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Shared Contract District
Org Code6320000
Type of DistrictRegional Elementary
Union AffiliationMTA
Most Recent DocumentContract
Expiring Year2017
Expired StatusCurrent
Superintendency UnionHampshire
Regional HS MembersHampshire
Vocational HS Members
ESE RegionPioneer Valley
Kind of Communityresidential suburbs
Number of Schools1
Percent Low Income Students25
Grade StartPK
Grade End6
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September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2017


This AGREEMENT is made pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 15OE of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by and between the CHESTERFIELD-GOSHEN REGIONAL SCHOOL COMMITTEE (hereinafter referred to, as the "Committee”) and the CHESTERFIELD-GOSHEN TEACHERS ASSOCIATION (hereinafter referred to as the “Association”).





A.    The Committee recognizes the Association as the exclusive and sole representative for purposes of collective bargaining in accordance with the provisions of Chapter l50E of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and other pertinent provisions of Law as the exclusive representative of a unit consisting of all professional classroom personnel who work one half time or more, including the school nurse.


B.    Employees in the above unit will be hereinafter referred to as "teachers."


C.    Salary (ARTICLE IV), leaves (ARTICLES IX and X), and benefits under provisions of ARTICLES XV and XVI shall be granted on a pro rata basis to part-time unit teachers.




The Association agrees that the Committee has complete authority over the policies and administration of the Chesterfield/Goshen Regional School District, which it exercises under the provisions of law. It further agrees that the Committee will continue to retain, whether exercised or not, the responsibility and prerogative to direct the operation of said school system in all aspects except same shall not be exercised in violation of any of the express terms and provisions of this Agreement.





A.    The parties acknowledge that during the negotiations which resulted in this Agreement, each had the unlimited right and opportunity to make demands and proposals with respect to any subject or matter not removed by law from the area of collective bargaining, and that the undertakings and agreements arrived at by the parties after the exercise of that right and opportunity are set forth in this Agreement. Therefore, the Committee and the Association, for the life of this Agreement, each voluntarily and without qualification waives the right and each agrees that the other shall not be obligated to bargain collectively with respect to any subject or matter referred to or covered in this Agreement, or with respect to any subject or matter not covered in this Agreement, even though such subject or matter may not have been within the knowledge or contemplation of either or both of the parties at the time that they negotiated and signed this Agreement.


B.    No alteration, understanding, variation, waiver or modification of any of the terms, conditions, undertakings, or covenants contained herein shall be binding upon the parties hereto unless agreement is made and executed in writing between the parties.


C.    The waiver of any breach or condition of this Agreement by either party shall not constitute a precedent in the future enforcement of the terms of this Agreement.


D.    If any part of this Agreement is in conflict with law, such part shall be amended in accordance with the law, and the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. Any previously adopted policy, rule or regulation of the parties which is in conflict with a provision of this Agreement shall be superseded and replaced by this Agreement.


E.    If, during the life of this Agreement, either party desires to make any proposal with respect to the modification or alteration of this Agreement or with respect to any matter not expressly covered by this Agreement, a proposal may be submitted, in writing, to the other party with a request for a meeting.


F.    Within ten (10) working days of the submission of such proposal, the recipient shall acknowledge the receipt of the proposal and establish a mutually convenient time to meet with the requesting party for the purpose of reviewing the contents of the proposal and seeking any clarifications the recipient feels are necessary. The submission of such proposal and any subsequent discussion thereof shall not be construed by either of the parties as an agreement that the proposal comes within the purview of this Agreement, nor will the meeting that takes place to clarify the content of the proposal be construed by either party as the reopening of negotiations or as negotiating on the issues involved in the proposal.





A.    Salaries beginning on or after August 27 of the calendar year in which this agreement takes effect shall be paid to all personnel within the unit defined in Article I at that rate set forth in the attached Appendix.


B.    A teacher first employed during the term of this Agreement shall be advised in writing of his/her step and column placement. The Superintendent shall determine the number of years of prior teaching experience to be credited to a teacher first employed for purposes of determining step placement.


C.    All teachers shall advance to the next attainable salary step from one year to the next.


D.    The column placement of each teacher is determined by his or her academic credits as set forth on Appendix A. After initial placement on the salary schedule, any course, workshop, or other professional improvement activity taken by a teacher that has been approved in advance by the Superintendent will be credited toward eventual advancement in column placement. Academic credits awarded will be in accordance with district policy.


