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Shared Contract District
Org Code3050000
Type of DistrictMunicipal K12
Union AffiliationMTA
Most Recent DocumentContract
Expiring Year2016
Expired Status
Superintendency Union
Regional HS Members
Vocational HS MembersNortheast Metropolitan RVTSD
ESE RegionNortheast
Kind of Communityeconomically developed suburbs
Number of Schools6
Percent Low Income Students13
Grade StartPK or K
Grade End12
download pdf version of this document view accessible version of this document AGREEMENT


















between the


Wakefield School Committee


and the


Wakefield Education Association,


Unit B






Effective dates of Contract:


July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2016




















































































            The Committee recognizes the Association for the purpose .of collective bargaining as the exclusive representative for all professional employees in the Wakefield Public Schools, other than those in the classification of Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Business Administrator, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and Principals.

            The Committee recognizes the Association for the purpose .of collective bargaining as the exclusive representative for all professional employees in the classification .of:  High School Assistant Principal, High School Director of Guidance, Director of Athletics and Student Activities, Middle School Assistant Principal as Unit B, hereinafter referred to as "administrators".





            The School Committee of the Town of Wakefield, hereinafter referred to as the Committee, and Unit B. of the Wakefield Education Association, hereinafter referred to as the Administrators, recognize that the development of educational programs of the highest quality, for the benefit of the students and the Town, is a common responsibility which can be best attained when each group utilizes the ability, experience, creativity, and judgment of the other.

            It is hoped that the consultation begun through professional negotiations will continue throughout the school year and that such dialogue will contribute to the betterment of public education in the Town .of Wakefield.





            Section 1.  The Committee agrees to fulfill its bargaining obligations pursuant to Chapter 150E.


            Section 2.  Any agreement reached with the Committee will be reduced to writing, will be signed by the Committee and the PPC, and will become an addendum to this Agreement.


            Section 3.  The Committee agrees not to negotiate with any administrators' organization other than the Wakefield Education Association, so designated as the exclusive bargaining agent pursuant to MGLA, Ch. 150E.  The Committee further agrees not to negotiate with any teachers' organization other than the Wakefield Education Association in regard to changes in wages, hours, or other conditions of employment to become effective during the terms of this Agreement.





            Section 1.  A" grievance" is hereby defined to mean a complaint by an administrator or a group of administrators based on an alleged violation of this Agreement, or a dispute involving the meaning, interpretation, or application thereof.


            Section 2.  Failure at any step of this procedure to communicate the decision of a grievance within the specified time limits to the aggrieved employee and to the Chairman of the PRR shall permit the aggrieved party or parties to proceed to the next step.


            Section 3.  Failure at any step of the procedure to appeal the grievance to the next step within the specified time limit shall be deemed to be acceptance of the decision rendered at that step.


            Section 4.  A grievance that affects a group or class of administrators may be submitted in writing to the Superintendent directly and the processing of such grievance shall be commenced at Level Three.


            Section 5.  If an employee covered by this Agreement shall present any grievance without representation by the PRR, that disposition, if any, of the grievance shall be consistent with the provisions of this Agreement.  The PRR shall be permitted to be heard at each level of the procedure under which the grievance shall be considered, unless it is of a personal nature.


            Section 6.  Grievance Levels:


            Level One:  An informal settlement between the administrator and the person alleged to have created the grievance will be attempted within 20 days.


            Level Two:  An administrator with a grievance, with or without an administrator of the PRR, shall present the grievance to his immediate superior in writing within 10 school days of Level One attempt.


            Level Three:


            a.  In the event that the grievance shall not have been disposed of to the satisfaction of the aggrieved employee at Level Two, or in the event that no decision has been reached within 10 school days after presentation of the grievance to the immediate superior, the grievance shall within 10 school days be referred to the Superintendent of Schools and the School Committee.


            b.  The Superintendent or his designee shall represent the Committee at this level of the grievance procedure.  Within 10 school days after receipt of the written grievance by the Superintendent, he shall meet with the aggrieved employee and the said administrator of the PRR in an effort to settle the grievance.


