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Shared Contract District
Org Code400000
Type of DistrictMunicipal K12
Union AffiliationMTA
Most Recent DocumentContract
Expiring Year2016
Expired Status
Superintendency Union
Regional HS Members
Vocational HS MembersBlue Hills RVTSD
ESE RegionSoutheast
Kind of Communityeconomically developed suburbs
Number of Schools9
Percent Low Income Students14
Grade StartPK or K
Grade End12
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(MOA) Between the







WHEREAS, the Braintree School Committee and the Braintree Education Association have concluded negotiations on a successor collective bargaining agreement to the agreement that expired on August 31, 2013, and,

WHEREAS, the parties have raised, discussed and negotiated all issues properly subject to negotiations or, alternatively, have considered such issues and topics and thereafter have knowingly waived any rights they may have to raise, dispute, negotiate, and bargain over said issues and,

WHEREAS, the parties agree that the collective bargaining agreement expired August 31, 2013 shall continue in full force and effect except as is expressly modified by this Memorandum of Agreement,

NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree that, upon ratification by their respective principals, said contract and the terms and conditions of employment shall be modified for a three year period effective from September 1, 2013 to August 31, 2016 as specified herein:

1.   Article 11. Teaching Hours (T & L study')

Rewrite to read as:

The issue of compliance with Time on Learning shall be studied at the high school by the parties' representatives (5 from the BEA, 5 from the ESC/Administration) on the scheduling committee in concert with the DESE CPR during the 13-14 school year.

The scheduling committee will report to the parties by the first day of the fourth academic quarter in 2013-2014 with factual conclusions as to compliance, considering the existing schedule, the CPR report and whether the calculation of Time on Learning may or may not consider inclusion of mid-term testing days in the count.

Either party may initiate a demand for bargaining thereafter. The parties agree that if impasse reached they shall proceed in accordance with the rules under c. 150E for successor bargaining, and the Committee shall not unilaterally implement a proposed change, as mid-term impasse procedures are not applicable.

E. High School(no more than 4 preps daily)

Rewrite to Read as follows:

The interpretation of a teacher load should be of the broadest possible nature to allow for the flexibility needed by both administrator and teacher to attain the educational goals for our students. To accomplish this goal, middle school teachers will have no more than thirty (30) teaching blocks, six (6) supervisory blocks and no less than six (6) unassigned blocks during a six day period. Teachers may by mutual agreement teach additional blocks up to a maximum of six (6) per six-day period in lieu of alike number of supervisory blocks. High school teachers will have no more than thirty-five (35) teaching blocks, seven (7) supervisory blocks, and no fewer than seven (7) unassigned blocks during a seven-day period, and shall be assigned no more than the four (4) preparations. In the event the Committee adopts a different class (teaching) schedule during the term of this Agreement, the ratio of teaching assignments set forth above shall be extrapolated to insure that the intent of these provisions are met.

2.         Article 16 - Sick Leave

Amend "c" by adding:

All employees shall be credited with fifteen (15) additional sick leave days at the start of each school year (14 days for Title I teachers) even in cases where an employee's total accumulation will then exceed the maximum applicable to that employee's category. At the end of each school year any such employee who has in excess of the maximum allowable for his/her category will then have his/her total accumulation reduced back to the applicable maximum.

3.         Article 17 - Calendar

2. Rewrite to Read as follows:

Each year, teachers will be expected to attend four "P.T.O. Nights" or other evening meetings for the purpose of communicating with the parents of then-students. Teachers traveling between or among different buildings shall not be required to attend more than a total of four (4) "P.T.O. Nights". For purposes of these meetings, "evenings" may begin upon the adjournment of school in each respective building.  These meetings shall be scheduled in each building by the administrator after consultation with the faculty for that building. Each of these sessions will not exceed 2 1 /2hours in length, and teachers will be given at least 30 days advance notice of these meetings.  Security escort will be available to faculty on these nights. If a staff member is alone after a meeting scheduled pursuant to this paragraph, the staff member may request an escort from the building security to their vehicle. The escort will leave from a designated exit and vehicles will park in a designated area.