E.    A teacher requesting a change in column placement on the salary schedule will submit to the Superintendent a proposal in writing along with appropriate transcripts or grade reports. Such column placement shall become effective at the next full pay period after the Superintendent’s approval of these documents.  Notification of a column change must be submitted to the Superintendent by January 1 of the year preceding the potential column change.


F.    Paycheck Distribution

1.    Teachers shall be paid on a biweekly basis in accordance with the following plan. Equal installments of the entire annual salary will be paid between September and August 31. However, a teacher shall have the option of receiving on or before June 30 that portion of his or her annual salary remaining unpaid on the last day of the school year, provided the teacher so requests in writing to the Superintendent in advance of the payment year.

2.    Teachers will be notified annually of the exact dates when checks will be issued for that year.

3.    During the twelve-month period from September 1, 2011 to August 31, 2012 and from September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024, the annual distribution of teacher salary will be divided into 27 equal installments, rather than 26.

4.    In those school years, the first check will be issued on September 1, and the last (27th) check

on the following August 31. In all other school years, the annual salary of teachers will be divided into 26 equal installments, ensuring continuous biweekly distribution of paychecks on Thursdays.


G.    Teachers who (a) have been certified in a district-approved mentor training program, (b) who are selected to serve as a mentor, and (c) who agree to serve as a mentor for one or more colleagues at the school, will receive an annual stipend of $1,000 500 plus $250 for each additional mentee. In accordance with School Committee policy and the District Mentoring Handbook, each year the certification standards for being trained as a mentor, the criteria for identifying mentors and those to be mentored, and procedures for assigning mentors developed during the 2002-03 school year will be reviewed and revised as necessary.


H.  Any extracurricular or committee or curriculum work done outside of the school day will be          

compensated at the rate of $35 (thirty-five dollars) per hour.





1.    A "grievance” is a claim by a teacher or the Association based upon any interpretation, application, or violation of this Agreement, or amendments or supplements thereto.

2.    An "aggrieved person” is any teacher or teachers of the Association who allege a grievance.

3.    The Committee acknowledges the right of the Association to participate in the processing of a grievance at any level in accordance with the terms hereof.

4.    The Committee and the administration will cooperate with the Association in investigation of any grievances by making available to the Association all recorded information in the possession of the Committee which is within the public domain, to the extent so requested by the Association.

5.    All documents, communications, and records dealing with the processing of a grievance will be filed separately from the personnel files of the participants.

6.    a)   Level One - An employee or the association with a grievance will first present the grievance in writing to his/her principal directly within 20 days of notice of occurrence with the objective of resolving the matter informally. A member of the Association may be present.

b)    Level Two - Within ten (10) days after this meeting the Principal will render in writing his/her decision. If the grievance has not been resolved the employee may present the grievance in writing to the Superintendent within five (5) days of receiving the Principal’s written decision.

c)     Level Three - The Superintendent will render a written decision within ten (10) days after the grievance meeting with the Superintendent. If the employee and/or the Association wish to further pursue the grievance, the grievance may be presented in writing to the School Committee. The School Committee will meet with the employee and/or the

Association within forty-five (45) days of the School Committee’s receipt of the written grievance. The School Committee will then issue its written decision within five (5) days after the meeting.

d)    Level Four - If the Association wishes to pursue the grievance further, and the grievance involves the interpretation or application of any provision of this Contract, the Association may, by giving written notice to the School Committee within twenty (20) days file for grievance arbitration with the American Arbitration Association

Note A teacher may pursue a grievance through Level Three and have the grievance heard without representation by the Association, provided that the Association is afforded the opportunity to be present and heard at all proceedings and that any adjustment made shall not be inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement.

7.    All decisions rendered at any level of the Grievance Procedure will be in writing, setting forth the decision and the reasons therefore and will be transmitted promptly to the grievant and the Association.

8.    No reprisals will be taken by the Committee or a member of the administration against any teacher, party in interest, any representative or member of the Association for participating in the presentation or investigation of a grievance in accordance with provisions of this Agreement.

9.    If a grievance affects a group or class of teachers, the Association as well as the teacher may submit such a grievance at Level Two, if the principal lacks the actual authority to resolve the grievance. When a grievance is filed at Level Two, the Association shall simultaneously submit a copy of the grievance to the principal.

10.  In addition to the grievant, the President of the Association or his/her designee shall have the right to participate in the processing of a grievance through all grievance steps. If it is necessary that such investigation or processing occur during a regular work day of the grievant and/or President or his/her designee, he/she shall be released from regular duties for this purpose.