            Level 4:  In the event that the grievance shall not have been disposed of at Level Three or in the event that no decision has been rendered within ten 10 school days after the Level Three meeting, the grievance shall be referred in writing to a third party mutually agreed upon mediator.  Within two (2) consecutive regularly scheduled School Committee meetings (but in no event longer than 30 calendar days after notice was given to the members of the School Committee), the Committee shall meet with the officers of the Wakefield Administrators, and/or the administrator of PRR at the discretion of the aggrieved party in an effort to resolve the grievance.  The parties agree in principle that they will develop language, which would provide for mediation on substantive grievance issues in addition to Step Four.


            Level Five:  If the grievance shall not have been disposed of to the satisfaction of the PRR or if no decision has been rendered at Level Four within 30 calendar days, the Administrators through the Administrator of the PRR may within five (5) school days thereafter refer the unsettled grievance to arbitration.  The arbitrator shall be selected by an agreement between the parties.

            The arbitrator shall be without power or authority to make any decision either prohibited by law, or to add to, alter, or modify this Agreement.


            Section 7.  Rights of Administrators to Representation  No reprisals of any kind will be taken by the School Committee, by any member of the administration or by the Association against any party in interest or any other participant in the grievance procedure by reason of such participation.


            Section 8.  All documents, communications and records dealing with the processing of a grievance will be filed separately from the personnel files of the participants.


            Section 9.  In matters involving the dismissal of a professional status administrator, the procedures as outlined under Massachusetts Education Reform Law shall be followed.  All rights and privileges shall be maintained.





            Section 1.  Administrators will work a 12 month work year.  The following holidays are granted to administrators: Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Patriots Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day.


            Section 2.  Administrators will have 20 work days’ vacation.  Administrators whose service to the School Department is equal to 10 years as of July 1 in any year will have 25 work days’ vacation.  Administrators whose service to the School Department is equal to 25 years as of July 1 in any year will have 30 work days’ vacation. 

            Administrators may take vacation days at any time when school is not in session with notice consistent with the length of requested vacation period i.e. one day = 1 day notice.  Notice shall be given to supervisor.  Administrators may take vacation during student contact time with 30 days written prior permission of the Principal and Superintendent of Schools.


            Section 3.  Administrators may carry over up to 12 days’ vacation per year until June 30 of the following year.


            Section 4.  All Unit B members will be expected to supervise one school related dance or event each year as part of their individual agreement, without compensation.  Unit B members, when assigned by the principal to supervise school related events or dances beyond this initial responsibility, will be paid $25.00 per hour not to exceed five (5) hours.  This approval is limited to 10 events, (three at Galvin Middle School and seven at Wakefield High School).


            Section 5.  In the event of a “no school” announcement due to adverse weather conditions, Unit B members will not be required to report to work.




            Section 1.  For the purpose of this Article a "promotional position" shall be defined as follows:


High School Principal

High School Assistant Principal

Elementary School Principal

Director of Guidance

Middle School Principal

Director of Athletics and Student Activities

Middle School Assistant Principal

Director of Special Education and Student Services


            Should an additional Unit B position become necessary the School Committee will consult with Unit B for the purpose of determining an appropriate salary schedule for the new position.


            Section 2.  Whenever any vacancy in a promotional or nonpromotional position occurs during the school year (September to June ), it will be adequately publicized by the Superintendent by means of a notice posted in every school as far in advance of the appointment as possible.  During the months of July and August, written notice of any such vacancy shall be given to the President of the Education Association.  In both situations the qualifications for the position, its duties, and the rate of compensation shall be set forth clearly.  The qualifications and duties set forth for a particular position shall not be changed during posting of the position vacancy unless the Association has been notified in advance of such changes.


            Section 3.  All administrators shall be given adequate opportunity to apply for all such positions.  Due weight shall be given to the professional background and attainment of each applicant, to length of service in the Wakefield Public Schools and other relevant factors.  When, in the judgment of the Committee, the qualifications of the candidates are substantially equal, preference shall be given to qualified administrators already employed by the Committee.  Each administrator applicant not selected shall receive a written notification of the action taken by the Committee and, upon request, shall receive from the Committee a written explanation for the selection of the successful applicant.


            Section 4.  Vacancies in promotional positions shall not be filled sooner than 30 days after notice of the vacancy has been posted (except on a temporary basis), nor ordinarily later than 60 days after notice of selection has been given under Section 3 of this Article.


            Section 5.  The procedure of the Committee shall be subject to the grievance and arbitration procedure except that the Committee's decisions as to the qualifications of applicants shall be not arbitrable.





