norfolk Public Schools through a professional relationship between the Norfolk School Committee and the Norfolk Teachers Association.



E.   Effect of Waiver


Failure by the Administrators and/or Committee in one or more instances to enforce any provision or provisions of this Contract shall not be construed as a waiver of said provisions.




Payroll Deduction


A.   General Laws of Massachusetts


1.  The Committee hereby accepts the provisions of Section 17c of Chapter 180 of the General Laws of Massachusetts; and in accordance therewith, shall certify to the Treasurer of the Town of Norfolk all payroll deduction for the payment of dues to the Association duly authorized by teachers covered by this Contract.


2.  The Committee accepts the provisions of MGL Chapter 180, Section 17I for the purpose of payroll deductions in the amount specified by the teacher for payment by the Town Treasurer to a Financial Institution designated by the Association.


B.   Authorization


1.  The payroll deduction authorization form shall read, "I hereby authorize ___________________ to deduct my professional dues annually, until further notice.”  The amount of such dues shall be certified by the Association Treasurer prior to October 1 of each school year.


The deductions shall be made in accordance with the Agreement between the Association and the Committee.  Funds are to be remitted by draft, payable to the Norfolk Teachers Association and delivered to its Treasurer.  To discontinue authorization for payroll deductions the teacher must notify the Business Office, in writing, by October 1.


2.  The Committee shall certify to the Treasurer of the Town of Norfolk all payroll deductions for the payment of tax sheltered annuities in the amount specified by the teacher for payment by the Treasurer to the entity with which the teacher has entered into a contract of annuity and has been approved by the Town.  There shall be two open enrollment periods each school year.  Payroll deductions may be changed any time provided two weeks written notice is received in good order prior to the beginning of the affected pay period.  Such change shall not exceed the limitations imposed by the IRS on 403B plans.


C.   Agency Service Fee


1.  Any teacher employed by the Committee shall be subject to the imposition of an Agency Service Fee unless said teacher becomes a member of the Norfolk Teachers Association/Massachusetts Teachers Association/National Education Association.  The fee shall be equal to the cost of collective bargaining and contract administration, except that in no case shall the fee exceed the dues amount for the current membership year.


2.  Collection of agency service fees, including collection of delinquent fees, shall be solely the responsibility of the Association, and the Committee shall not be required to take any action in regard to the employment of delinquent teachers.  Teachers who fail to pay the fee shall not be subject to dismissal or suspension, but will be exposed to civil liability for payment.


3.  The Association agrees to set the amount of the fee and to administer the demand and rebate procedures in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. 


4.  The Association shall indemnify and save harmless the Committee from any damages and legal fees arising out of compliance with this provision, provided that the Committee will agree to an attorney selected by the Association to represent the Committee against any and all claims made and against any lawsuit initiated against the Committee on account of this agency service fee provision.  Failure of the Committee or its agents to cooperate with the Association shall relieve the Association of any obligation under this section.


D.  Direct Deposit


Any teacher may elect to have his/her paycheck deposited directly into the bank of the teacher's choice upon notification to the Superintendent of Schools.



Professional Non-Teaching Responsibilities


A.   Non-teaching Duties 


1.  Teachers will not be required to perform the following duties: Routine health services, such as administrating eye or ear examinations and weighing and measuring pupils.

2.  The parties agree that no member of the bargaining unit shall transport a student, other than their own child, to school related activities.

3.  Although teachers may be required to collect and transmit money to be used for educational purposes, they will not be held responsible for the loss of any money collected where such loss is not the fault of the teacher.

4.  Teachers shall not be required to perform custodial duties.


B.   Compensation


1.  Teachers who accompany students on a school-sponsored overnight learning experience shall be compensated for each night spent away from home at a rate of $150 per night.

2.  Teachers who are required to drive their own cars to and from school-sponsored activities shall be compensated on a per mile basis by the then current prevailing transportation rate of the Town of Norfolk.


C.   Participation in the School Community 


1.  Committee work


(a)  It is expected that an equitable level of participation in school-related

committee work will occur over the life of the contract.

(b)  Teachers may be asked but not required to serve on committees which

meet outside of the school day.


     2.  Curriculum Leadership Teams


(a)  Curriculum Leadership teams will be established by the Superintendent prior to the beginning of each school year.

(b)  Teams will develop an action plan to accomplish goals and will propose

a meeting schedule for the school year.  These will be submitted to the Superintendent by October 15.

(c)  Teams may decide to meet and/or accomplish team work during morning meeting time or release time.  In addition, each member is expected to contribute a minimum of sixteen (16) hours of work per year beyond the contract day for which they will receive a stipend of $480 per year. The Chairperson/Coordinator for each Curriculum Committee shall be paid a stipend of $ 500 - $1000 (agreed upon with the Superintendent) per year depending upon the level of work required.


      3.    Tutorial

   Teachers will be available to assist students immediately following student dismissal and within their specified workday.




Teacher Evaluation


A.   Preamble


The primary purpose of evaluation is to foster the professional growth and development of the teachers in the Norfolk Public Schools. While it is recognized that personnel decisions may be made as the result of evaluations conducted in accordance with this process, it is the intention of the parties to ensure a positive atmosphere to provide for the continued improvement of instruction for the children of Norfolk.


B.  Observation


Although an evaluator's direct personal observations are the primary source of data and information regarding a teacher's performance, an evaluator is expected to consider all relevant and reliable data and information that comes to his/her attention that pertain to the teacher’s job performance. Thus, a teacher's performance is to be evaluated in the light of all evidence pertinent to the discharge of the teacher's professional responsibilities and not solely by his/her work in the classroom.


All monitoring or observation of the work performance of a teacher will be conducted openly and with full knowledge of the teacher.  Administration may conduct evaluation–related observations without advance notice to the teacher. The use of eavesdropping, public address or audio systems, and similar surveillance devices shall be strictly prohibited.  Teachers will be given a copy of any evaluation report prepared by their supervisors and will have the right to discuss such report with their supervisors.


C.   Personnel Documentation


1.   Teachers will have the right upon written request to review the contents of their personnel file.  A teacher will be entitled to have a representative of the Association present when reviewing the contents of his/her personnel file.


2.   No material derogatory to a teacher’s conduct, service, character or personality arising during the course of his/her employment, or any other material, will be placed in this personnel file unless the teacher has had an opportunity to review such material.  The teacher will acknowledge that he/she has had the opportunity to review such material by affixing his/her signature to the copy to be filed with the express understanding that such signature in no way indicates agreement with the contents thereof.  The teacher will also have the right to submit a written answer to such material, and his/her answer shall be reviewed by the Superintendent and attached to the file copy.


D.  Complaints


Any complaint, upon which action will be taken, made to any member of the Administration regarding a teacher, will be brought to the teacher’s attention no later than the close of the following school day.


E.   Discipline


1. The Committee and the Association recognize the authority and the responsibility of the principal for disciplining or reprimanding a teacher for delinquency of professional performance.  If a teacher is to be disciplined or reprimanded by a member of the Administration, he/she will be entitled to have a representative of the Association present.


2.  No professional status teacher will be disciplined, reprimanded, reduced in rank or compensation or deprived of any professional advantage without just cause. Just cause shall mean fair, adequate and reasonable cause.