11.  All meetings and hearings under this procedure shall not be conducted in public and shall include only such parties in interest and their designated or selected representatives, heretofore referred to in this Article.



1.    Within ten (10) working days after written notice has been served to the Committee that a grievance is to be submitted to arbitration in accordance with the above provisions the Committee and the Association will request the services of the American Arbitration Association.

2.    The arbitrator will confer with representatives of the Committee and the Association, hold hearings, and will issue a decision as soon as possible. The arbitrator's decision will be in writing and will set forth findings of fact, reasoning and conclusions on issues submitted. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding upon the parties, except that the arbitrator shall make no decision, which alters, amends, adds to or detracts from this Agreement.

3.    In the event that arbitrability of a grievance is an issue between the parties, jurisdiction to resolve the issue shall rest solely with the arbitrator.

4.    It is recognized that members of the Association may have to testify in order to properly process a grievance under Level Four. Association members, including the grievant, shall be excused from their regular duties without loss of pay or other benefit for purposes of so testifying.

5.   The cost of the services of the arbitrator, including per diem expenses, if any, and actual and necessary travel and subsistence expenses will be borne equally by the School Committee and the Association.





The work year will begin no earlier than August 27  than the Monday prior to Labor Day and end no later than June 30. The work year will include days when pupils are in attendance, orientation days for new personnel, workshop days, and any other days on which teacher attendance, in the opinion of the Principal, is desirable.

1.    The work year for teachers will be 184 days. The day before school starts (after convocation) and the day after the last day with students will be building based work days. The remaining two days will be for district wide professional development.

2.    In their first year of employment, new teachers will work one unpaid day more than the work year established for all other teachers.

3.    With advance prior written approval of the Superintendent, teachers shall be paid for any day worked beyond the number established for each year on a per diem basis, and shall receive payment for these days within two payroll periods following the extra day worked.

4.    Two work days will be for professional development. Professional development may occur out of district or with other school districts. Input regarding the content of these days will be considered by the administration, school personnel or other groups within the community.

The work year will not include Saturdays, Sundays and these days during which pupils are not in attendance because the day has been designated as a "legal holiday." This shall not preclude the Superintendent from allowing teachers to use workshop days or other days when students are not in attendance for independent activity of an educational nature.



1.    Starting time for students shall be scheduled no earlier than 8:50 A.M. and dismissal no later than 3:10 P.M. The regular workday of all teachers will begin ten (10) minutes before the established starting time for students; and will end fifteen (15) minutes after dismissal time of students.

2.    Absent unusual circumstances, every full day teacher shall receive a consecutive thirty-minute duty free lunch period.

3.    Classroom teachers have primary responsibility for the education and supervision of children assigned to them, and agree to work cooperatively as needed with other teachers who may from time to time teach specialized subjects to these children. Preparation time for classroom teachers will become available once students are in the supervisory care of an art, music or physical education teacher, or another assigned adult. Teachers are assured at least three 40- minute preparation periods per week.

4.    The Committee and the Association acknowledge that the primary responsibility of teachers is to teach and that their energies should be utilized to this end. Therefore, non-teaching duties not covered by teacher aides will be shared proportionately among all teachers, including those who are employed part time.

5.    The administration agrees to make every effort to secure substitute coverage in the event a subject specialist teacher is absent, so as to permit the classroom teacher to use this preparation time. At the request of the teacher, any preparation time forgone shall be made up at a time mutually acceptable to the teacher and principal.

6.    Teachers may be required to remain after the end of the regular workday for up to twenty (20) meetings per year, for a combined total of no more than sixty (60) minutes per month. The purpose for any such meeting that extends beyond thirty (30) minutes will be for training and/or curricular issues, and not for routine administrative matters.

7.    School-wide dates for parent-teacher conferences shall be scheduled through a cooperative planning process involving teachers and the principal, subject to the restriction that on the three days conferences occur school shall be dismissed at mid-day.



1.    Absent unusual circumstances, teachers will be notified in writing by June 15 of changes in their assignment for the next ensuing year, including the grades and subjects that they will teach.

2.    The Principal and Superintendent will make every reasonable effort to assign teachers within their areas of competence and interest.

3.    The Committee agrees that it will attempt to maintain a maximum class size of 18-20 students in mixed grades and 25 students in single grades in order to improve the quality of education.

4.    Teachers shall not be required to drive students to activities, classes or other places outside the school building.