            Section 1.  If the Committee should decide to reduce the number of positions in the bargaining unit, such reductions shall be consistent with the General Laws of the Commonwealth, the Regulations of the Department of Education and this Agreement.


            Section 2.  Definitions


            a.  Seniority - Length of an administrator's continuous full time employment in the bargaining unit measured from the first day for which compensation was received including time spent on paid leaves of absence.


            b.  Qualified – Licensed or possessing all requirements of licensure by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in accordance with Chapter 71 of the Acts of 1993.


            c.  Professional Status Administrator - An administrator who has served in that position for three consecutive years under the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 71 Section 41 as most recently amended by Chapter 71.


            d.  Categories - For purposes of this Article the following shall be considered Categories: High School Assistant Principal, High School Director of Guidance, Director of Athletics and Student Activities, and Middle School Assistant Principal.





Section 3. Layoff Procedures:


            a.  Reduction in force for administrators with Professional Status shall be by inverse seniority.  In situations where seniority, as defined above, is identical, the Superintendent's evaluation and recommendation shall determine the order of layoff.  Reduction in force of administrators with non-professional status shall be by inverse order of seniority except when an individual administrator has been proven by written evaluations to be above other administrators without professional status.


            b.  A professional status administrator shall not be laid off if there is a non professional status administrator whose position the professional status administrator is qualified to fill.


            c.  The administrators to be laid off shall be notified by the Superintendent of his intention to recommend said layoff to the School Committee by the June 1 preceding the effective date of layoff.


            d.  Every effort will be made to retain administrators for available positions within the system.


            Section 4.  Administrators on Layoff:  (Professional status only)


            a.  The recall period for any administrator laid off shall be two (2) years from the effective day of layoff.


            b.  Recall will be by the reverse order of the effective date of layoff.


            c.  Administrators shall be notified of recall via certified mail at their address on record at the office of the Superintendent of Schools in the reverse order of the effective date of the layoff to fill only those vacancies for which the administrator is qualified at the time of recall.  Should more than one (1) position exist for which an administrator or administrators on layoff be qualified to fill, preference will be given to the senior administrator regarding the choice of vacancies.


            d.  An administrator recalled shall have 15 calendar days to notify the Committee of his/her acceptance or rejection; return of the certified letter by the Post Office will be considered a rejection of the administrative assignment by the administrator, unless the School Committee has received a written acceptance by the administrator within the said 15 calendar days.


            (1)  An administrator who rejects recall for reasons of a contractual agreement with another employer, illness or disability rendering the administrator unable to work or other good reason as approved by the Superintendent shall be moved one (1) position down on the recall list or to the bottom of the recall list; whichever position is higher on the list; and the reason for the rejection must be stated on the administrator's letter or rejection.  Proof of a contractual agreement with another employer, illness or disability must be furnished to the School Committee if requested.  Regarding an illness or disability rendering the administrator unable to work, the School Committee may require a letter from a physician, certifying that the administrator's illness or disability renders him/her) unable to work.  All administrators who reject a recall with no reason or an unacceptable reason under this section will be removed from the recall list.


            (2)  An administrator who is recalled shall have the same benefits as he/she had at the time he/she was laid off regarding professional status, unused sick leave, seniority, insurance, and placement on the salary schedule; but the administrator shall acquire no benefits of any kind during his/her  period of layoff nor shall the School Committee pay for any insurance, grant any unused accumulated sick leave, or any other benefit during the period of layoff.


            (3)  All administrators removed from the recall list by the passage of two (2) years or the 2nd rejection of an administrative position shall be considered dismissed and all contractual relationships with the School Committee shall be terminated.


            e.  Any member of the bargaining unit who left Unit A to become an administrative or managerial employee in the Wakefield Public Schools shall be deemed to hold seniority for all prior teaching service in Wakefield, provided, however, such seniority shall not be exercised unless and until such employee returns to Unit A in lieu of layoff.


            Section 5. Resignation


            Unit B members resigning for positions covered under this agreement are expected to give 60 days written notice of intention.








            Section 1.  The Committee may grant, upon recommendation of the Superintendent and approval of the Committee, a sabbatical leave of absence for either one-half (1/2) or one (1) full school year for an approved reason to an administrator who has served seven (7) years or more in the Wakefield Public Schools.


            Section 2.  An administrator granted sabbatical leave shall receive one-half (1/2) salary during period of sabbatical.