F.   Procedures


1.  Teachers will be expected to establish goals and objectives that focus on the following professional standards, adapted from The Principles of Effective Teaching.


a.    Currency in Curriculum

(1)  Contributes to the ongoing evaluation of the curriculum

(2)  Frames curriculum around essential questions in the discipline that provide opportunities for reasoning, logic, analysis and synthesis when planning units, lessons and assessments.


b.   Effective Planning and Assessment of Curriculum and Instructional Goals

(1)  Plans instruction effectively

(2)  Plans assessment of learning effectively

(3)  Monitors students’ understanding of the curriculum and adjusts where appropriate


c.    Effective Management of Classroom Environment

(1)  Creates an environment that is positive for student learning and involvement

(2)  Maintains appropriate standards of behavior, mutual respect and safety


d.   Effective Instruction

(1)  Makes learning goals clear to students

(2)  Uses appropriate instructional techniques

(3)  Uses appropriate questioning techniques

(4)  Evaluates, tries innovative approaches and refines instructional strategies, including the effective use of technologies, to increase student learning and confidence to learn


e.    Promotion of High Standards and Expectations for Student Achievement

(1)  Communicates learning goals and high standards and expectations to students

(2)  Promotes confidence and perseverance in the student that stimulate increased personal student responsibility for achieving the goals of the curriculum


f.     Promotion of Equity and Appreciation of Diversity

(1)  Strives to ensure equitable opportunities for student learning

(2)  Demonstrates appreciation for and sensitivity to the diversity among individuals


g.    Fulfillment of Professional Responsibilities

(1)  Is constructive and cooperative in interactions with parents and receptive to their contributions

(2)  Shares responsibility for accomplishing the goals and priorities of his/her grade/team/department, building and school district

(3)  Is a reflective and continuous learner


2.      Evaluation Process Procedures for all Faculty


a.    Any teacher may be evaluated at any time, which evaluation shall be conducted in accordance with Massachusetts General Law and applicable regulations.  All teachers shall have the right to have an Association representative present at all conferences with the building principal, superintendent or immediate supervisor.


b. All teachers shall be evaluated by their building principal, assistant principal, superintendent or immediate supervisor. The parties agree that for the purpose of this provision, where the district has chosen to appoint part-time administrators who remain members of the bargaining unit, such persons shall not be responsible for evaluating other unit members.


c. Written reports of the observations will be returned to the teacher within ten (10) school days.


d.  The Final Evaluation Report (Form D) shall be delivered to the teachers by:

·                           May 15th for Provisional Status teachers

·                           June 15th for Professional Status teachers on Year 4 of the evaluation cycle

The Final Evaluation Report (Form D) may be delayed by an amount of days equal to the amount of school cancellation days.



3.      Provisional Faculty


a.    Initial conference will be held to discuss and plan for the achievement of the goals by October 15th.

b.   Goals related to the Principles of Effective Teaching will be established in collaboration with the supervisor.

c.    Three classroom visitations will occur during the year before December 1st, February 1st, and April 1st.

One (1) formal observation: (Pre-observation, Observation, Post-observation)

Two (2) informal observations: [A post-observation conference may happen if either the teacher or supervisor requests it.]

d.   Summary evaluation: Final conference between faculty member and supervisor by May 1st.


4.      Professional Status Faculty


a.    All teachers on Year 1, 2, and 3 of the evaluation cycle (Year 4 teachers will meet with their supervisor) will submit goals and objectives using the Goal Setting Form (Form C) by October 15th of each school year.  The principal/supervisor will sign indicating approval and return the signed form to the teacher by October 31st.  If not approved, the supervisor will schedule a meeting by October 31st.


b.   The completed Goal Setting Form (Form C) indicating completion of/progress toward goals will be submitted to the principal/supervisor by May 15th.  The principal/supervisor will sign indicating receipt and will return Form C to the teacher by June 1st.  If there are any questions or concerns, a meeting will be held by June 1st for discussion.


Selection Process


                      (1).  For the first year (2006-2007) of this evaluation cycle teachers will be assigned to either Year 1, 2, 3 or 4.

                      (2).  The rotation of the pools established in 2006-2007, will continue for the life of the contract. Any staff member who is granted Professional Status during this time frame will enter the evaluation cycle at Year 1.


c.    Year 1:  Professional Development Year

The purpose of this year is not only to promote professional development but also to encourage collaboration and sharing among staff members. Staff members may also collaborate with other professionals.  Prior to October 15th, the staff member will develop and submit a Professional Development Plan (Form E) for approval.


When the activities have been completed, the staff member will submit the final product by June 1st. Form E will be placed in the staff member’s personnel file.


Acceptable activities for the Professional Development Year are as follows:


Peer Observation -

A teacher will observe another teacher’s lesson four times during the year.

     Product: Submit Form G.


Study Groups -

Teachers will meet with their colleagues four times a year to learn new strategies and implement those strategies in their classrooms.

     Product: Submit summative reflection paper of no more than 250 words.


Action Research Project -

A teacher identifies an area in need of improvement, i.e., classroom management techniques, behavior modifications, differentiated instruction, etc. Teacher researches area, implements changes, reflects upon results and continues this cyclical process.

Product: A written reflection on the action research project and how it impacted the teacher’s professional performance. Written reflection should be no more than 500 words.


Portfolio -

Teacher will show educational and professional growth in one of the Principles of Effective Teaching by collecting lesson plans, professional articles, work samples, etc.

Product: A written reflection on the portfolio process and how it impacted the teacher’s professional performance. Written reflection should be no more than 500 words.


Prepare and present a Staff Development Program -

     Product: A copy of program agenda and materials


Prepare and present a Parent Education Program -

     Product: A copy of program agenda and materials


Pilot or explore a new program -

Upon authorization from the building principal, a teacher implements a program being considered by the Norfolk Public Schools.

     Product: Completion of Evaluation Tool for new program provided by supervisor.


Curriculum Development

Collaborate with colleagues to develop a new unit or revise an existing unit.

     Product: A copy of new unit and materials.


Mentoring -

Follow procedures outlined in mentoring handbook.

     Product: Two hundred fifty (250) word reflection on the experience.


An Approved Graduate Level Course-

     Product: Submit approval form and grade


Submission of an article for publication in a professional journal -

     Product: Copy of the article


Pursue National Board Certification-

Product: Copy of application and evidence of progress towards certification


Member of Executive Board of NTA

Product: One year of service


Other -

To be approved by building principal/supervisor.

Product: To be approved by building principal/supervisor


d.  Year 2: Informal Observation

A minimum of one informal observation will be completed prior to April 1st. A completed Informal Observation (Form B) will be returned to the teacher in an envelope. A meeting will be scheduled within 10 school days to review Form B.


e.  Year 3: Individual Study

The staff member selects a professional growth activity that correlates with one or more of his/her annual goals. The staff member will submit an Individual Study Plan (Form F) to his/her supervisor by October 15th. The staff member will submit a reflection paper of approximately 250 words on his/her Independent Study by June 1st.


f.  Year 4: Full Narrative Evaluation

(a)  The teacher and supervisor will meet to discuss and plan for the achievement of the goals by October 15th.

(b)  Goals related to the Principles of Effective Teaching will be established in collaboration with the supervisor.

              (c)  Classroom visitations will occur as follows:

  (i)  One formal observation by June 1st (Pre-observation, Observation,   Post-Observation)

  (ii) Other observations are at the discretion of the supervisor or at the request of the teacher.

(d)  Summary evaluation: Final conference between faculty member and supervisor by June 15th.


g.  Professional Teachers at Risk


(1).   A teacher will deemed at risk if:

The teacher is given written notice (Form H), as a result of the formal evaluation process, that he/she is at risk. The notice, in such case, shall set forth the basis upon which the administrator has made the assessment, what performance standards were found in need of significant improvement and why.


(2).   A teacher considered to be at risk may formally ask his/her Principal for the intervention of a Support Team on Form H.  The Principal, upon receipt of the teacher’s written request, will then establish a Support Team, subject to the terms and conditions established in this section.


(3).   The ability of the Support Team to fulfill its role will depend upon the agreement, consent, and cooperation of the teacher at risk.  The teacher at risk may at any time, by notice in writing to the Principal, terminate the continued functioning of the Support Team.