A.    Absent unusual circumstances, the principal will give written notice to a teacher of a transfer at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of such transfer or reassignment. The teacher may, within five (5) working days immediately ensuing receipt of said notice, request in writing of the Principal a conference to discuss such transfer or reassignment. The Principal shall, upon receipt of such written request from the teacher and within ten (10) working days thereof, confer with the teacher.


B.    A teacher wishing to be transferred or be reassigned shall apply in writing to the Principal, and shall set forth the transfer or reassignment sought and the reasons therefore. If the applicant’s transfer or reassignment request does not cause the transfer or reassignment of another teacher the Principal shall, within ten (10) working days of the receipt of said application, advise the teacher of his/her decision. If the applicant’s transfer or reassignment request does cause, either directly or indirectly, the transfer or reassignment of a teacher other than the applicant, the Principal shall advise the applicant teacher of his/her decision within ten (10) working days after having complied with the provisions of Paragraph 1 of this Article. Should the teacher's request for transfer or reassignment be refused, the Principal shall advise the applicant teacher, in writing, the reasons for such refusal.


C.    Whenever a vacancy in a teacher position occurs, the Superintendent shall deliver written notice thereof to the President of the Association. Such notice shall set forth the qualifications for the position, its duties, the rate of compensation to be paid and the date the Superintendent expects the vacancy to be filled. The qualifications herein or hereafter established for a particular position will not be changed arbitrarily, capriciously, or without basis in fact when such vacancies occur in the future. Applications for such positions shall be accepted from professional personnel within and without the school system. The Committee expects that the Principal shall, in selecting an applicant, consider the professional background, attainments and experience of each applicant, together with such other factors it shall deem to be relevant. If, in the judgment of the Principal, the professional background, attainments and experience of the applicants deemed by it to be  most qualified are, in its opinion, substantially equal, he or she will give preference to an applicant then currently employed by the Committee.




The Committee shall provide the following facilities insofar as the same is physically and economically feasible:

1.    A teacher work area containing adequate equipment and supplies to use in the preparation of instructional materials.

2.    A furnished room to be reserved for use as a faculty lounge.

3.    A desk, chair, and file cabinet for each teacher.

4.    An individual mailbox for each teacher.






1.    Teachers shall be entitled to accrue fifteen (15) days of sick leave with full pay each school year, accumulated at the rate of one and one-half (1.5) days per month. Said sick leave shall be accumulative from year to year up to a maximum of two hundred ten (210) days. Sick leave for part-time teachers shall accrue in proportion to the percentage of time they are employed.

2.    Besides for reasons of personal illness or injury, sick leave may be utilized for the following purposes:

a)    Six (6) days per school year for illness in the immediate family;

b)    For any other reasons pertaining to Article IX, granted by the Superintendent under such terms and conditions thereof as the Superintendent will determine.

3.    Upon the death of a teacher actively employed, that teacher’s estate will be reimbursed one

(1) day's unused sick leave for each year of prior service to the District, at the per diem pay rate in effect at the time of death, and exclusive of extra stipends. This provision will apply for teachers who had completed ten or more years of service to this District, including prior service in schools that were supplanted by the District.



1.    Absence without loss of pay not to exceed three (3) days in any school year shall be granted by the Principal for reasons other than reasons listed in Article IX-A, provided that application is made to the principal in writing and if possible, one week in advance. The applicant is not required to state details of the reason for personal leave.

2.    Unused personal days will be converted to sick days at the end of each year.

3. For the purposes of religious observance if the religious conviction of the employee prohibits him or her from working on said day, a teacher may be granted use of their personal days for religious observance in accordance to Section B(1).



Teachers shall be granted temporary leaves of absence without loss of pay for the following reasons and upon the terms and conditions set forth:

1.    Bereavement Leave

a. In the event of the death of spouse, significant other, child or parent, for a period of one to five work days, as necessary;

b.   In the event of the death of other family or other individuals identified as family members, for a period of up to two work days, as agreed upon in discussion with the principal.



The Superintendent may grant temporary leaves of absence without loss of pay for the following reasons and upon the terms and conditions herein set forth.

1.    For the purpose of attending conventions, seminars or conferences, visiting other schools, and for other similar purposes, leave may be granted provided that a teacher shall request such leave of the Superintendent five school days in advance of the event. Teachers may be reimbursed for all reasonable expenses such as meals, lodging, registration fees and mileage when approved in advance by the Principal. Mileage shall be reimbursed at the same rate currently allowed by the Internal Revenue Service.