            Section 3.  Failure to work (other than by reason of death or serious illness or injury) in the Wakefield Public Schools for twice the length of the sabbatical leave (for example, the two (2) school years following one (1) school year of sabbatical leave) following the expiration of the sabbatical leave shall result in the forfeiture by the administrator of the salary received by him/her under Section 2 of this Article.


            Section 4. Not more than one (1) administrator may be granted leave during one (1) school year.


            Section 5. An administrator on sabbatical leave shall retain all rights of salary, tenure and seniority.





            Section 1.  Sick Leave.


            a.  Every administrator suffering from an injury, illness or disability rendering him/her unable to perform his/her duties shall be entitled to 15 days sick leave with full pay each school year, accumulative without limit.  Extension of leave beyond that stated heretofore may be granted at the discretion of the Committee in accordance with policy.


            b.  A written application for benefit under the cumulative sick leave rule, accompanied by a certificate from the administrator's physician, may be required at the discretion of the Superintendent in order to receive consideration for the cumulative sick leave allowance.  The Committee reserves the right to require, in addition, the certificate of the school physician.  Failure to comply with the regulations governing cumulative sick leave shall be sufficient reason to deny anyone from participating therein.


            Section 2.  Absence on Account of Death in the Immediate Family.


            a.  Administrators absent on account of death in the immediate family shall be entitled to full salary for a period not exceeding five (5) consecutive school days.  The same privilege will be granted for absence due to death of a relative or friend living with the administrator as a member of the same household.  By immediate family is meant: mother, mother in-law, father, father-in-law, son, daughter, sister, brother, husband, wife, and in the discretion of the Superintendent, son-in-law and daughter-in-law.  An administrator shall be allowed one (1) day with full salary to attend the funeral of any relative not listed in this Section.


            b.  An administrator required to be absent in excess of three (3) days may, in the discretion of the Superintendent, receive up to an additional two (2) days without loss of pay.


            c.  Any days used under Section 2 shall not be deducted from sick leave.


            Section 3.  Personal Leave. Every administrator whose legal, business, household or family matters necessitate absence from school shall be entitled to three (3) personal days with full pay each school year.  There would be no compensation for personal leaves for days adjacent to vacation periods except at the discretion of the Superintendent.  These days may not be used for recreational purposes.


            Section 4.  Religious Observance Leave.  The Superintendent shall approve up to three (3) days additional leave with full pay for the purpose of religious observance not to be deducted from sick leave.


            Section 5.  Absence due to any of the causes listed in this Article shall require as much prior notification as possible by the administrator.


            Section 6.  Absence without Pay.  Administrators absent for any cause other than those specified in this Article shall forfeit 1/260, dependent upon the work year, of their annual salary for each day of absence.  An administrator who deems it imperative that he/she be absent for reasons other than already granted in the rules may do so only with permission of the Superintendent.  Such requests must be presented in writing.





            Section 1.  The Sick Leave Bank shall be established and is for use by qualified members whose sick leave accumulation is exhausted through prolonged illness or accident excluding worker's compensation injury and who require additional leave to make full recovery from an extended illness.  The Administration will provide a report of status on the Sick Leave Bank at least once annually.


            Section 2.  A.  The Sick Leave Bank shall be funded initially by each member of the bargaining unit submitting three (3) sick days annually of their personal accumulation to the Sick Leave Bank.  Additional days will be contributed by members who have accumulated maximum sick leave permitted and who otherwise would return days to school department.  Anything in excess of 195 days at the end of contract year will be added to Sick Leave Bank.  The preceding two methods of contributing will continue until the bank reaches 90 days.  The Bank may be utilized by members who have exhausted their own individual sick leave, both annual and accumulated, and who still have a serious disability.


            B.  If the Sick Leave Bank falls below50 days, it shall be renewed by a contribution of three (3) additional days annually of sick leave by each eligible member of the bargaining unit from his/her accumulated sick leave until 90 days are reached.


            C.  Sick Leave Bank days unused in one contract year shall be carried over to the next contract year but shall expire on the last effective day of the Agreement except for unused days contributed under Section 2B above which shall be carried forward.


            Section 3.  A. All unit members are eligible for the Sick Leave Bank.


            B.  Once a member has established eligibility for the Sick Leave Bank, such member maintains continued eligibility for the Sick Leave Bank.