(4).   The Support Team shall consist of the teacher’s Principal and three NTA colleagues of the teacher, with the teacher, the Association, and the Administration each selecting one colleague. If the teacher is a special education teacher, then the Student Support Services Director will be on the team.


(5).   The teacher requesting Support Team intervention shall provide the Support Team, or authorize his/her principal to provide the Support Team, with copies of the relevant documentation that placed the teacher on at risk status, and such other information which the Support Team deems relevant. If the teacher does not provide the support team with sufficient information to allow the team to devise an appropriate assistance plan, the team can, through a unanimous vote, disband the Support Team. At this point the principal/supervisor may proceed with one of the following steps:

(a)           Place the teacher on the Full Narrative year of the evaluation cycle

(b)          Develop an intensive assistance plan for an additional ninety school days (there is to be a maximum of six (6) consecutive ninety-school-day cycles)

(c)          Initiate the dismissal process


(6).  Role of Support Team

(a)  The Support Team shall review the performance issues and suggest alternatives to address the performance problems, i.e., enlist outside support on the teacher’s behalf; participation in professional development activities; course work; release time opportunities to visit other classrooms; increase in tuition reimbursement opportunities; peer coaching; working with a mentor teacher; other growth activities, etc. The aforementioned are set forth as possibilities, not mandates, and are not exhaustive.


(b)      The Assistance Plan (Form I) will focus on the area(s) for improvement designated by the evaluator.  A plan will consist of no more than three (3) goals and include:

(1).    Statement of the problem

(2).    Performance goals with measurable outcomes that will be accepted as evidence of improvement



                             *Support structures

                             *Data collection methods and sources

                             *Evidence of progress

                             *A timetable


(c)  In order to help the teacher achieve the goals of the Assistance Plan, the team will provide ongoing assistance. Each member of the team will maintain a log of activities, which will include the date, time, duration, description of the activity, and the goal it addressed.


(d)  Within ninety (90) school days of the plan, the team will reconvene to share their logs. The principal/director will decide whether or not the teacher has met the established performance goals of the Assistance Plan and complete Form J. If the teacher has been successful, the process is concluded. If not, then the principal/director may proceed with one of the following:

* Place the teacher on the Full Narrative year of the evaluation cycle

* Develop an intensive assistance plan for an additional ninety school days

  (There is to be a maximum of six [6] consecutive ninety-school-day cycles.)

* Initiate the dismissal process



G.   Instruments


Instruments used in the teacher evaluation process are described in Appendix B and incorporated by reference herein.


H.  Conclusion


Any and all personnel decisions and/or actions, which result from and/or are connected to evaluations, shall be subject to all of the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement. All evaluations are to be conducted in compliance and conformance with the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws and regulations.




Sick Leave


A.  Sick Leave Quantity


1.  Teachers will be entitled to twelve (12) sick days annually, cumulative to a maximum of sixty (60) days during the first five (5) years of employment by the Norfolk School District.  After the first five (5) years of employment, teachers will be entitled to fifteen (15) days annually, cumulative to 195 days.  In cases of merit, the Committee may allow sick leave beyond the above limit.  Teachers, except for those serving in their first school year of employment in the Norfolk School District, will be entitled to sick days each school year as of the first official day of said school year whether or not they report for duty on that day.  Teachers, who are serving in their first school year of employment in the Norfolk School District, shall be entitled to sick days effective upon the first day such teachers report to work at the rate of 1.25 days per calendar month, not to exceed twelve (12) days during such first school year.  Teachers, within the first school year of employment, shall apply earned sick leave days to any earlier used sick days which were unpaid.


2.  An annual statement will be given to each teacher no later than November 1, stating the number of sick days which have been accumulated in the prior year.


B.   Utilization of Sick Leave


In addition to personal illness or injury, sick leave may be utilized for the medical needs of the immediate family to a maximum of ten (10) days.  Any other reason must be approved by the Superintendent.


C.  Sick Leave Bank


1.  Each teacher shall contribute one (1) day of his or her annual sick leave to the bank each year provided that the total annual contribution for any given year does not raise the number of days in the sick bank to more than two hundred (200).


2.  Teachers new to the system will not be eligible to participate in, and will not be asked to contribute to, the sick bank until the start of their second year of employment.  At the start of their second year, they will contribute one (1) sick day to the bank regardless of whether this raises the level of the bank above two hundred (200) days, and they will be eligible to participate in the bank from that time forward. 


3.  All deposits will automatically be recorded by the School District on the first day of employment in each school year.


4.  Eligible teachers who have a prolonged illness and who have used up the sick leave to which they are entitled may apply to draw on the bank.


5.  Formal application must be made in writing to the Superintendent of Schools to draw upon the Sick Leave Bank.


6.  Authorization to draw upon the Sick Leave Bank will be approved by both the Superintendent and by a vote of the Association only upon the certification by the teacher's physician that the applicant is disabled from performing his/her duties for the School district.  Should either the Committee or the Association request a second opinion, said opinion shall be obtained at the expense of the requesting party.  Any grant of sick leave days shall end no later than the last day of the school year during which the prolonged illness began.


7.  By November 1st of each year, a statement of the total number of days in the Sick Leave Bank will be forwarded annually to the President of the Association.


8.  At the beginning of each school year, teachers at the maximum sick leave accumulation of 195 days shall have that year's annual sick leave or that portion that is above 195 days held separately for that school year only.  On June 30th of every year the amount of days in excess of teachers' maximum accumulated sick days will be added to the Sick Leave Bank not to exceed 200 days.


9.  If the Sick Leave Bank falls below forty (40) days during an academic year, any sick days held separately as stated above will be added to the Sick Bank, not to exceed 200 days.  If there are no days of separately held sick leave, each teacher will then be assessed an additional day from his/her personal sick leave.




Leaves of Absence


A.  Paid Leave


Teachers will be entitled to the following temporary leaves of absence with pay:


1.  Personal Leave.  Three (3) days leave of absence for personal, legal, business, household or family matters which require absence during school hours.  Application for personal leave will be made at least twenty-four (24) hours before taking such leave, except in the case of emergencies.  The applicant for such leave will not be required to state the reason for taking such leave other than that he/she is taking it under this section. In the event that a unit member requests a personal day subsequent to the scheduling of a professional development day, the unit member shall obtain the approval of the principal, which shall not be unreasonably denied. Teachers absent from professional development days for personal reasons will be held responsible for information disseminated at all meetings.


a. Personal leave days shall not be consecutive unless the Superintendent is notified at least forty-eight hours in advance. 


b. Personal days may not be taken for the purpose of extending the following:

                                      Winter break

                                       February break

                                       Spring break


2.  Bereavement Leave.  Teachers will be entitled to the following Bereavement Leave with pay:

a. Up to five (5) days in the event of death of spouse, parents, children, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, mothers-in-law and fathers-in-law.  

b. Up to three (3) days in the event of death of brother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew.

c. Up to one (1) day for other close relative or friend.

d. Additional days will be granted at the discretion of the Superintendent.


3.      Family Leave


a. Disabilities caused or contributed to by childbearing or termination thereof and recovery therefrom are, for all employment-related purposes, presumably temporary disabilities absent medical documentation establishing otherwise and shall be treated as such under a Sick Leave provision of this Agreement.  This means that any female teacher may apply for accumulated sick leave days to that period of her maternity leave which her physician certifies in writing to the Superintendent that she is temporarily disabled.


b. A Family Leave of Absence will be granted in accordance with applicable laws.  In addition a unit member may take a childrearing leave of absence that will commence at the arrival of the adoptive or natural child, inclusive of the statutory leave referenced above, by choosing one of the following options:


(1).   The unit member may opt to return at or before the completion of the statutory leave referenced above.


(2).   The unit member may opt to return at the start of the following school year or either of the following two Septembers.