2.    For the purpose of attending a conference or convention of the Massachusetts Teachers Association or the National Education Association, up to one Association representatives may be granted leave, provided that a teacher shall request such leave of the Principal five school days in advance of attendance. Leave granted these representatives under provisions of this article shall not exceed a total of two school days in any one work year.



A female teacher shall be granted a maternity leave pursuant to the provisions of M.G.L. Chapter 149, Section 105D. Information concerning maternity leave will be posted conspicuously in the school’s main office, as well as other areas in the school building.



1.    Teachers who serve on jury duty will continue to receive their usual salary, provided that they turn over their jury duty pay, minus meals and mileage, to the District Treasurer.

2.    Employees are required to provide evidence of their jury duty obligation before requesting leave and after such service is completed.



Teachers who are involved in legal proceedings on behalf of the school shall continue to receive their usual salary.



Sabbatical leaves may be granted for the purposes of study or study-related travel under the following conditions:

1.    Not more than one faculty member may be on such leave at any one time.

2.    Any teacher who has served for at least seven consecutive years within this District will be eligible for a sabbatical leave.

3.    Under normal circumstances, a teacher's application for such leave must be submitted in writing to the Superintendent of Schools by October 15. The application must state the purpose for which such leave is intended and include an outline of the program involved. The teacher may be requested to supply additional information. The Superintendent shall respond to the request, in writing, no later than January 31.

4.    Sabbatical leave, if granted, may be for one-half or a whole school year, and the teacher will be required to agree in writing to return to the District for period of service equal to twice the length of the leave.

5.    If a teacher is granted sabbatical leave and for some unforeseeable reason is unable to take the leave, nothing in this Article would preclude the Superintendent from reconsidering any other candidates who may have applied earlier for sabbatical leave in accordance with this article, provided that the teacher originally granted leave notifies the School Committee as soon as possible of his or her inability to take the leave.

6.    While on sabbatical leave, the teacher will be paid at fifty percent (5O%) of his or her base salary, exclusive of any extra compensation provided, however, if the teacher is receiving any program grant or matching funds from any outside source, the District will pay him only sums of money which, when added to his outside funds, will not exceed his annual salary rate.

7.    The teacher may be required to submit progress reports, and to appear before the School Committee upon return to discuss his or her accomplishments.

8.    Upon return from sabbatical leave, the teacher will be placed on the salary schedule step he or she would have achieved had the leave not been taken.

9.    The Superintendent’s approval of sabbatical leave will be discretionary, and denial of such leave will not constitute cause for grievance or other complaint proceeding unless the denial is arbitrary, capricious or without basis in fact.



The Chesterfield-Goshen Regional School District will grant unpaid leave in accordance with the provisions of the FMLA.  The provisions of the FMLA are posted in each administrative office.





The Superintendent may grant temporary Leaves of absence to teachers for the following reasons:

1.    For purposes of military service;

2.    Because of illness or injury which does not come within the purview of Article IX and XIV hereof or which extends beyond the periods provided for in said Articles IX and XIV;

3.    For purposes of serving with the Peace Corps or other international or domestic volunteer service organization, for purposes of exchange teaching, or for purposes of serving as an officer or employee of an educational organization;

4.    For the purposes of child-rearing, including adoption; seniority shall not accrue;

5.    For other purposes deemed appropriate by the Superintendent, the granting of leave under this provision shall not be deemed to be a precedent with respect to subsequent grants or denials;

6.    Leave granted under this article shall not extend into an ensuing year.

7.    Teachers shall not, during a leave granted hereunder, accrue, receive, or be entitled to compensation and other benefits under the provisions of Articles IV, VII, IX, XII, XIV, XV and XVIII hereof.





A.    The Committee shall establish and maintain a Sick Leave Bank so as to enable the teachers covered by this contract and other school employees to voluntarily contribute a portion of their sick leave for the use by a teacher with prolonged illness or disability whose available sick leave has been exhausted.


B.    Teachers may contribute to the program by donating two days of their accumulated sick leave into the bank prior to September 15th of each year. Newly employed teachers may enroll during the first ten days after initial employment begins if other than at the beginning of the school year.


C.    Individual teachers will be allowed to donate up to four (4) days to the Sick Leave Bank. If, through the awarding of sick leave days, the collective accumulated days should drop to a total of twenty (20) or less, teachers will have the opportunity to contribute an additional two (2) days during that school year. Any teacher leaving the Chesterfield-Goshen Regional School District shall

forfeit any days donated to the Bank unless he or she is recalled and re-employed within three (3) years.