            Section 4. Sick Leave Bank days shall only be available after the disabled member has exhausted all but one (1) day of his/her entire personal sick leave, both annual and accumulated.


            Section 5.  The Sick Leave Bank days shall be administrated by a Sick Leave Bank Committee consisting of two (2) members designated by the School Committee (not covered by another bargaining unit) to serve at its discretion and two (2) Unit B members.


            Section 6.  Application for benefits shall be made in writing to the Sick Leave Bank Committee accompanied by a physician’s certificate as to the need for and anticipated extent of extended recovery time from illness/disability.


            Section 7.  Application for benefits may be made prior to the employee's exhaustion of his own personal sick leave to expedite benefits, but drawings upon the Bank will not actually commence until after the employee's own sick leave days are exhausted and adequate medical notification has been provided.


            Section 8.  Members who apply to the Sick Leave Bank may be granted only a total amount of days equal to those that are accumulated by the individual prior to present contract year except for first year members who may have their current 15 days matched.  The initial grant of sick leave by the Sick Leave Bank Committee to an eligible employee shall not exceed 20 days.


            Section 9.  Upon completion of the 20 day period, additional entitlement may be extended by the Sick Leave Bank Committee upon demonstration of need by the applicant, not to exceed 90 days for the same illness or disability.  If a disability carries beyond one contract year the remaining days allowed will be determined by the June 30th accumulation preceding the disability.


            Section 10.  Subject to the foregoing requirements, the Sick Leave Bank Committee will determine the eligibility for the use of the Sick Leave Bank and the amount to be granted.  The following general criteria shall be considered by the Committee in administering the Sick Leave Bank and in determining the amount of the leave:


                        A.  Medical evidence of serious extended illness.

                        B.  Prior utilization of all eligible sick leave.


The decision of the Sick Leave Bank Committee with respect to eligibility and entitlement shall be final with any appeal to the Sick Leave Bank Committee itself.  

No days may be withdrawn from the Sick Leave Bank for use for any other illness other than prolonged illness disability.  Days may not be withdrawn to permit the individual to stay at home to care for other members of the family.  Routine childbirth is not eligible under this section.


            Section 11.  Upon return from extended sick leave during which benefits were received through the Sick Leave Bank, the recipient shall be entitled to commence a new accumulation of individual sick leave in accordance with the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement on the same basis as other members.





            Section 1.  Leave without pay shall be granted to any administrator who is inducted or enlists in any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States, or who serves as a full-time participant in the Peace Corps or as an exchange administrator.  Upon return from voluntary military service within three (3) years, or from Peace Corps, or exchange administrator service within two (2) school years, an administrator shall be placed on the salary schedule at the level he/she would have achieved had he/she remained actively employed in the Wakefield Public Schools during his/her leave.  If an administrator has not returned after three years from military service or two years from Peace Corps it will constitute a resignation.


            Section 2.  In no event shall an administrator be entitled to commence a leave of absence as a Peace Corps volunteer or exchange administrator during a school year, or to return from leave of absence for any such cause during a school year.


            Section 3.  Maternity Leave.


            a.  Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 149, Section 105D, every full-time female administrator is entitled to up to eight (8) weeks maternity leave if she has completed an initial probationary period of three (3) consecutive months and if she gives at least two (2) weeks' notice of her expected departure and return dates.


            b.  Upon satisfactory medical evidence of fitness to return to work, an administrator shall return to work.


            c.  Actual disability shall be treated as paid sick leave.


            Section 4.  Child Rearing Leave.


            a.  Following the birth of a child, the child's mother, if a professional status administrator may be granted a child-rearing leave of up to one (1) year.


            b.  Following the birth of a child, the child's father, if a professional status administrator may be granted a child-rearing leave of up to one (1) school year.  Under ordinary circumstances, such leave may only commence at the beginning of a school year.


            c.  Following the adoption of a pre-school age child, either parent who is a professional status administrator may be granted a child-rearing leave of up to one (1) school year pursuant to this Article.  Under ordinary circumstances, such leave may only commence at the beginning of a school year.


            d.  In the case where both parents are employed by the Wakefield School Committee, only one (1) parent shall be entitled to a child-rearing leave pursuant to this Article.


            e.  Leave taken pursuant to this Article shall be without pay or increment and must be consecutive, and the return to full-time employment shall constitute a termination of child-rearing leave.


            f.  Return to service will be at the beginning of a school year unless the Superintendent consents to an administrator's return during the school year.