(3).   As the School Committee and the Superintendent are committed to having their qualified teaching staff return to their classrooms as soon as possible, the unit member, with the agreement of the Superintendent, may opt to return during the school year(s) following the commencement of their leave.

                                                  (a).       If the leave did not commence in that school year and the unit member chooses to return in that school year, they must return by March 1st (or if March 1st is not a Monday, the Monday immediately following March 1st).

                                                  (b).       (1)  If the leave did commence in that school year and the teacher was actively employed for 60 calendar days, then that unit member may opt to return no later than the Monday immediately following Spring break, as long as he/she provides written notice of the same no later than February 1st of school year in which he/she intends to return.  (2) If the leave did commence in that school year and the unit member was not actively employed for 60 calendar days and chooses to return in that school year, she/he must return by March 1st (or if March 1st is not a Monday, the Monday immediately following March 1st).


(4).        Regardless of the option chosen, unit members shall provide written notification to the Superintendent of the date of return from such leave at least thirty (30) days prior to the anticipated arrival of the child. Date of return may be changed, based upon extenuating circumstances, as agreed upon by the Superintendent.  When returning from a full year leave, confirmation of intent to return will be submitted in writing to the Superintendent by February 1 before the start of the next school year. Should a situation arise that negates the necessity for such a leave, a teacher may cancel such leave by notifying the Superintendent of Schools of such intent.  The teacher may return to work as soon as arrangements can be made to provide a position for such teacher.


c.   All benefits to which the teacher was entitled at the time his/her leave of absence commenced, including any unused accumulated sick leave, shall be restored to him/her upon his/her return, and he/she shall be assigned to a teaching position for which he/she is certified and qualified.  No benefits shall be earned or otherwise accrued to any teacher during such leave of absence.


d.  The Superintendent shall not be required to restore a teacher on family or childrearing leave to his/her previous or similar position if other teachers of equal length of service, credit and status in the same or similar position have been laid off due to economic conditions or other changes in operating conditions affecting employment during the period of such Family leave; provided, however, that such teacher on Family leave shall retain any preferential consideration for any other position to which he/she may be entitled as of the date of his/her leave.


e. Any employee who is granted leave under the provisions of this Article who has been employed for 50% of the year or more will be credited with a full year on the salary schedule and the seniority list.



4.  Leave for Jury Duty.  Teachers required to perform jury duty shall receive leave with pay for the duration of such duty.  Compensation shall be the difference between jury duty pay and the teacher's regular pay, including all or part of compensation for stipendiary positions held at the time of such jury duty.


5.      Religious Observance.  Each teacher shall be entitled to two (2) days of religious observance.  Teachers using these days shall notify the Superintendent at least seven (7) days in writing prior to the date of the intended absence.  Any additional days may be granted as personal days at the discretion of the Superintendent.



B.   Unpaid Leave


1.  Medical


a. Teachers may be granted an unpaid leave of up to one (1) year for medical reasons.  A letter from an attending physician stating the need for the unpaid leave shall accompany the application.  This leave is intended for use by teachers who have exhausted all personal and Sick Bank leave.


b. Medical certification from the attending physician and a pre-conference with the Superintendent will be required prior to his/her return.


2.      Other Unpaid Leave.  Other extended unpaid leaves of absence may be granted at the discretion of the Superintendent.



C.        Returning from Leave


When returning from a full year (or longer) leave, for any reason, confirmation of intent to return will be submitted in writing to the Superintendent by February 1st before the start of the next school year.




Grievance Procedure



A.   Definitions


1.  A grievance is defined for the purpose of this Agreement to be any difference, or problem that may arise between the parties hereto, or between the Committee and a teacher covered by this Agreement as to:

a.    The interpretation or application of any provision of this Agreement with respect to wages, hours, and other conditions of employment of teachers covered by it; or

b.   Any matter involving an alleged violation of any of the provisions of this Agreement;

c.    A matter which is not covered by any provisions of this Agreement or which is reserved to the discretion of the Committee by the terms of this Agreement shall not be subject of the grievance.


2.  Grievant: A grievant may be either an individual teacher, or a group or class of teachers covered by this Agreement.


3.  Days: Days shall mean school days except during the summer recess when days shall mean when the involved Administrator is scheduled to work.


B.   General Provisions


1.           All grievances shall be in writing and specify the nature of the grievance, article or articles violated and remedy sought.


2.           A teacher may present a grievance to the employer and have such grievance heard. The Association must be notified of the date of any grievance hearing and may have representatives present.  No settlement inconsistent with the terms of this agreement may be agreed upon.


3.           The purpose of the grievance procedure is to produce prompt and equitable solutions to those problems which from time to time may arise.


4.           Inasmuch as a grievance procedure has been provided for, neither the Committee nor the Association will use any other means to settle a dispute or grievance covered by said grievance procedure.  No teacher shall be discriminated against by reason of making a complaint or filing a grievance asserting any violation of this Agreement.


5.           The parties shall make a sincere and determined effort to settle meritorious grievances at each step of the grievance procedure.  Where a settlement is reached at any stage of these procedures, such decision shall be binding and final on all parties


C.  Grievance Procedure:


1.   Level One: Principal


A grievant shall present his/her grievance in writing to the appropriate principal within fifteen (15) days of the occurrence of any grievance, or the date of the first reasonable knowledge of its occurrence by any party affected by it.  The principal shall meet with the aggrieved within five (5) days of receipt of such grievance and render a written decision with a summary of the proceedings to include the efforts made by both parties and shall be signed by both parties within 5 days.


2.   Level Two: Superintendent


If the grievance has not been resolved at Level One to the satisfaction of the aggrieved, he/she may appeal in writing such decision to the Superintendent within ten (10) days of receipt of such decision.  The Superintendent shall meet with the aggrieved to discuss the allegations within 5 days of receipt of the grievant's written appeal.  The Superintendent will render a written decision and a summary of proceedings to include the efforts made by both parties and shall be signed by both parties within 5 days. 


3.   Level Three: Committee Meeting


If the grievance has not been resolved in Level Two to the satisfaction of the aggrieved, he/she may appeal such decision in writing to the Norfolk School Committee, 70 Boardman Street, within ten (10) days of receipt of the Level Two decision.  The Committee and the grievant will meet for the purpose of resolving the grievance at the next regularly scheduled meeting provided at least five (5) days have passed between receipt of the grievance and the Committee meeting.  Within fifteen (15) days of said meeting a written response will be sent to the grievant.  Documentation at this level occurs for the purpose of record keeping.


4.   Level Four: Arbitration


a.    Time Frame

(1).                If the grievance has not been resolved at Level Three to the satisfaction of the Association, the Association may, by giving written notice to the Committee within twenty (20) school days after receipt of the decision at Level Three, present the grievance for Arbitration to the State Board of Conciliation and Arbitration or American Arbitration Association for disposition in accordance with their rules. 

(2).                The Arbitrator's decision will be final, binding, and in writing, and will set forth his findings of fact, reasoning and conclusions on the issues as submitted by parties.


b.   The Arbitrator is without authority to render a decision which requires the commission of an act prohibited by state law or violative of the terms of this Agreement.


c.    All costs for the services of the Arbitrator shall be shared equally.



C.   Miscellaneous Provisions


1.   If a grievance is not initiated or appealed in accordance with this grievance procedure, the grievance shall be deemed waived.


2.   The time limits may be extended in writing by mutual agreement of the parties.


3.   No written communication, other document, or any records or papers relating to any grievance shall be filed in the personnel folder of any teacher.


4.   Nothing in this grievance procedure shall limit the rights of the employers and teachers and their exclusive representatives under Chapter 150E.






A.   Salaries


For each respective fiscal year encompassed by this Agreement, the salaries of all persons covered by this Agreement are set forth in the Appendix A, which is attached hereto and made a part hereof.  With respect to compensation in FY2012 only, in addition to the payment of base compensation as provided in Appendix A for FY2012, the Town will pay the insured teachers’ portion of the FY2012-over-FY2011 increase in health insurance premiums; and shall make the longevity payments to qualifying teachers consistent with Section (E) of this Article.