D.    At the end of each school year, the unused balance in the bank will be accumulated from year to year.


E.    The five-member Sick Leave Bank Committee shall be composed of a School Committee member, an Association member, the Association President, the Principal, and the Superintendent.


F.    Benefits

1.    Benefits are limited to participating members who have fulfilled the requirements of eligibility and whose applications have been approved by a majority of the Sick Leave Bank Committee.

2.    Benefits are not available to individuals who are on leaves of absence for which the District is not making compensation

3.    In no case shall the Sick Leave Bank Committee award more days from the Bank to an individual without a review after the first twenty days of benefits have been used.

4.    1st	2nd	3rd	4th	5th	6th	7th	8th	9th	10th
15	18	21	24	27	30	33	36	39	42

The following table will be used as maximum allowable days. The Sick Leave Bank Committee will weigh all requests on an individual basis.


Years1 Days2

Thereafter 42


1 years of service in the Chesterfield-Goshen Regional School District, or schools that the District supplanted.

2 allowable days from the bank.


G.    The Sick Leave Bank Committee shall establish rules and procedures for the actual operation of the Bank subject to the approval of the School Committee and the Association. Decision of the Sick Leave Bank Committee will not be subject to the grievance procedure.





With the advanced approval of the Superintendent, and upon presentation of evidence showing successful completion of a course, a teacher will be reimbursed for one-half the tuition for any two courses taken at an approved college or university for the purpose of pursuing additional credits or an advanced degree, to a maximum reimbursement of $1,000 per year which will be pro-rated for a part time teacher. The Committee will appropriate four thousand dollars ($4,000) for this purpose. In the event that requests for reimbursement exceed the four thousand dollars ($4,000) the sum will be divided equally among the staff (and pro-rated for part time employees).


After April 15th of each year, any remaining funds in this account may be used by teachers for additional approved professional development activities or reimbursements associated with the activities, completed prior to the end of the fiscal year. The total amount of unused funds will be divided equally among staff who engaged in these activities in the event that the total remaining funds exceeds the cost of these approved professional development activities or reimbursements. (This amount would be pro-rated for a part time teacher).



A.  Should the Principal request a Teacher to take a specific training, the Teacher will be reimbursed for the final cost.  Upon successful completion of an approved training, the Teacher must provide receipts to the Principal for reimbursement.



B.  The Committee will appropriate five hundred dollars ($500) for each full-time professional employee for professional development activities approved by the Principal.  A part-time professional will receive a pro-rated amount.  Unused monies in this account will be offered to the staff for additional professional development on or before April 15th of each year.  The total amount of the appropriated and additional professional development monies for each staff member will not exceed one thousand dollars ($1000) per year.  Any professional development monies remaining as of May 15th shall revert to the building’s general budget.




A.    Definitions: Supplemental Benefit is the dollar difference between a teacher’s worker compensation hourly rate and a teacher's hourly rate.

1.    The worker compensation hourly rate is the weekly compensation benefit paid to a teacher under the provisions of Sections 34 and 35A of Chapter 152 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth (Workers Compensation Act) divided by 35 (5 days x 7 hours per day).

2.    The teacher's hourly rate is the teacher's annual salary divided by 1274 (182 days x 7 hours per day).


B.    A teacher shall be entitled to receive a "supplemental benefit" provided:

1.    The teacher has sustained injury in the course of and arising out of employment by Committee; and

2.    The teacher is receiving benefits under the provisions of Section 34 of Chapter 152; and

3.    The teacher has accumulated sick leave under Article IX (A) of this Agreement; and

4.    The teacher has requested a supplemental benefit.


C.    Supplemental benefits paid to teacher shall be charged against accumulated sick leave in the following manner: the total dollar paid to teacher, as “supplemental benefit” shall be divided by the per diem rate (annual salary divided by 182 days) of teacher. This quotient shall be the number of days to be charged against teacher's accumulated sick leave and in no case shall such supplemental benefit exceed this quotient.


D.    Whenever an employee is absent from school as a result of personal injury caused by an accident or assault occurring in the course of his/her employment and collecting Workers’ Compensation shall have the option to receive his/her full salary by using prorated sick days to offset the difference between full salary and Workers’ Compensation benefits.