            Section 5.  Family Leave.  This contract acknowledges a Federal Family Leave Act which may further define benefits under this section.


            Section 6.  All benefits to which an administrator was entitled at the time his/her leave of absence commenced, including unused accumulated sick leave, shall be restored to him/her upon his/her return, and he/she shall be assigned to the same position which he/she held when said leave commenced, if available, or, if not, to a substantially equivalent position subject to the provisions of Article VII.








            Section 1.  Administrators will be paid a contractual salary as set forth in Appendix A, attached hereto.


            Section 2.  Effective July 1, 2014, the employer will annually match the first five hundred dollars ($500)     contributed to a 403B          retirement plan.  Each member must contribute the full amount ($500) to be eligible for this contribution. The School Committee will not be responsible for any administrative costs relating to this program and the only legal responsibility relating to the 403B Plan will be to transmit the contribution to the appropriate vendor or vendors.





            Administrators shall immediately report in writing to their Superintendent all cases where threats and/or legal action have been taken against an administrator.





            Section 1.  The Committee will pay for three, three credit hour courses, at accredited colleges, universities, or professional training schools provided a B average is obtained, or "Pass" in a Pass-Fail System, or a certificate indicating "Satisfactory Completion" if specific grades are not issued, and/or the Committee will reimburse up to three workshops/conference.  The course(s), workshops, conferences must be approved by the Superintendent.  If after reimbursements are made in accordance with Section 4, if reimbursement funds are still available, the available funds shall be distributed on a proportionate basis to administrators who took up to nine (9) credit hour courses, up to three workshops/conferences or a combination thereof.


            Section 2.  The Committee will pay the reasonable expenses (including fees, meals, lodging, and/or transportation) incurred by administrators who attend local and out-of-town workshops, seminars, conference, and annual national conventions for professional improvement, with approval of the Committee upon recommendation of the Superintendent. A comprehensive written report of the meeting(s) will be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools.


            Section 3.  With the approval of the Committee upon recommendation of the Superintendent, permission may be granted for administrators to attend these special institutes during the administrators' regular schedule of work.  The courses would be a part of professional improvement for his/her faculty and more efficient administration of his/her school.


            Section 4.  A maximum limit of $3,600.00 per fiscal year shall be budgeted for the purposes of this Article. Administrators will initially receive approval for reimbursement in accordance with the provisions of this Article.

            All reimbursement for approved courses will be distributed in September, following the completion of the courses, as follows:

            Administrators shall be reimbursed for their first course, and if there are any funds left, the second course, then the third course.

            In the event that there are insufficient funds to reimburse administrators for the first course, the funds available shall be distributed by apportioning the said funds such that the numerator is the amount of fund available for the "first course" and the denominator the total amount of the cost of all the "first courses" taken by the administrators; and if the funds available are insufficient for the second course or third course, they shall be apportioned in a similar manner.


            Section 5.  For purposes of Article XIII, "courses" shall mean courses, workshops, conferences.





            Section 1.  All administrators shall be evaluated annually by their superiors.


            a.  An administrator shall be furnished with a copy of any formal written report evaluating his/her performance and shall have the right to discuss such report with his superiors.


            b.  Complaints regarding an administrator made to a superior or the Committee by any parent, student or other person will not be placed in such administrator's personnel file unless the complaint has been called to the attention of the administrator prior thereto.


            c.  An administrator who is to be disciplined by his/her superiors shall be entitled to have the Unit B chairperson or designee request.  Reprimanding or disciplining of administrators shall be conducted in private.





            The administrators agree that they will not cause, condone, sanction or take part in any strike, walkout, slowdown, or work stoppage.

            The administrators individually and collectively agree that there will be no violation of this clause.





            Except as expressly provided otherwise by the terms of this Agreement, educational policy is vested exclusively in the School Committee.  Except as expressly provided otherwise by the terms of this Agreement, the Committee and the Superintendent reserve and retain all the rights and customary functions of management as provided by law and the exercise of such functions shall not be arbitrable.





            If an Article or Section of this Agreement should be held invalid by operation of law or by any tribunal of competent jurisdiction, or if the compliance with or enforcement of any Article or Section should be restricted by such tribunal pending a final determination as to its validity, the remainder of this Agreement and of any Rider thereto, or the application of such Article or Section to persons or circumstances other than those as to which it has been invalid or as to which compliance with or enforcement of has been restrained shall not be affected thereby.