B.   Implementation of Salary Schedule


1.   Salary Schedule will become effective with the school year beginning September 1, 2011.  All provisions herein shall apply to that date or later date.


2.   The beginning salary of any new teacher shall be determined by the Superintendent upon appraisal of training, experience, and other qualifications at the time of original appointment.  It shall not necessarily be entirely in accordance with experience and training. Any employee who is employed for 50% or more of the year will be credited with a full year on the salary schedule and the seniority list.


3.   Graduate courses that are a part of an accredited degree program in the field of education or that meet school, district improvement plan or personal IPDP goals, as approved by the principal, will be approved for lane movement.  All other courses are subject to the approval of the Superintendent.


4.   By December 1 teachers must notify the Business Office, in writing, of any anticipated lateral changes in their placement on the salary schedule for the following school year.  Failure to submit this information will negate any changes in the salary in the upcoming school year.


5.   Teachers are responsible for providing documentation to support those changes prior to September.


6.   As a result of the salary schedule in the manner detailed immediately above  and as  the result of “realigning” some of the steps, the parties agree, for the 2008-2009 school year only,  any current unit member, who, as a result of the realignment of the steps, on September 1, 2008 would still earn less on the 2008-2009 pay schedule than they would have earned if the 2007-2008 salary schedule was still in effect unchanged, shall be “held harmless” for the first year of the contract only. By “held harmless,” the parties mean that the District will pay affected employees the difference between what they would have earned at their current step under the prior year’s salary schedule and the lower amount he/she would otherwise be earning under the 2008-2009 salary schedule at his/her current step.


A list of affected employees being “held harmless” is attached as Appendix B. The amounts are calculated based on the employees’ 2007-2008 FTE equivalency and should such status change for the 2008-2009 school year, such employees will be compensated according to his or her new status. For employees whose hold harmless amount exceeds $1000, such employees will be paid halfway through the school year and at the end of the school year in two equal amounts. All other employees shall receive such payments at the end of the school year. Any employee whose service does not complete the 2008-2009 school year shall be paid an amount that is equivalent to the portion of the school year worked by the employee.


a.  Effective with the start of the 2008-2009 school year, Step 15 at B and B+15 columns will be eliminated. All employees on steps 13 or above at the start of the 2008-2009 school year shall be “grandfathered” and able to advance through the old step 15.


Effective with the start of the 2009-2010 school year, Step 14 at B and B+15columns will be eliminated. All employees on steps 13 or above at the start of the 2009-2010 school year shall be “grandfathered” and able to advance through the old step 15.


Effective with the start of the 2010-2011 school year, Step 13 at B and B+15 columns will be eliminated. All employees on steps 13 or above at the start of the 2010-2011 school year shall be “grandfathered” and able to advance through the old step 15.


Effective with the start of the 2011-2012 school year, the top step for the B and B+15 columns shall be Step 12, with the exception of all employees who are, by that time, already on one of the grandfathered steps, in which case they may continue to progress to one of the grandfathered steps and/or remain on said step once he or she gets to the grandfathered step 15.


7.           For the purpose of this contract the following positions are compensable, and the unit member actually performing such duties, subject to the appointment by the Superintendent on an annual basis, shall be paid in accordance with the following schedule:


Mentor - Year 1 of 3-year commitment                 $750.00

               Year 2 of 3-year commitment                $500.00

               Year 3 of 3-year commitment                 $250.00


There may be other teachers who require less than a 3-year commitment from a mentor (e.g. experienced staff moving into the district, experienced Norfolk staff changing grade levels). These mentors shall be compensated accordingly at the agreed upon level of commitment.


Bournedale Coordinator                                       $1,000.00

NEASC Chair                                              $1,000.00

Steering Committee Members                    $   480.00

Lead Teacher                                              $ 2,000.00

Book Room Coordinator                             $ 1,000.00


Additional stipends may be paid from time to time at the direction of the Superintendent for a variety of purposes. The amount of compensation for these positions shall range from $250.00 to $2,000.00 and shall be mutually agreed upon between the unit member and the Superintendent prior to the appointment.    


C.   Professional Development Allocation 


Funds to support the professional development of NTA members, not to exceed a total of $50,000.00 in any fiscal year, shall be distributed among NTA members on a per capita basis each fiscal year, which funds are to be committed by such members to the costs associated with their professional development (“PD Allocation”).  The PD Allocation shall be calculated no later than September 1st of each school year based upon the number of full-time equivalent teachers employed at the beginning of the school year; and shall be added to such teachers’ annual base regular compensation provided in Appendix A to this Agreement.  Thereafter, at the conclusion of the subject school year, such PD Allocation shall be dropped from the teachers’ salary, subject to recalculation and application in the following school year.  On no account shall the PD Allocation be included in the basis upon which negotiated salary increases are calculated.


  1. With the prior approval of the Superintendent or his/her designee, teachers shall be reimbursed for all expenses incurred for attendance at workshops, conferences or seminars.


  1. A teacher applying for National Teacher Certification is eligible for two (2) additional Professional Days for the purpose of completing the application process and in the year of recertification for completing the recertification process.  A teacher may use up to $1,000 of course/workshop reimbursement funds for National Teacher Certification application and recertification costs.



D.  Part time Employees


1.   Persons who are employed at less than full time will be paid on a prorated basis.


2.   Eligibility for benefits and course reimbursement will be paid on a prorated basis.  Part time teachers may take courses (see section C.1. on course reimbursement) with their total reimbursement not to exceed their prorated share of $1000 (e.g. A.5 teacher would be entitled to a maximum of $500 per year).


E.                   Longevity Payments


For FY2012 only, teachers who have completed more than the below-referenced number of years as a teacher within the Norfolk Public Schools shall receive one of the below-referenced annual longevity stipends.  The stipend shall be paid along with the employee’s second paycheck in the month of December each year.  The sum of that year’s stipend shall be based upon the teacher’s number of completed years of service as of December 15th of the school year in which the stipend is being paid.


Years 15 through 19  -  $350.00

Years 20 through 24  -  $500.00

Years 25 through 29  -  $650.00

Years 30 +                 -  $800.00


No longevity shall be paid in years 2 and 3 of this Agreement.






A.  This Contract shall become effective with the school year beginning September 1, 2011, and shall continue in effect through August 31, 2014.  Notice of intent to terminate the contract must be given in writing before the November 1st immediately preceding the August expiration of the contract.  The Agreement may be altered, changed or rewritten at any time by mutual agreement of the parties through the collective bargaining process.


B.  Further Consideration:  Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph A above, each party reserves the right, biennially, to consider further the subject matter under Article 1, Paragraph C above for collective bargaining.  Such right must be exercised by written notice from one party to the other on or before November 1 during any contract year.  In the event the parties reach further agreements as a result of such collective bargaining, this Agreement shall be amended so as to include any such further agreements.  In the event that no notice is sent by either party prior to November 1 during any contract year, the provisions of Article 1, Paragraph C, then in effect shall continue until the end of the contract year.





A.  Written notice of vacancies in positions on the administrative or teachers' levels which occur prior to the closing of school in June shall be sent to all members via e-mail on the district’s system,, on the condition that the School Department  is not responsible for any errors associated with teachers’ email address.  Professional teachers who wish to receive notice of any vacancy in any particular position or positions which may occur after the closing of school in June shall notify the Superintendent, in writing, no later than June 1st of the particular position or positions in which they are interested.  Written notice of any vacancies which occur in such positions will be given to said professional teachers.  The notices provided for in this paragraph shall be given as soon as possible after the occurrence of the vacancy.