E.    Teachers will be reimbursed the reasonable value of items of clothing or other personal property normally carried or worn by the teacher that are damaged or destroyed as a result of an assault in the course of his or her employment. The teacher agrees to support the School Committee should it decide to pursue a civil action against the person damaging or destroying the personal property.






The Committee shall comply with the provisions of Chapter 258 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth as from time to time amended.



1.    Principals and teachers shall be required to report any case of assault on teachers in connection with their employment to the Superintendent of Schools. The Superintendent shall acknowledge receipt of such report and shall report this information to the School Committee.

2.    The principal and the Superintendent will promptly investigate the alleged assault. The report of this investigation shall be forwarded to the School Committee, which shall determine, subject to the requirements of paragraphs C and D below what action shall be taken by the School Committee.

3.    If the assault is by an adult who is not a pupil, the School Committee will report the incident to the proper law enforcement authorities.

4.    In the case of an assault by a pupil or by a non-pupil, the Committee will render all reasonable assistance to the teacher in connection with the handling of the incident by law enforcement, legal or medical authorities. Such assistance shall include but not be limited to complying with any request by the teachers for information in its possession relating to the incident or the person involved. Nothing in this paragraph shall be interpreted to require the Committee to provide any financial assistance or compensation to a teacher which it is not otherwise required to provide by law or by this Agreement





A.    If a teacher is ill or otherwise unavailable, the Principal shall diligently seek to provide a substitute teacher. If a substitute is not available, another teacher from within the system may be required to substitute, notwithstanding the provisions of Article VI of this Agreement; provided,   however,   that such substitutions shall be distributed among all faculty on an equitable basis.


B.    The administration agrees to make every effort to secure substitute coverage in the event a subject specialist teacher is absent, so as to permit the classroom teacher to use this preparation time. At the request of the teacher, any preparation time forgone shall be made up at a time mutually acceptable to the teacher and principal.





The Committee shall pay 60% (sixty percent) of the premium for the participation of employees in group accident, health and hospitalization insurance programs. Such health insurance programs shall include an HMO and Blue Cross/Blue Shield option.


The Regional School District will pay 50% of the cost of the premiums of teachers who retire under the Massachusetts Teachers Retirement System, and who at the time of their retirement are participating in the District's group accident, health, hospitalization or medical insurance plans.





A.    The Committee agrees to deduct from the salaries of its employees such sums as shall be duly authorized by employees using forms satisfactory to the Committee, including dues or fees for (1) participation in "tax-sheltered" annuities, (2) group life insurance, (3) group hospitalization, (4) credit union payments, and (5) Association dues.


B.    Commencing on the first day of school, all members of the bargaining unit who are not also members of the Chesterfield-Goshen Teachers Association shall be required to pay the fair share fee.

1.    The Association recognizes the sole and exclusive remedy for non-payment of the fee shall be for the Association to proceed to court for collection of the fee from a non-paying employee member of the unit.

2.    The Regional School Committee is not, and should not be, responsible for the implementation, collection or enforcement of the fair share fee, except that it will supply any required documentation to establish that a person is a member of the bargaining unit, and therefore subject to the fee.

3.    The Association agrees that it will indemnify and hold the School Committee harmless for any action taken against any employee as a result of this fair share agreement, including, but not limited to, any legal expense incurred.





"Teacher evaluation” is defined as a constructive process designed to enhance the performance of individual teachers, the primary purpose of which is the improvement of instruction. Details of teacher evaluation procedures to be followed are attached in Exhibit 1.





A.    A single personnel file will be maintained in the Superintendent's office for each member of the professional staff.


B.    Records will be kept in accordance with MGL Ch. 149, Sec. 52C.


C.    Written communications received from third parties relative to the professional performance of a teacher shall not be included in the teacher’s personnel file without the teacher’s knowledge. Upon notification of the receipt of such communication, the teacher shall acknowledge it by affixing thereon his or her signature; such signature shall not imply that the teacher agrees with the contents of the letter, and the teacher shall have the right to attach any comments thereto.


D.    A teacher may inspect the contents of his or her personnel file by making an appointment with the office secretary. Files shall not be removed from the office. Teachers shall, on request, receive copies of items in their personnel file. The teacher may be required to pay the cost of more than five (5) copies of file contents.