            In the event that any article or Section is held invalid or enforcement of or compliance with which has been restrained, as set forth above, the parties affected thereby shall enter into the immediate collective bargaining negotiations upon the request of either party for the purpose of arriving at a mutually satisfactory replacement of such Article or Section during the period of the invalidity or restraint.





            The unit will agree to adjust employee contributions by the following schedule:



3.0% adj.






3.5% adj.






3.5% adj.










             This Agreement shall be effective on July 1, 2013, and shall remain in force until June 30, 2016, and shall be automatically renewed from year to year unless at least 60 days prior to the expiration date, either party notifies the other in writing of the desire to reopen this Agreement.





Wakefield Public Schools Unit B






FY14                     July 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013 (1.25%)



Masters +30


PhD / EdD




































FY14                           January 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014 (1.25%)



Masters +30


PhD / EdD




































FY14 Blended



Masters +30


PhD / EdD























































FY15 (2.5%)



Masters +30


PhD / EdD






































FY16 (2.5%)



Masters +30


PhD / EdD

































            Section 2.


              A member moves one step each year on the salary schedule based upon satisfactory performance.


            Section 3.  Step placement of new hires on the appropriate column is subject to an agreement between the Superintendent and new hire.


            Section 4.  Longevity



At the beginning of 10th year of service

$    825

At the beginning of 15th year of service


At the beginning of 20th year of service


At the beginning of 25th year of service


At the beginning of 30th year of service









            Section 5. 


            a.  A Unit B member will compensated $1,500 stipend per year for the administration of MCAS                    grant, MCAS testing coordination, and MCAS test administration.


            b.  If a Unit B member fills a Student Accounts Bookkeeper position they shall be compensated as                follows:

* Middle School rate is $3,500

* High School rate is $4,075


            c.  Administration and Supervision for Saturday Alternative Suspension Program:


Middle School Rate:  $1,500

High School Rate:      $3,000


            Section 6. 


            Eligible members shall receive the following annual mileage travel allowance in accordance with the following schedule:


            Director of Athletics and Student Activities   $900.


Agreed to this _________ day of ________________, 2013.



Wakefield School Committee                                         Wakefield Education Association                                                                                                            UNIT B



By:                                                                               By:



______________________________________                    _____________________________________                                                                                              President






















Wakefield School Committee





Side Letter of Understanding


Health Insurance



In bargaining in 1996-97 Collective Bargaining Agreement, the parties agree to the following with respect to health insurance:


            1)         The Blue Cross/Blue Shield Master Health Plus Plan currently in effect shall be replaced with the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Blue Choice Plan if and when said Plan is implemented by the Town.  Current HMO options shall continue to be available.


            2)         If any Town employee(s) is (are) permitted to retain Master Health Plus, the Association reserves the right to reopen the Agreement with respect to health insurance.


            3)         The Committee and the Association shall establish a study committee which shall meet within thirty (30) days of execution of this Agreement to review and make recommendations on changes in the health insurance programs, including the carrier, on or before July 1, 1997.




____________________________________                                    ___________________________________

Patricia Hallinan                                                                        Terrance F. Holmes

President                                                                                  Superintendent of Schools




January _____, 1997

Side Letter of Understanding



            This side letter of understanding addresses the issue of dental insurance and conditions that must be met in order for the Town to offer a Dental Plan to Unit B.




                        1.         No cost to the Town or School Department except simple enrollment and payroll deduction costs.


                        2.         That the Town and the School Department have no responsibility to assure any enrollment guarantees.


                        3.         That the plan be implemented when all school units agree on a similar plan.







________________________________                                            ___________________________

Wakefield Educational Association                                             Terrance F. Holmes

Unit B                                                                                      Superintendent of Schools

Patricia Hallinan, President







Side Letter of Agreement


Health Insurance




            The Health Insurance offered by the Town of Wakefield will be consolidated to one provider,


Blue Cross/Blue Shield through MIIA.


            This Agreement is subject to the following:


                        A.        A prior written agreement between the Town and the Public Employee Committee, pursuant to M.G.L. c. 32B, Sec. 19, to change the terms of employee’s health insurance coverage; and,


                        B.         Ratification by both the Town and the Union.







Dennis O’Leary, President





Joan Landers

Superintendent of Schools




June, 2008