B.  The written notice shall set forth the qualifications, duties and compensation rate for the position, and the date within which application should be filed with the Superintendent.  Such date shall not be less than seven (7) days from the date of the posting of the notice, except in cases of emergency.  Professional teachers who desire to apply for any such position vacancy shall submit their applications in writing to the Superintendent within the time limit specified in said notice.


C.  In addition to giving of written notice in the manner indicated above, the Superintendent may give notice of vacancies in such positions and see applicants in such other ways as he/she considers necessary.


D.  In filling vacancies for said positions, the Principal will give primary consideration to the applicant's qualifications for the position.  Where, in the opinion of the Principal, the qualifications of applicants are substantially equal, preference will be given to teachers of the Association on the basis of their seniority as such teachers.  Any grievance arising out of or with respect to the decisions of the Principal made hereunder in filling positions may be processed only through Level Two of the Grievance Procedure set forth in Article VII of this Agreement.  Level Four of said grievance, which provides for the submission of a grievance to formal arbitration, shall not apply to any such grievance.


E.  Written notice of the filling of any such vacant position will be given to all professional teachers who made written application for the position.




Effect of Government Regulations



A.  Any provisions of this Agreement which are or hereinafter may be in conflict with the provisions of any laws or lawful governmental regulations are, and shall be, modified or suspended, only to the extent and for the period during which such conflict may exist.


B.           Should any part hereof, or any provisions herein, contained, be rendered and declared invalid by reason of any existing or subsequently enacted legislation, or by decree of any court, or by reason of any rule or regulation of any presently existing or future created Federal, State, or Municipal agencies, such invalidation of any such part or portion of this Agreement shall not invalidate the remaining portions hereof, and they shall remain in full force and effect.



Dismissal and Termination



A.  Dismissal


A provisional teacher who has been teaching for more than ninety (90) calendar days shall not be dismissed for any reason, unless at least fifteen (15) days prior to dismissal, exclusive of customary vacation periods, he/she shall have been furnished by the Principal with a written statement of the cause or causes for dismissal. However, the provisional teacher may be suspended with or without pay, as the Superintendent may determine, during the prescribed 15 day notice period if the grounds for his/her dismissal indicate or establish reasonable cause to conclude that such teacher should not be permitted to return to the classroom.



C.   Renewal


The above paragraph shall not apply to the renewal of a contract of a provisional teacher; but if such contract is not renewed, the teacher will be given the reason thereof in writing.  


D.  Termination


Upon termination of the employment of a teacher for any cause, the compensation paid or to be paid to said teacher shall be an amount which bears the same ratio to his/her yearly salary as the number of teaching days, to the date of such termination bears to the total annual teaching days, as provided in the school calendar.  Any unearned fractional portion of an installment paid but not earned prior to termination of employment, shall be refunded by the teacher.




Reduction in Force


A.  The Committee retains the right to reduce the numbers of teachers on its staff.  Teachers shall be laid off in the inverse order of their initial employment, as determined by their first day of work, within the separate groups of professional status and provisional staff.


1.   A teacher whose position is eliminated shall either:

a.    be transferred to an open position for which the teacher is certified within his/her discipline category, or

b.   replace a teacher with the lowest seniority in that discipline area, or

c.    replace a less senior teacher in another discipline provided that he/she is certified and qualified to teach in the new discipline.  In determining qualification, the Principal/Superintendent shall consider (without specific weighting or priority):

(1).                 experience in teaching in the new discipline in Norfolk

(2).                 experience teaching in the new discipline outside of Norfolk

(3).                 major and minor fields of college study

(4).                 relevant experience outside of education

(5).                 recent course or professional development work in the new discipline.


2.   If there is a vacancy in an area where a laid off teacher is certified or can become certified within one year of the effective date of the layoff, the laid off teacher will be offered alternative employment, at the discretion of the building principal, in that area with no loss of seniority in the District.


3.   Definitions

                   Discipline categories shall include:

§  Classroom

§  Art

§  Health / Physical Education

§  Music

§  Computer

§  Special Education

§  Developmental Reading resource teachers

§  Developmental Mathematics resource teachers.


4.   Seniority

Seniority means a teacher's length of continuous service in years, months, and days in the Norfolk School District provided that the seniority of present employees as of the effective date of the Agreement shall consist of their length of service from the initial date of employment by the Committee. Teachers who are contracted for .5 status or more shall be credited for a full year for seniority purposes. Teachers shall be credited for seniority purposes with all time spent on any leaves of absences of one year or less where the leave of absence consists of one half contracted school days or less in any school year. Teachers on approved leave of absence of more than one year shall be credited with seniority for one year only.  However, in no case shall a teacher on an approved leave of absence for more than one year lose any accumulated seniority.


In cases involving teachers who have identical seniority, preference for retention or recall shall be given to the teacher who had achieved the highest professional training, experience and evaluations in the Norfolk Public Schools.


5.   Notice Requirement

Under normal circumstances, laid off teachers shall be notified in writing no later than April 15. In no event, however, shall notice be made later than June 15 preceding the school year in which the reduction is to be effected. Said notice shall include specific reasons for the layoff.


6.   Recall Rights

a.    Teachers laid off under this Section of the Contract shall have recall rights in the inverse order of their layoff within their discipline category for a period of two (2) years from the effective date of their layoff if they so indicate in writing to the Superintendent within fifteen (15) calendar days of their notice of layoff.


b.   Teachers laid off under this Article shall be given priority on the substitute list during said recall period if they so indicate in writing to the Superintendent.


c.    Teachers serving a recall period shall be notified by the district during the recall period via e-mail on the district’s system,, on the condition that the School Department is not responsible for any errors associated with teachers’ email address, concerning any open positions in the System which they may be qualified to fill.  Failure to accept an offer of employment for any such position within fifteen (15) calendar days shall terminate this requirement. 


d.   Teachers rehired after layoff under this Article shall be credited with such salary and fringe benefits as they were entitled to at the effective date of their layoff.


e.    While members of the Association continue on layoff, the Committee agrees not to hire any new teachers unless: 1) no teacher on layoff is qualified to fill a position; and, 2) all qualified teachers on layoff declined an offer to fill the vacancy. 


7.   Seniority Posting

A list specifying the seniority of each member of the Association shall be prepared by the Committee and forwarded to the President of the Association within sixty (60) days following the execution of this Agreement.  An updated "seniority list" shall be supplied by the Committee annually by December 1 of each school year.


8.   Administrator Re-entering Bargaining Unit

Any Norfolk administrator, not on an approved leave of absence, who has previously taught in the Norfolk Public Schools, upon elimination of their administrative position, is eligible to return to the bargaining unit in a position for which he/she is licensed. Said administrator may not displace any teacher with professional teacher status. For purposes of seniority, said administrator shall be credited with four (4) years of seniority upon their return.






A.  Individual


Teachers, within twenty-four hours, will report in writing all incidents or occurrences related to their health or safety suffered by them in connection with their employment to the affected building principal.


B.   Property


Personal property used by teachers in the teaching of their classes shall be insured against damage or loss at the expense of the Committee, in accordance with the Town liability coverage.


C. Non-Discrimination


No party to this Agreement shall discriminate against any teacher by reason of his/her membership or non-membership in the Association or his/her participation or non-participation in the activities of the Association or any other employee organization.




Workday and Year


A.  The teacher's on-site workday shall be scheduled in a contiguous block within the 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. time frame. The beginning and ending time of the day may be changed by mutual agreement between the administration and the affected teacher as long as such change does not increase the overall length of the teacher's workday. The length of the workday shall be seven (7) hours and twenty (20) minutes for 73 school days and seven (7) hours for the remaining teacher workdays. Absent an agreed-upon alternative schedule associated with the teaching responsibilities of a specific teacher, teachers shall remain in the buildings until 3:20 pm each day on any full-day school-day unless a teacher receives the express permission of the school principal to leave earlier. The parties agree that the assignment of staff to cover lunch and recess duties will be implemented on an equitable basis when possible.