A.    In the event it becomes necessary to reduce the number of faculty members presently in the employ of the School District, the Superintendent agrees that he or she will adhere to such procedures as may be required by law. In so doing, every reasonable effort will be made to terminate service of employees by taking into account the following criteria:

1.    Professional status

2.    Subject area or grade level affected

3.    Quality of teaching performance

4.    Seniority


B.    Whenever it appears such reductions will be necessary, the committee agrees to give the reasonably earliest possible notice to the teacher(s) who will be terminated. Any teacher who is terminated under this Article may leave a written notice that he/she desires to return to the Chesterfield-Goshen Regional School District for employment in the event future vacancies in his/her subject area or grade level develop and such notice will contain the address where such teacher may be contacted. The Superintendent agrees to contact such person along with other candidates for possible re-employment if vacancies develop. Failure of the teacher to respond to the notification as to his or her intentions within twenty-one (21) days from the date of its mailing will raise a conclusive presumption that the teacher no longer desires to return to the Chesterfield-

Goshen Regional School District. This Article will extend for up to twenty-four (24) months following the teacher's termination.


C.    Every effort will be made to start the process of Reduction-in-Force notification by June 15 of the school year preceding the school year during which the reduction is to become effective.


D.    Teachers with Professional Status whose employment has been terminated pursuant to the provisions of this article may, if permitted by the group insurer, continue their group health and life insurance coverage for a period of two years by promptly remitting to the School District the total premium cost in accordance with a mutually agreed-upon schedule. Failure to forward premium payments to the School District in accordance with the mutually agreed-upon schedule shall terminate this right.


E.    Teachers with Professional Status who have been terminated pursuant to the provisions of this article shall be given preference on the substitute list, if they so desire. Compensation shall be at the rate for substitute teachers as established by the Committee.


F.    Length of service is measured in terms of a teacher's service in years, months and days from the initial date of appointment by the Principal. Teachers shall be credited for seniority purposes with one-year educational leave of absence as provided for in this Agreement. Cases of identical seniority shall be resolved by granting preference to the teacher with the highest level of formal educational training.


G.    Yearly, the Association will receive, in writing from the Superintendent, a seniority list of all teachers employed by the Committee. The list will be available by October 1. Challenges to this list must be presented, in writing, to the Superintendent by October 15. If there are no challenges to the list, the list will be considered accurate for the full school year.


H.    The Association shall be notified, in writing, of all open teaching portions as they occur, and of any recall action taken by the Committee.


I.     Accumulated sick leave to which a teacher is entitled at the time of the termination shall be restored on full upon re-employment within the recall period. Said termination shall not be considered a break in service.


J.     Teachers will return to the salary step at which they were next entitled to move at time of RIF and to the column according to credits accrued. Credit towards seniority will not be given for lay-off time.





No employee shall be disciplined, reprimanded, reduced in rank or compensation or deprived of any professional advantage without just cause. Any dismissal or suspension shall be considered disciplinary action and shall at the option of the employee, be subject to the grievance procedure or statutory process.




A teacher retiring under the Massachusetts Teachers Retirement System who has more than ten combined years of service in the Chesterfield-Goshen Regional School District (including prior service in schools the District supplanted) will be reimbursed one day’s pay for each year of service, to a maximum of 30 years. This reimbursement will be at the per diem rate of the teacher’s pay in effect at the time of retirement.


For new staff hired after the execution of this agreement (2014-2017), reimbursement will be one-half (1/2) per diem of the teacher’s pay in effect at the time of retirement, for each year of service, to a maximum of 30 years.




This Agreement will be effective as of September 1, 2014 and will remain in full force and effect through August 31, 2017.


Negotiations may be reopened by either party for the purpose of considering any mandatory provisions of the Education Reform Act of 1993, such as those pertaining to performance standards for professionals.


Either party desiring to enter into negotiations for the purpose of implementing a successor Agreement may do so by notifying the other party, in writing, by January 15, 2017. Notifications shall begin no later than thirty (30) calendar days after notification is received.


Further, both parties agree that all terms and conditions contained in this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect while a successor Agreement is negotiated.



Chesterfield-Goshen Teacher Salaries





































2 to 4











5 to 9



































































































2 to 4











5 to 9



































































































2 to 4











5 to 9

































Teachers who have completed the following number of years of service to the Chesterfield-Goshen Regional School District will have the following amounts added to their annual salary:


After 10 years of service         $200              $400

After 15 years of service         $300              $600

After 20 years of service         $400              $800

After 25 years of service                               $1000



*This stipend takes effect as of September 1 in the year following the teacher’s completion of years of service.



and the public school districts of SOUTHAMPTON, WESTHAMPTON AND WILLIAMSBURG