4.         Article 18 -Temporary Leaves of Absence

A.   Rewrite to read as follows:

"All employees are entitled to three (3) days per year to conduct personal business during school hours with a 24-hour notice to the immediate supervisor except in the case of emergency. However, no one employee may take two consecutive work days as personal days under this section to extend a holiday or school vacation. Additional days may be granted by the Superintendent for the observance of religious holy days or for personal, legal or business matters when leave days have been exhausted by the observance of religious holy days."

B. Delete all up to 2 and retain the language now as 2 for Section B.

5.         Article 25 -Professional Development

Re-write A.3 & B as follows:

A.   The Committee will pay the cost of tuition for courses at a Massachusetts State College or University or as provided by other professional development vendors approved by the increment committee, or other courses in accordance with increment committee procedures on the following conditions:

3. Employees are entitled to a maximum of $500 per fiscal year for course reimbursement provided, however, that the Committee's liability for such payments is limited to $78,500 for the 2013-2014 school year, $80,000 for the 2014-2015 school year, and $85,000 for the 2015-2016 school year.

B.   The Committee will strive to provide opportunities for all staff to participate in seminars and conferences on an equitable basis. With the prior approval of the Superintendent, Nurses, OT's, PT's, and Speech Language Therapists may attend workshops, seminars, and conferences that may be required for license renewal in existing positions and receive tuition reimbursement funds for such purposes.

6.       Article 27 -Positions in Summer School and Under Federal Programs

Amend paragraph B to read:

Positions in the Braintree summer school and under federal grant programs will, to the extent possible, be filled first by regular appointed employees in the Braintree Public Schools possessing the qualifications as required in the federal grant or position posting.

7.        Article 33 - Registered Nurses

Add to G:

In the event the Massachusetts Health Grant is reduced or eliminated, the School Committee will fund the 1.0 High School nurse position and the .5 nurse positions at each of the Middle Schools.

8.        Article 34 -Administrative Assistants Vacation for full year;

Amend paragraph B, Vacations paragraph 1 (a) 5 for full year AA's to read:

They will receive five (5) weeks paid vacation upon completing 20 years of continuous employment and each year thereafter.

Additional, non CBA, language:

The BEA and the Principals of each building shall meet until November 30, 2013 in order to consider the matter of the comparability of the positions of Administrative Assistants to the High School Headmaster and the Middle School Principal, which are Category 1 positions, and the Administrative Assistant to the Elementary Principals, which are Category 2 positions. If the group makes a recommendation to the School Committee that the Category 2 Administrative Assistant to the Elementary Principal position should be upgraded to a Category 1, it will substantiate such recommendation with its analysis of the comparability of the positions. If the School Committee agrees with the group's analysis and recommendation, the Committee will upgrade the Category 2 Administrative Assistant to the Elementary Principal position to Category 1 effective September 1, 2014 and adjust the salary for this position accordingly.

9.        Article 35 - Paraeducators

Amend paragraph A, 4 re coverage, to read:

In the event a paraeducator hired prior to September 2013, is covering a classroom for a full day in the absence of a certified teacher, the paraeducator will receive as additional compensation one-half of the daily substitute rate of pay. Paraeducators hired after September 2013 shall not be assigned to cover a classroom for a full day in the absence of a certified teacher unless the paraeducator has a Bachelor's degree.

Amend paragraph D by rewriting the third sentence to read:

The work day shall include a 20 minute paid break and, notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph C, above, a 30 minute duty free unpaid lunch.

Amend paragraph F. 3 to read as follows:

3.        Employees assigned to duties in more than one school in any school day will be paid the IRS reimbursement rate for travel between schools if they drive their own cars for such work.

Amend paragraph J, Vacations, by inserting a new fifth section as follows:

5.        After twenty full school years and in the twenty first school year and thereafter one week at Christmas, February vacation, and the April vacation plus two additional weeks scheduled in consultation with and with the agreement of building principal after considering workload and student needs.

Appendix A:

Adjust all schedules and all extra-curricular, including coaching positions, by 2% in each of the following years:




Longevity:      Adopt each longevity level as follows:

9/1/14: Increase by $250 at each level

9/1/15: Increase by $350 at each level (total increase over two years $600)

Directors and Assistant Principals Salary Schedule:

Change School Year + 4 Director of English position to Full Year at the same rate as for other Full Year Directors

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