B.  The teacher work year shall consist of one hundred eighty three (183) days.  Seventy-three (73) of those days shall be for seven (7) hours and twenty (20) minutes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays to be determined by the Administration at the time it develops the successor school year’s calendar.  The remaining teacher workdays shall be no longer than 7 hours.  There will be two half-day (early release for students) Professional Development days per school year on days to be determined by the Administration.


C.  The Norfolk School Committee encourages the administration to provide each teacher with preparation time whenever possible.  To that end, the parties agree that every effort will be made to provide each teacher with one preparation period per day, with each teacher receiving a minimum of five (5) preparation periods, or a minimum of one hundred and fifty (150) minutes of preparation time, exclusive of lunch and recess time, between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM per regular work week.


Full time teachers will be required to work an additional twenty (20) minutes each Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings, not to exceed seventy-three (73) days.  The remaining teacher workdays shall be no longer than seven (7) hours. This additional twenty (20) minutes on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings shall be used weekly for grade level meetings, curriculum meetings, and teacher's own planning time.  Staff meetings and site based management meetings shall be scheduled once a month during this time.  The remaining time may be used periodically for cross-grade meetings, NEST meetings, Share the Wealth meetings, SPED meetings, and joint planning time between inclusion and classroom teachers, parent conferences, and for other purposes by mutual agreement.


D.  All teachers regardless of the number of contracted hours will be held responsible for information disseminated at all meetings.


E.   Part time staff may be requested, but will not be required, to take days off throughout the school year in order to extend their work year while not increasing their work days.


F.   Part time staff is expected to attend Professional Development Days on a prorated basis as determined by their part time status. (For example, a .6 employee is required to attend .6 of the Professional Development Days/hours.)  Part time staff will not be required to attend Professional Development Days that take place on a day(s) they are not scheduled to work. However, if a part time staff person would like to attend a PD day on an unscheduled workday, they may do so with the approval of the Superintendent and for which they will receive a $100 stipend.


G.  Any employee covered by this bargaining agreement who is asked to work beyond their work year will be compensated at their per diem rate.






A.   Health/Life Insurance

Teachers shall be entitled to participate in the Town of Norfolk Group Health and Life Insurance Program at the premium contribution rate then prevailing.


B.  Severance and Separation

Upon resignation from the Norfolk Public Schools, any teacher with fifteen (15) or more years of service to the Norfolk Schools shall be entitled to compensation for all unused Sick Leave up to 180 days at $30 per day.  Written notification of intent to receive such compensation must be made to the Superintendent prior to December 1, or at Superintendent’s discretion subsequent to that date, of the school year that employment is to be completed. Teachers exercising this sick leave buy back option at retirement may take payment for their accumulated days by check or they may make a request that the Town of Norfolk make a contribution to a Qualified Tax Deferred Retirement Plan. The town shall establish a Qualified Tax Deferred Retirement Plan as soon as possible. Notification of such intention by an eligible employee must be made in writing to the Superintendent at least thirty (30) days prior to the retirement date.  If the check option is chosen, payment will be made to the employee in July of the next fiscal year.


C.  Employee Assistance Program

All teachers will have access to the services provided by the Employee Assistance Program offered by the Town of Norfolk.  Teachers will be able to participate in the selection of the programs to be offered.






  1. Telephone

Phones will be made available for use by the teachers at each respective school. The cost of the staff phones will be paid by the Committee when phones are being used by the staff for school business.


  1. Conferences

Students shall be released at noon on those days on which parent conferences may be scheduled, twice in the fall and twice in the spring.  Two of the conference days, chosen by the Superintendent, may be used for evening conferences to begin no later than 6:30 p.m. and to end no later than 9:30 p.m.  Teachers who are attending evening conferences may leave school after the dismissal of students.  The schedule of appointments shall be determined by the individual teachers.  All departments will be represented at conferences with parents.  Part time staff are required to be available for parent-teacher conferences during scheduled conference times.


  1. Open House

Each department with two (2) or more teachers will have representation at each school wide open house.  Classroom teachers will attend the open house at their respective grade levels.  No teacher will be required to attend more than one school wide open house.


D.  Notification

For the purpose of any written notification requirements set forth in this contract, the parties agree that notification via email will suffice and should any questions arise thereunder, it is the responsibility of the sender to establish receipt of said notification. Notifications for the following areas need to be written (not email) with the sender keeping a copy of said notification:  any salary lane changes, any leaves of absence notifications, and retirement or resignation notification.


  1. Summer Positions

All current staff will be given priority for appointment to positions posted for summer work for which they are qualified before out-of-district staff are hired. Staff wishing to be considered must respond as directed on the posting by its closing date.


F.  Off-site Duties

The parties agree that unit members will not be regularly assigned, during the school day, to work off the site of their assigned building(s) unless he/she was hired specifically to regularly do so.


G.  Licenses


Any unit member shall, upon request and at least annually, provide the district with all relevant documents and information with respect to the status of licenses pending at DESE.


H.   Legal Rights


Teachers will be entitled to full rights of citizenship, and no religious or political activities of any teacher (provided such activities do not take place during his/her working hours), or the lack thereof, will be grounds for any discipline or discrimination with respect to the professional employment of such teacher.


I.      Change of Classrooms


Beginning with any change of classrooms required of a teacher following the 2011-2012 school year, any unit member who is required to move her/his classroom over the summer (between school years) shall be compensated for his/her work at the rate of $175.00 per full day.  If the member is notified of the required move prior to May 15th, he/she will be permitted no more than one (1) such compensated day, subject to the advance approval of the school principal.  If the member is notified on or after May 15th of a required move, then the teacher may be permitted up to a maximum of three (3) compensated full days for the move, subject to the advance approval of the school principal.




Compliance with Massachusetts General Laws



A.  If any provision of this Agreement shall be deemed contrary to law, by an agency or court of competent jurisdiction, then such provisions shall be deemed invalid, null and void, but all other provisions of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.


B.  The Association hereby agrees and covenants that it shall not engage in a strike as defined in General Laws, Chapter 150E, Section 1.








In witness thereof, the parties to this Agreement have caused this Agreement to be executed in duplicate by their respective representatives hereunto duly authorized and their seals to be affixed hereto as of the date first above written.



Norfolk School Committee, by:







Norfolk Teachers Association, by:












Appendix - B



Norfolk Public Schools




Hold Harmless List 2007 - 2008





































































































































































































































































This list is prepared on the best review of the data available.  Both parties recognize that a subsequent

review may be necessary should someone have been overlooked.






Evaluation Process Instruments


Norfolk Public Schools

Formal Classroom Observation Report

Form A


Teacher’s Name:                                                                     Grade:                                                            

Observed By:                                                                          School:                                               

Date of Observation:                                                              Time:                                                  











Observation (Description)






















This information has been mutually discussed by the supervisor and the teacher.  Signature does not indicate approval.


_________________________________                              ______________________________

Teacher’s signature                                                                                         Supervisor’s signature


Revised 2006


Norfolk Public Schools

Informal Observation

Form B

Qualifiers:       √+, √, √, NA    (A minus in any area of this form requires a narrative explanation.)


Teacher: __________________________                  Observer: _____________________________

Date: ____________________________                  Time: ________________________________





Knowledge of Subject




Personal Enthusiasm






States Purpose     




Arouses Interest







Clear Sequence



Activities Relate to Purpose


Achieves Rapport               


Use of Technology             




Method of Instruction



     Activities Paced



Teacher-Pupil Interaction




Encourages Students to be Responsible for own Learning


Routine Procedures




Student Involvement


     Group Response


Classroom Organization


Identifies needs of individual students


Review and Evaluation

     Conclusions Drawn


Plans for integration of curriculum


Lesson Summarized          






Closing Instructions

     Including Assignment

     Clear and Understandable


Bulletin Boards




Evidence of student progress           




 General comments and recommendations of the observer:


Signature indicates receipt of the evaluation. It does not signify agreement.


________________________________________                   ____________________________________

Teacher’s Signature                                                                                            Supervisor’s Signature

Revised 2006
Norfolk Elementary Schools

Annual Goal Setting

Form C

 Name: ____________________________________            Date: _______________________

School: ___________________________________             Position: ____________________


1. Develop two goals to address two different Principles of Effective Teaching

(See Principles A-G below.)

     A. Currency in the Curriculum

     B. Effective Planning and Assessment of Curriculum and Instruction

     C. Effective Management of Classroom Environment

     D. Effective Instruction

     E. Promotion of High Standards and Expectations for Student Achievement

     F. Promotion of Equity and Appreciation of Diversity

     G. Fulfillment of Professional Responsibilities


            Goal #1: __________________________________________________________________________



            How will it be measured? _____________________________________________________________________________



            Evidence that goal was completed? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


            If goal was not completed, please explain:




            Goal #2: ___________________________________________________________________________  



            How will it be measured? _____________________________________________________________________________



            Evidence that goal was completed? ______________________________________________________________________________



            If goal was not completed, please explain: _____________________________________________________________________________



Additional Comments:




_________________________________________________          __________________

Signature of Teacher                                                                            Date

_________________________________________________          __________________

Signature of Supervisor                                                                      Date


Revised: Jan. 28, 1997, April 7, 1997, April 5, 1999, and May 8, 2006

Norfolk Elementary Schools,

Full Narrative Evaluation

Form D




1. Goal setting meeting held on:                                             ________________


2. Supervisor/Teacher Observations completed:                     ________________




3. In what way(s) did you share responsibility for accomplishing the goals set by your grade team, building and/or school system? Please list.







4. Other supervisory notations made during the year.







5. Summary:









Additional Comments:







_________________________________________________          __________________

Signature of Teacher                                                                                 Date

_________________________________________________          __________________

Signature of Supervisor                                                                             Date


Signature indicates receipt of the evaluation. It does not signify agreement.

Revised: Jan. 28, 1997, April 7, 1997, April 5, 1999, and May 8, 2006


Norfolk Elementary Schools

Professional Development Year

Form E


Teacher: _________________________________    Date: _______________________________


School: __________________________________   Position: ____________________________


This year I will participate in:


______      Peer Observation

______      Study Groups 

______      Action Research Project

______      Portfolio   

______      Prepare and present a Staff Development Program 

______      Prepare and present a Parent Education Program 

______      Pilot or explore a new program

______      Curriculum Development 

______      Mentoring

______      An Approved Graduate Level Course

______      Submission of articles for publication

______      Other (To be approved by supervisor)




Brief description of professional development plan:















Participants Involved: ___________________________________________________________



___________________________________________          _____________________________

Principal’s Signature                                                               Date


Created 2006

Norfolk Elementary School

Individual Study Plan

                                                                        Form F


This year I plan to focus my individual study on the following goal that correlates with the Principles of Effective Teaching:

            State the goal and professional standard being addressed. Write a brief summary of the professional growth activity you plan to undertake and how it addresses the stated goal. Submit to your supervisor for approval prior to October 15th.































______________________________________        ___________________________________

Teacher’s Signature                                                     Principal/Supervisor’s Signature


______________________________________        ___________________________________

Date                                                                            Date


Created 2006

Norfolk Elementary Schools

Peer Observation

                                                                        Form G


Teacher observing: _________________________   Signature: _____________________________

Teacher being observed: _____________________  Signature: _____________________________

Date: ________________


Brief summary of lesson observed: ______________________________________________





Ideas and strategies that observing teacher will try to incorporate into his/her practice: ___________________________________________________________________________





Date: ________________


Brief summary of lesson observed: ______________________________________________





Ideas and strategies that observing teacher will try to incorporate into his/her practice: ___________________________________________________________________________





Page 1

Created 2006


Date: ________________


Brief summary of lesson observed: ______________________________________________





Ideas and strategies that observing teacher will try to incorporate into his/her practice: ___________________________________________________________________________






Date: ________________


Brief summary of lesson observed: ______________________________________________





Ideas and strategies that observing teacher will try to incorporate into his/her practice: ___________________________________________________________________________






____________________________________            ___________________________________

Teacher’s Signature                                                     Principal/Supervisor’s Signature


______________________________________        ___________________________________

Date                                                                            Date


Page 2

Created 2006

Norfolk Elementary School

At Risk Notice

                                                                        Form H


This is to notify you that you have been placed in the at risk category because of the following:



























I will meet with you on _____________________________ at _______________. You are encouraged to have an NTA representative at this meeting.


             I request the intervention of the support team.


             I do not request the intervention of the support team.


______________________________________        ___________________________________

Teacher’s Signature *                                                  Principal/Supervisor’s Signature


______________________________________        ___________________________________

Date                                                                            Date


* Note: Signature does not signify agreement with contents, but only signifies receipt of a copy of this form.

Created 2006

Norfolk Elementary School

Support Team Assistance Plan

Form I


Team Members:


Teacher _______________________________   Signature: ______________________________

Principal: ______________________________  Signature: ______________________________

Director: _______________________________ Signature: ______________________________

Colleague 1: ____________________________ Signature: ______________________________

Colleague 2: ____________________________ Signature: ______________________________

Colleague 3: ____________________________ Signature: ______________________________

Date: _____________________


Standard Area:  Principles of Effective Teaching; Currency in the Curriculum, Effective Planning and Assessment of Curriculum and Instruction, Effective Management of Classroom Environment, Effective Instruction, Promotion of High Standards and Expectations for Student Achievement, Promotion of Equity and Appreciation of Diversity, Fulfillment of Professional Responsibilities.


The Problem:



Performance goal:



Strategies, activities and timetable:







Support structures:




Data Collection method and sources:



Evidence for Progress:





Norfolk Elementary School

Assistance Plan Summative Report

Form J




























            ________ Return to comprehensive evaluation cycle


            ________ Continue in at risk category with intervention of support team


            ________ Initiate dismissal process




___________________________________              _________________________________

Teacher’s Signature                                                     Principal/Supervisor’s Signature


_________________________________                  _________________________________

Date                                                                            Date   


* Signature indicates receipt of this form. It does not signify agreement.

Created 2006



(Scheduling of Professional Development Day)


            The Norfolk Teachers Association and the Norfolk School Committee (collectively hereinafter "the parties") hereby agree as follows:


            WHEREAS, the parties have negotiated a successor agreement covering the school years 2011-2012 through 2013-2014; and


WHEREAS, the parties discussed the upcoming move from the Freeman-Centennial School to the new Freeman-Kennedy School; and



            NOW THEREFORE, the parties agree that:


1.  Although the current system of scheduling the three (3) Professional Development days provides that one day is normally scheduled in or about October of the school year, for the 2012-2013 school year only, when the new school is scheduled to open, the October day will be scheduled at or near the start of the school year to provide teachers additional time to arrange their classrooms after the move.




        For the Norfolk Teachers                                         For the Norfolk School Committee



_______________________________                      ___________________________________


Date: ___________________________                    Date: ______________________________





(Study Groups)


                The Parties further agree that their Side Letter of September 23, 2009, regarding study groups to earn in-house credit for approved professional development initiatives (see attached) shall continue in effect for the duration of this Agreement.


2011-2012 Schedule




B+36/ M




M+60/ CAGS









































































































































2012-2013 Schedule

1% steps 2% top step




B+36/ M




M+60/ CAGS









































































































































2013-2014 Schedule

2% steps 3 % top step




B+36/ M




M+60/ CAGS